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This is BritballNow's quest to find out what those great names from the past are doing now. For instance does anyone know the current whereabouts of the 
following stars of bygone years. If you would like to know what has happened to one of the stars of the past then let us know and we will add his name to the growing list below. 

Add a player to the list below, or tell us what you are getting up and/or send us recent photos of yourself to:  

Birmingham Bulls - QB's John English + Dave Kramme, WR - Gregg Harris, LB Dave Chambers
Bournemouth Bobcat WR - Pat Miller, RBs - Lawrence Dinham & Chalkie Elliot, John Lambert, Ken Mansbridge, Billy Williams, Jamie Williams, Coach Don Anderson, Andy Holder OG, Mike Iverson OL, Troy Green ML, Marty Edroff RB, Stevie Small CB, Kev Boylan OG, Simon Kane RB, Gary Phillips C, Coaches Andy Capp - Head coach, Gary Manser - Coach, Phil Barber - Line Coach, Greg Black
Brighton B52s - OL - Trevor Grant, OL/DL - Ashley Gaughan, WR - Mark Davis, OL - Mark Harper, K - Paul Norland, RB - Mark Irving, TE - Jeremy King, WR - Jon Cater
Bristol Packers - S - Nigel Gaston, owner Mike Wilkinson, RB Joe Brooks, LB Mike Phillips, CB Dennis Rankin, Stuart Gaston, Dennis Rankin, Danny Ray, Ricky Oliver, Kenny Smith, Vernon Hendon
Cambridge Cats QB - Simon Kucia, WR Nick Tuttle, #2 Charles Thompson
Chelmsford Cherokee - QB Tony Harris, Matt Salo
Chester Romans - RB Gavin Woolgar, LB Gary Hearne
Clydesdale Colts RB - David Orr
Colchester Gladiators QB - Milton Myers, RB - Mel Moore
Crewe Railroaders WR - Steve Valentine and QB Gavin Meredith
Croydon Kings/Milton Keynes Pioneers - RB Ryan Holness
East Kent Vikings RB - Tony Ransley, Manager - Dave Nimmo, Coach - Larry Metoyer, any of the team
Edinburgh Phoenix - DL - Ronnie Henderson 
Fylde Falcons - WR Clifton Walker, QB Pat Brennan
Glasgow Diamonds - QB Al Penn White
Glasgow Lions - LB Dave Trepannier, HFC Dave Johnson, WR Sean Airlie, RB Jim Burns, RB/QB Eddie McCluskey (1986), 
TE Ian McFarlane (1986)
Harrogate Hawks - QB Jonathan Adams
King's Lynn Patriots - Mark Pearce
Leeds Cougars - RB Tiggy Bell , head coach Chuck Brogdon
Leicester Panthers - WR Simon Dore, Tony Rieber
London Capitals - RB - Lenny Brathwaite, DL - 'Jugger' Harris, LB - James Timoti, TE - Paul Booth, OL - John Cocking
London Gators/Lasers - Glenroy Thomas, Winston Graham, Eamon Dunleavy, K Allan Tait, 
London Olympians RB - Richard Dunkley, QB Jason Elliott, FB Earl Livermore
London Ravens QB Ario de Cruz, O/lineman Ben Grimm, WR Tony Taylor, RB Joe St Louis, DB Frank Foncea
Luton Flyers - QB Mark Schrater, Jeff Thomas, Alan Hughes, Tony Arrington
Manchester Allstars C - Mike Dickinson, Paul Boomer
Manchester Spartans QB - A J Johnson, QB Hazen Choates, RB Paul Bailey
Merseyside Centurions - RB Andy Iwediebo, QB Gary Tagoe, DE and Gaurd - Mark Johnson
DE & LB- Adrian Kai, DE - Graham McPherson, WR, Kicker and SS - Ian Johnson, DE- Liam Chueng (Dolph)
Nottingham Hoods - LB Mick Terrington, CB Steve Raven, DE Mick Bradley, QB Pablo Ortiz, WR Bob Conrad, QB Mike Grossner, WR AJ Okiwe
Portsmouth Warriors - QB Mark Spong
Sheffield Cyclones - any of the team
Stockport Falcons RB - Tony Dillinger
Strathclyde Sheriffs RB/DB - David Beagan
Thames Valley Chargers DT Les Jackson, RB Andy Harwood, OL Tony Richards
Tiptree Titans - TE Mickey Lane, DB Shaun Pennick
Torbay Trojans - Paul Rejuva QB's, Jon Neal (38) Running back, Neil Kennedy, Dougie Bacchus
UST Royals - RB Shane Braithwaite
Yorkshire Rams - Mick Jones - QB, Delicate - DL (played into his 50s), Tonie Browne - WR, Gary Bailey - WR, , Jez Gannon (DL), Darren Kennett (RB/LB)

The list goes on. If you know anything about the players above or any other stars of the British game then let us know and they 
will be added to our list below. Mail us at info@britballnow.co.uk

Agaudo, George - Ex- Manchester Spartans/Wirral Wolves/Prestatyn Panthers (88) head coach. He coached a team in Arizona, USA called the East Mesa Raiders in the Arizona Football League ( www.azfl.com ). George sadly died in December 2004

Alexander, Phil - Farnham Knights and then London Monarchs kicker. Held the Britball field goal record at one time (54yds) vs Merton Admirals, he was going on holiday to Spain that day, it was the last play of the first half - he made the kick and trotted off the field to catch his plane !!. In the Monarchs first year he was Operation Discovery player of the year, was voted to the All World League team and was the first Brit to get his hands on the World Bowl trophy (He was the 4th one up when the Monarchs won). He is now Managing Director of Crystal Palace Football Club.

Allen, Kevin - LB/DE London Olympians 1984-1993. "Now living in Holland with my wife and son. I am currently coaching the Amsterdam Panthers as defensive coach, and yes I am still playing olb+defensive end and yes I'm having a great time. I had a great time back in the day playing for the O's and the GB squad - a time that will never be forgotten. Posted 20th May 2005

Allen, Tony - Ex London Ravens RB. Now Director of Game Development NFL Europe

Anderson, Gerry - London Olympians TE/DE. Now Football Development Officer (Flag), NFL Europe

Anderton, John - Manchester Allstars and Fylde Falcons WR. Still living in Manchester. Posted 23rd March 2004

Archell, Jim - 
Currently still living in the Luton Area. The man was the Luton Flyers after starting the team in 85 with a dream.
A lot of the Flyers owe this man a hell of a lot for his vision and drive. A GB player in 86 and 87 and was technically the best line man in the game at the time. Suffered a terrible head injury in a road accident a couple of years ago and thank fully is well on the way to a full recovery Posted 25th April 2009
Armour, Kevin - Luton Flyers QB. Living in Indianapolis. Coaching Team USA football and coaching semi-pro fotball (Kokomo Mustangs). President of Kevin M Armour Construction Company Inc. Kevin1982@aol.com
 Posted 4/5/04

Askew, Jon (Sweetness) - Mersey Centurions FB. He has reformed the centurions they are looking to be in action in the BSL  by 2006 season
Posted 14/3/05

Ashton, Paul - Former QB with Manchester Allstars, Leicester Panthers and GB - Still living in Manchester !!! Miss American Football and wouldn't rule out some sort of coaching involvement again. Good to see some familiar names (old adversaries) on the site pashers2003@aol.com Posted 14th October 2005

Bamsey, Malcolm - Wide Receiver for the Crawley Raiders 1987 - 1996 then Sussex Thunder 1997 - 1999. Became Receivers Coach at the Thunder in 2000. Retired from the game at the end of 2000. Now married to Debi and working for Unilever. Still lives in Sussex.

Banks, Robert -  RB Brighton B52's (1989) is the Director Of Football Operations for the Arena Football League rbanks@arenafootball.com

Barrett, Norman - Ashton Oilers DE. Can be contacted at NBarr007@aol.com

Bean, Jim - Head Coach Brighton B52's (1989-1991) is an assistant coach at Milford Acadamy in Milford Connecticut.

Bedford, Alan - Brighton B52s/Sussex Thunder 1992-2000, and Wales 1998-9: Alan was the grand old man of Britball, not taking up the game til he was 43 yet played 9 seasons, the majority of games as a starter at receiver and mainly as TE. He played his last game for Wales at 51 against the USAF , before a dislocated shoulder while blocking for Tony Stitt ended his career in the 2000 playoffs.  Caught passes for Wales, for the South Allstars and in the Britball final of '98. He was not a prolific receiver but each catch led to the opposition being taunted for letting the old guy with the zimmer frame catch the ball. Best day was 4-81 against Sheffield Eagles featuring ex-Pro-bowl NFL star James Brooks. Retired as an NHS CEO in 2004, and now is a management consultant to the NHS. Lives in Hurstpierpoint, W.Sussex 

Beecroft, Steve - OffensiveCoach/London Ravens (1980's). Another happily married man with 3 kids. Currently living and working in San Francisco.

Bellefeuille, Marcel - Head Coach of the Crawley Raiders in 1989 - Now Offensive Line Coach for the Saskatchewan 
Roughriders in the Canadian Football League.

Bennett, Paul - one of the founder members of the St.Helens Cardinals in the early 80's. Still only 34 and still following the NFL. Watches St.Helens RLFC now, 
and can see the NFL influencing the coaches. Can be contacted at herman@frl2001.fsnet.co.uk. Posted 19/1/03

Biggs, Ken - London Olympians. Currently living in Spain teaching spanish

Billingham, Warren - Birmingham Bulls DL - is now director of FG Foster Haulage in Staffordshire. Likes to relax on a weekend either on hismoto-x bike or jet ski. Can be contacted through hayley@fos74.fsnet.co.uk. Would like to hear from ex-Bulls/Spartans and GB players. Posted 18th June 2003

Billings, Chris - 
#69 Left Tackle Offence Portsmouth Warriors. "I now live just outside colchester in a town called Brightlingsea and run my own electrical contracting company, ironic really as my opposite opo / Left Guard D Mendoza does the same in my old town Portsmouth. Contact me on brightlingseaes@btinternet.com Posted 31st December 2007

Blackwell, Kevin - "Played for 2 years with the Wrexham Brewers(I think I was the youngest player at 14) where I played Safety and then a couple of years for the Prestatyn Panthers where I was a CB at 15, safety/linebacker when I got a little bigger. Went to Iowa State University where I had hoped to try and walk on to the football team but those plans were derailed by a knee injury. Now live in Gilbert Arizona, still follow the sport closely, it was fun being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan living in Arizona with the Superbowl win in 2009. My passion has been passed on to my daughter who has been the only girl on her elementary school football team the past few years." Posted 13th January 2010

Blackwood, Wilbert - Nottingham Hoods. Currently living in Canada. Would like to contact any former Hoods.

Blinkhorn, Jim – former Manchester Allstar and Manchester Hero. Currently Offensive Co-ordinator of the Lancashire Wolverines. Posted 23rd March 2004

Bolen, Rick - former Manchester Allstars QB. Happily married with 2 kids living in Seattle, Washington. Working for Xerox Global Services as a Sales Manager. In his spare time he coaches 7 year olds in baseball, football and soccer. Mail rick.bolen@comcast.net. Posted 29/12/03

Bramble, Leroy Ex Ashton Oilers 1986/1987, Collier Row Oilers 1984/1985, Ilford Blackhawks 1981 / 1984 LB. Currently is a plumber/heating engineer.

Brenner, Greg - Ex Leeds Cougars WR. Lives in Racine, WI. Owns his own trucking company. Appointed head coach of the Racine Raiders Football Club at a special meeting of the Board of Directors held on February 27, 2002. 

Briers, Andrew - St Albans Kestrels linemen. Snapped the ball for the British record field goal kicked by Kevin Hurst. Currently retired from football.

Brown, Allan - Ex Nottingham Hoods. Retired from football, and now lives in Milton Keynes.Posted 8th May 2004

Brown, Charlie - OL/DL Lothian Raiders. Now playing with the Edinburgh Wolves. Posted 18th July 2003

Brugnani, Peter - London Ravens. Now Head Coach of the Spanish National Team

Buckley, Brian - "
Former st helens cardinal player/team manager. been playing the game since 1984 still playing aged 55 @ Chester Romans. might not have set the BSL world alight but snap him in half and read ' bafa/bud league/bngl/bsl till i die'  An unsung ambassador to the sport. current player/commitee member @ Chester" Posted 28th March 2005

Campbell, Paul -  Ex London Ravens. Currently working for an international bank in the City . Recently retired from club rugby , after 13 seasons with London Scottish , 6 with Richmond , and Harlequin Amateur's , former Ravens contact paul_campbell@westlb.co.uk

Caparas, Rally (Roly) - Ex Thames Valley Chargers QB - Now a national news TV anchor on CNN Headline News.  He was known by Roly while in England, when in fact his name is actually Rally as you now see.  A sports writer once wrote it that way in an article while he was still playing there and it stuck.  "I hope to hear from some of my old friends soon!"  Posted 25th May 2004

Carney, John - 
"I am living in west wales, where we own a stud farm, together with a large fresh water fishery containing twelve lakes stocking mainly carp, and also a property development company operating in spain and the UK. Man sports now are fox hunting, shooting, fishing, served two seasons as master of the north tipperary hunt, would like to here from any old Olympians especially J.D.HARTELL my old head coach" Discipline33@aol.com Posted 23/1/05

Carthy, Trevor - Ex Birmingham Bulls RB. I am currently the Engaging young people co-ordinator for Black Country Connexions. I now relax by playing Golf and going to Salsa clubs in my spare time. I still have a keen interest in the development of American football in this country and am contemplating getting back involved in coaching again after a deserved break from the game to pursue other interests. Posted 6/2/04

Charles, Ez - Thames Valley Chargers. I
s still playing!  He's still an active and regular contributor to the Oxford Saints football program as a player.  He must have been pickled earlier in life, as his passion and ability within the game in undiminished and still for a man in his 40's - out runs, out wits and out hits players half his age.  Inspiring. Posted 12th April 2004

Christmann, Jeff - Ex-Fylde Falcons WR. Now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  After leaving the U.K.  he continued to play and star in the states for the Kokomo Mustangs and Team USA. He has since left the game of football and is now playing baseball where once again he is a standout player.

Coe, Phil - General Manager of the Heathrow Jets. 
Still living for my family, have a job with a local authority, and miss the game dearly. "If Colchester are out there here is a message for Spartacus - Your arse was hanging out the back. LONG LIVE THE JETS, THERE WAS ONLY ONE." Posted 6/6/03

Cogan, Dave "Cyclops" - Active Torquay Utd fan. Posted 1st June 2008

Colaner, Jeb - Linebacker Brighton B-52’s 1988-1989. Originally from Western Michigan University, traded from London Olympians to Brighton B-52’s in midseason 1988.  Set club record in B-52’s National League debut against Olympians in 1989 season opener  with 9 tackles and an interception.  Now living in Lakeshore, Ontario with wife, Pierina, and two children, Mia (5) and Jackson (2), and working as broker in Detroit, Michigan.  Played with great players such as, John Wacker,  Bobby Dean, Chaz Jaszicki, brother Jim Jaszicki to name a few.  Can be contacted at generalequipment@aol.com.

Collins, Steve "Duck" - Ran the Clyde Valley Hawks youth kitted team in Lanark, Scotland with Ex- Clydesdale Colts players Richard Orr and David Czekella. 
The team won the 2002 and 2003 Scottish Championship. Now defensive co-ordinator with GB Lions Updated 18th August 2007

Couper, Scott - Ex Glasgow Lions & Scottish Claymores WR. Now Youth Development Co-Ordinator Scottish Claymores

Cowden, Mark - Ex Harrogate Hawks 1988-1990. Now living in Arizona. Posted 9th November 2005

Cregg, Tom - Ex Birm Bulls, London Mets and mostly MK Bucks & Pioneers. Living in California. Son goes to same school at NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez went to. Posted 16th September 2009.

Cross, Greg - Birmingham Bulls DL. Comms Manager with triplets. Posted 13/9/04

Culver, Harvey - 
Started playing in 1985 for Merton Admirals.  Played a year with the Streatham Bengals junior team. Started playing for the Farnham Knights in 1997. Went to the US and played for Harper Junior College (1992/3). Got a scholarship for the St. Joseph College Puma's of Rensselaer, IN in the NCAA Division II. He graduated in 1996. Played 2 more years for the PA Knights, and then retired in 1998 and moved to Chicago (Harvey met his wife at college).  Had a great time
playing at college, the intensity of practice was a big shock to begin with.  Every now and then wish I was back in the UK and coaching. Posted 29/12/03

Davidson, Gordon - QB. 
1982-1986 Glasgow Lions. 1987-1989 Clydesdale Colts.1990-1993 Monchengladbach Mavericks (Germany) 1993-1996 Lincoln Saints, then the North Sea Hurricanes.1996-1999 Homburg Silver Hawks. (Germany) 1999-2001 Bristol Aztecs. 2001-2004 Ramstein Rogues. (Germany) 2004-now Little Rock Rhinos, Arkansas. My 1st "real" nickname, given to me by Jake Hilder III, (the then Head Coach of the Glasgow Lions) was "Dougie" (after Doug Flutie) as I'm not the tallest guy to play QB. Played with some of the best athletes and greatest guys ever to play football in the UK :-) Introduced "Scott Couper" to football back in the days of the Lions youth team...used to bust his fingers on a regular basis lol. Had my most fun ever, playing with the guys on the Clydesdale Colts back in the 80's. What a great bunch of lads they were. Watching Davie Orr run the football was something special...never could understand how someone who was so upright in his running style and such a target week in and week out, still produced the goods as well as he did...a truly awesome player. Being able to throw the 
football to my brother (Iain) was also a very special experience...he was a very gifted receiver, great speed and hands...very under-rated! Best moment in UK football? Too many to mention...but throwing 5 TD's against the East Kilbride Pirates back in 1988 does spring to mind! :-) Now living in the USA, married to an American woman I met while stationed in Germany with the RAF. Still playing football at 35 and loving it as much as I always have. And yes, still "short" for a QB! 
Posted 10th July 2005

Dean, Robert "Bob" - 
“Following an amazing football career spanning some 25 yrs, representing teams such as London Olympians, Bob is now married and living in Croydon with his wife and children. Bob no longer plays football after hanging up his shoulder pads several years ago, but his amazing running and trade mark tackle can still be seen at Frant Park, home of Streatham-Croydon RUFC – the 5th oldest rugby union club in the world. He has been an inspirational member of 
the rugby club since he joined in the early 80’s, and captained the club and first XV for many seasons. Playing prop forward or number 8, Bob has been the scourge of Surrey for almost 2 decades, and teams who play against him are well aware of his highly revered reputation before he steps onto the pitch. It is not just on the sporting arena where Bob makes a difference; he also supports many charities, and gives up much of his free time helping under privileged children. 
Bob ‘Dean Machine’ Dean (below) – a true legend.” Posted 30th November 2005

Dias, Nigel - Ex Manchester Spartans. Currently a coach for the Manchester Titans. Posted 8th July 2008

Dickinson, Mike - Manchester Allstars centre #53 - I am now happily enjoying early retirement from work due to illness.  Still living in Salford and have fond memories of 1987 season and all the fun and some tough games we played, especially the play-off game against the Olympians 25-24 and how we didn't beat the Ravens in the final as I believe with more effort and commitment from everyone we could have beat them that day. Anyway, I feel privileged to have played with some excellent athletes from both U.S.A and home, regards to the likes of Trojans such as P.Boomer, D. Riley, D. Waterson, and a special Hello to Paul Ashton and Joe Mahmood. If anyone would like to contact me for any more info feel free to do so, use this e-mail address.(My daughter Gillian). gilliandickinson@hotmail.com Posted 31st March 2006

Dobinson, Simon - Tiptree Titans - Full Back, 1987-1988: Quarter Back 1989-1995. Played for 1 season in 1998 for Southend Sabres. Living in the South East of England, married with 3 children. Working as a Sergeant on the firearms unit in the Metropolitan Police Service. In his spare time - which isn't much- is into running and circuit training. Can be contacted at  Dobbo_@hotmail.com.

Dommett, Andy - Ex East Kent Cougars "He was a great player.  He is about 5ft 7” tall which gave him a low centre of gravity and he could make amazing cuts whenever needed.  As well as being powerful up the middle one of our key plays was the sweep right or left.  Andy would take almost a 90-degree angle from the snap and I would pass him the ball to him like a scrum half.  This would often leave him one on one with the OLB (if he hadn’t blitzed) as well as CB/SS/FS.  Always made yards.  A tough guy who was an exceptional player for us.  I think he still lives in Folkestone and teaches PE." Posted 10th July 2003 

Doree, Adrian - Thames Valley Chargers. 
Living in Windsor with wife and two little girls. Working in Slough as a Project Manager for a Cat dealer. Still training hard at the gym (see below) and riding my R1 (Yamaha). Posted 24/11/04

Dougharity, Mick - Manchester Heroes OL, Football Coach at Sam Barlow High School in Portland Oregon. Posted 6/11/04

Dubie, Ron - Ex Thames Valley Charger QB. Currently in Australia.

Dubose, Mike - Ex Swindon Steelers QB 1985-7. Living in Denver and has been coaching Pop Warner Football for the past 10 years. Posted 31/10/05

Duncan, Michael - "
#21 Corner: London Olympians loved to bring it. Just staying in touch with the D Wac, Bobby, Tony, Spence, Latham, and Alf On O line Twin towers, Nick, Phil and Dave. Charlie The DB Coach, check in if you see this or Emen.  Taylor, Dennie, Burnett, Bryant, Derek, Bates, The Reggae Boys. Backs Dunkley, Cliff, Earl, Chesney, Scarlet, Harwood, Robin, Carney. Receivers Innes, Anderson, Smurf, Gazelle Tony and Bradley. What’s up Greave’s? Mr. 
kicker Coached by Tryone Lyndsey. Peter loved the game, good owner.  
We had some great games against Ron Roberts of the Raven, The dual at the Bud Bowl was great, the two Q’s Greg and Ron were in top form. Last play of the game, ball on the Ravens 10 tough finish, Dunkley, Victor and Joe all ran hard that day, You had to work hard for a yard that day.QB- Ron Roberts Ravens QB Greg Harrison O’s QB - Rick Bolen Manchester, QB - and Russ Jensen Birmingham Bulls, 
QB - Pablo Ortiz Nottingham Hoods QB Hazen Choates Manchester Spartans QB Chase Jasick B52’s QB Jason Elliott
 O’s. I played with or against these guys could move the ball. When I left the O's, I went to Brighton B52's Bahr Viera was there, Bahr and I played together in High School. The Jasick brothers we there, Innes, Robert Banks, sick speed and mad skills. Yalely, good RB from Yale. David, good RB from Holly Cross. Most of the O's secondary moved Taylor stayed. 
A lot of players changed teams that year. Brighton already had some quality players at the time; Mickey LB could flat out play. They had some kids that were almost ready when we arrived. Coach Jim Bean did a great job. B52 management put together a good team. Before I went back to Canada I played for Great Britain, Dual nationality. We won a championship in Germany. That was a talented team, all the top players from the top teams were represented  Raven’s, Bulls O's, B52’s Both Manchester’s teams, Leicester
 That team was very deep. Trevor Bulls, Victor Ravens, Chambers Bulls, Les Thames, Sammy Thames, 
The O’s Jason, Innes, Latham, Taylor, Dean, Twin Towers, Nigel and Bailey of Manchester. We had a tonne of good players, coached by Terry Smith. I’ve coached under 17, women’s touch football and last year, I was the defensive Coordinator for Oshawa Hawkeye's it’s men's league. I have been playing touch football for the last 15 years. Still playing, I found out form reading the website that Paul Shorten WR Gateshead played in England. Paul and Bahr both play 
in my touch league. Still looking for the next pick.

Eastoll, Neil - Leicester Panthers. 
"I spent many years playing for various teams in this country and abroad, now living in in cambridgeshire, played offensive and defensive line for the Leicester panthers, Cambridge Cats, North sea Hurricanes. Many good memories playing with such players as Gordon Davison, Barry Driver, Rick Horner, Charles Thompson. Most memorable time playing in england was winning the championship with the Leicester. I have two kids now and dont play anymore as retired from playing in 2000. " Posted 23rd August 2006

Ebubedike (X), Victor - Ex London Ravens RB. Played in World League and NFL Europe for London Monarchs.Now coaching at the Olympians after playing many years for Hamburg.

Eden, Matt - QB - Northants Stormbringers (84,85) Milton Keynes Bucks (86), GB Lions (86), Nottingham Hoods (87), Milton Keynes Pioneers (88, 89). Now working in IT, married with 2 children, living in Northampton. Posted 15th October 2007

El-Rafey, M - QB London Capitals 1984-89. Learnt football with the Capitals, played with some great guys who played the game just for fun the fun of it - had a brilliant time ! Got an international job in 1989 working for Mars, now living in the US, married with 4 little kids. Miss all the 84-89 Capitals... particularly my good friend 'General Jackson'... get in touch dude !  

Ellis, Ian - Linebacker Crawley Raiders. Also played for Bethany College in West Virginia. Guested as a coach with the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Became head coach of the Sussex Thunder in 2000. Now Defensive Coordinator for the PA Knights.

Elms, Tony - OL/TE Brighton B-52s - Now a restauranteur in Norfolk with his wife and family. Still keeps in touch with the old Hog linemen and others from the team. Posted 27th July 2003.

England, Matt (OLB, ILB) - Leicester Panthers Youth (National Champions!) 88-90, London Capitals 90-91, Leicester Panthers 92, Leicester Huntsmen 93-94. "Not played since '94 due to injuries, but signed up to play in the Matt Hampson Bowl with the reformed Panthers against Loughborough Uni in May 2007 at the Leicester Tigers ground. Anyone who played against the Panthers should get down to this game and support a good cause. See www.leicesterpanthers.com for full details." Posted 27/11/06 

Estrada, Steve - 
I played for the Poole Sharks, Dorset Broncos and Bournemouth Bobcats in the 80s. If anyone knows any of my old team mates I would like to hear from themESTRADAHD@AOL.COM I returned to the US in 1986. Updated 7th November 2006

Fennell, Neil Ex Ashton Oilers 1986/1987, Collier Row Oilers 1984/1985, Ilford Blackhawks 1981 / 1984 QB. Currently managing director of Clark White 
Publications Ltd.

Fielder, Spencer - #32 Poole Sharks, Bournemouth Bobcats. "Started playing from day 1, Poole Sharks, the good old days, I was one of the Damaged players that came back from Germany with a busted rib!!! LOL, Thats ok i gave some good Licks on them, I remember being tackelled hard (they allways double teamed me) came off with a concusion and they gave me smelling salts and sent me back out.Now living in Daytona Beach in Florida with two boys Nicky And Jeremy 2 and 5 Enjoying Sport Fishing Mostly"

Findlay, Scot - FS/SS/LB/QB etc etc Lothian Raiders. Now playing with the Edinburgh Wolves. Posted 18th July 2003

Fletcher, Carl - Used to play Tight End for the Manchester Allstars from 1985 to 1990 and played for the Stockport Falcons in the mid 90's until a snapped achilles tendon. Works as a Sales Manager in the print trade and is married with 2 kids. Posted 17/4/05 carl.fletcher-poole@litho.co.uk

Frackelton, Derek - Liverpool born -Played for Northwich Spartans then Manchester Spartans from their first training session in 1982. Played Defensive Cornerback and Special teams kicker. Kicked off the first ever game between two UK sides Manchester Spartans and London Ravens in Oct 1983. Was one of two sets of brothers in the Spartans side with brother Brian and the two Manchester brothers Ian and Ernest Obeng. Retired due to injury but went on to play soccer for a further 15 years. Now an IT Project manager with a grown up family. Posted 13th June 2011
Picture of Derek during the first ever UK game attached

Fugal, TJ - LB Brighton B52's (1990) is a teacher and football coach in Spokan, Washington

Gadsby, Michael - 
One of four brothers that played at West London Aces I have been working for British Airways 
since 1995 .I played QB DE LB TE in my ten years and have got the bad knees to prove it.My email address is mick.jayne@tiscali.co.uk Posted 28th June 2005

Gannon, John - Special teams coach West London Aces, Head coach at Hayes Braves juniors, CEO @GBFTL. Still involved at various levels. Posted 14/2/05

Gill, David - Former owner/manager of the Birmingham Bulls and Bournemouth Bobcats, President of BAFA. Sadly passed away in 2002. Loved his football to the end.

Gill, Jon - Ex Quarterback for the Bournemouth Bobcats (1985-1990). Went on to coach the Bournemouth Renegades Junior Kitted team. Had a great time doing this. Still lives in Bournemouth. Got married in 1990 to Julie and has two great boys Peter (9) and Joseph (2). Posted 3/2/03.

Goggins, Eddie - Ex Dublin Celts & Ireland National QB. Now a dentist in Dublin.

Goth, Larry - Manchester Heroes QB, Qualified Pilot for Horizon Airlines in Washington State. Posted 6/11/04

Gough, Nick - Manchester Allstars RB playing with similar shaped ball at Manchester Rugby Club

Grady, Jim - RB London Ravens/Dundee Whalers. Married and living in Cardiff, has a 2 year old son. Still playing rugby and trying to find the time to play American Football

Gray, Michael - "I played for the Harlow Warlords, Chelmsford Cherokees, and Scunthrope Steelers during 1984-1988.  I was probably the fastest receiver and running back playing American Football in England.  I played wide receiver, defensive back, and running back.  Britt Lewis #11 was the quarterback of the teams that I played on.  Robin Burton and Norvi were the coaches.  Mr. Philll Bowler was the owner of the team at Chelmsford.  I was a member of the U.S. Air Force 
stationed at RAF Wethersfield, UK, and left after the based closed down in 1989.  I have retired from football and the military and am retired.  If anyone remembers me from England, please send me an e-mail at graymichael2003@yahoo.com.   I currently live in the U.S. in the State of California.  My address is 2340 Independence Trail, Plumas Lake, California  95961.  My phone number is (530)742-7843, give me a call if you played with me or against me. God Bless!!! " Posted 17th April 2006

Gregg, Tim - Wide Receiver for the Crawley Raiders from 1988 - 1992. Now married and living in Vancouver.

Green, Bill - QB Ealing Eagles 1987-1988. "Think i was the youngest player to play in a championship game . Not sure? Anyway played half a season with the Herts Phantom's got hurt that year . Came back to my old stomping ground's and played for the london gator's .   moved to the u.s.a . played for the scranton eagles in penna .was 2nd team all empire football league at olb two year's in a row . within the last year i have moved to atlanta georgia . know playing olb for the georgia rage . i would love to here from anyone who was on any of these team's . especially anyone from the ealing eagles . those where a great learing 
experiance for a young man at that time of life . [note the bus trip back from clydesdale scotland after the semi final's] i can be contacted at billgreen9@hotmail.com  look foward to hearing from the lad's soon." Posted 21st July 2004 

Gladman, Phil - Jointly helped run the Walthamstow Warriors AFC (lastly known as the Lee Valley Warriors AFC) in the early 1980s along with Derek Wildash. Played WR, QB and most defensive positions in his time at the club. Been working as an Events Manager of lighting company (White Light) based in Wimbledon the last 12 years. Married with three children aged 18, 16 and 9. Often think about football when all my joints hurt, especially in the cold months! Posted 9th January 2004

Gregory, Pat - "
Import player from San Diego, has just made contact with some of the players from the Birmingham Bulls from the 94 and 95 season. What a great time that was playing with very good athletes and winning a championship. I hope to come back and coach if it's possible."
Posted 11th January 2009

Griffiths, Neil - St.Albans kestrels 1986-1989. Quarterback. Happily married with 2 kids living in Buckinghamshire. Still miffed at losing 1987 Capital Bowl! Posted 1st February 2010
Hackshaw, Bernie - Luton Flyers. Played for the Coventry Jets 2005 to 2007, and is now running the offense at the Leiceser
Falcons. Posted 2nd July 2008

Hale, Terry - Birmingham Bulls LB.
 Went pro-am karting for a few years, but still a mod, and still a Paul Weller fan. Posted by John McManus 13/9/04

Hasskamp, Mike - Ex Glasgow Lions QB was recently backup to Albert Higgs for the Idaho Stallions of the IPFL in the USA

Hazell, Nathan - MLB Merseyside Centurions. Currently player/coach for the Manchester Titans. Posted 8th July 2008

Head, Steve - "I 
am currently living in Andover and have watched the local Andover team a few times, recently coached by my old nemesis QB Andy Mountain (ex Newton Abbott).Those were the days, truly a great time had with those players especially Guy and Sean Richardson, "Sledge" , Paul Rejuva, Big Jon Neal our fullback and leg breaker, Steve Lamb (my old bomb catcher), Dougie Bachus, Dave Cogan and Pierre our enforcer" Posted 30th September 2008

Headland, Colin -  Northants Stormbringers 1983-87 DE and ILB, Leicester Huntsman (ILB),Thames Valley Chargers( Centre) now living in Hereford. Just returned to football by starting the Hereford Chargers as acting coach. Divorced with two children. Sorry to hear about Kurt Smeby will sadly be missed. Would love to hear from ant old players I can be contacted at colinheadland@aol.com Posted 3/3/05

Henderson, Mark - Played corner back #49 for Glasgow Lions from 1983 to 1990. Now Fleet Manager at Sky Television. Oldest son Kris playing for Clyde Valley Hawks (Youth Kitted League) and also played TE for Scotland Youths in their victory over England in 2005. Any ex-players e-mail me on mark.henderson1@btinternet.com Posted 29th September 2006

Herd, Dave - Ex Manchester Heroes RB. Still in good shape and appeared for the Lancashire Wolverines in 2004. Will be playing for the Manchester Titans in 2005. Updated 6/11/04

Hester, Toby - 
played professional football at Portsmouth & Reading, also appearing for England boys before taking up American Football. The former London Ravens and the GB 98' Euro Champions lives in London and works for BP / Castrol as their Head of Football Sponsorship. Worked for T-Mobile for 10 years during which time extended from sport in music and toured with the Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams. Soccer is his specialist field and is re-known for being one of the pre-eminent authorities on football sponsorship with over 25 years experience. He is a Director of the European Sponsorship Association where he has been elected to represent Sponsor across the continent. Posted 24th February 2009

Hickey, Bo - Ex QB of the Fylde Falcons. Currently lives in Baltimore. Was rumoured to have had a say about the naming of the Baltimore franchise as the "Ravens", after producing a London Ravens helmet at a meeting of franchise executives!

Higgs, Albert - Ex Bournemouth Bobcat star QB is currently the starting QB for the Utah Express in the NIFL (he also was the starting QB for the Idaho Stallions of the IPFL in the USA - an indoor rival to Arena Ball).

Hoddy, Mick - 
Ex London Lasers & London Gators   1986-1990 - Linebacker - "the beast" - #55- Founded London Gators in 1989 as wheels started to come of the Lasers - merged with Ealing Eagles, Brent Bandits & Watford Scorpions . Could've been great team - just run out of puff and money . Still you always knew when you'd played our D - we always  brought it to town. More money than sense ...had loads of fun and 20 years later the core are still larging it and easing their aching joints into the carpet slippers after a night out . Biggest trip - meeting Steve Spurrier ,  Bill Arnsparger and Emmitt Smith at University of Florida in '90 and being part of the  game day staff at Monarchs for 1st season. Biggest thrill- Gator's Steve Hutchinson & Alan Tait making it at 'Monarch's. Funniest moment's ? Seeing Paul Beradelli (Monarchs) body slamming Paul Roche (Gators D Coach) into a wall at head height 'cause as usual Rochie couldn't handle his drink and kept stepping on Bears sore ankle after the defeat at Wembley by the Dragons - Rochie just slid down the wall , leaving a human sized dent where he landed . Steve Gabbard (Monarch's centre) just kept saying "he's f#cking dead"...Rochie lived to tell the tale - some might say that's a shame . Plus seeing Mayfield Armstrong (Monarch's Trainer) squeeling like a stuck pig as he got his arse tatooed with a huge Monarch logo by Saint the Celtic Tatooist in Portobello Road the week before the 1st World Bowl - I have never bit my knuckles so hard to try and stop the tears from laughing so hard in my life.... as  Gladwyn (#50 -top Linebacker) always says - to all you old Lasers and Gators  boys (and some girls too - you know who you are )- keep it  moist - Now a company director for an IT Consultancy firm. Can be contacted  onhoddy@empereur.co.uk Posted 3/3/05

Hodgetts, Eddie - QB- North Sea Hurricanes-1988-90. Went to Allegheny College in Meadville P.A. USA. Won a Div. 3 NCAA National Championship ring as a member of the Allegheny Gators in 1990. Still the only British player to ever win a NCAA national championship ring. Last seen drinking heavily in Derby. Posted 22/8/03

Hopkins, Mark - Ex Cotswold Bear, Swindon Steelers (1987-1989), GB Spartans (1993-1995), Leicester Panthers (1996), M.K.Pioneer, Birmingham Bulls, GB Spartans and G.B.Lions. Mark retired from playing in 2002 after over 400 games.He has stayed in football, as head coach at the Bristol Aztecs and an assistant with the current G.B.Lions team. Mark relaxes playing golf and spending time with his wife Rachael. He works in construction and is a director of a small local business. Lives in Cheltenham. Would like to here from any players how played with or coach me in the above teams hop72@blueyonder.co.uk

Howard, Paul "Meat" - Living in Harlow Essex. Still watching the NFL and thinking often about the good times with the London Capitals! Would love to hear from anyone still kicking about, contact me at paulmichele1210@aol.com Posted 16.2.07

Hunt, Lee - ex london mets,london gators.london ravens and london olympians.loved the game. body wouldnt hold out.work as train driver with devon. what a great game. EmailBIGVERN56@aol.com. Posted 14.2.06 

Innis, Leeroy WR Streatham/London Olympians, After playing with the O's and the Spartans I went to play and coach in Germany.Still love my music and sport, 1 daughter and planning to get married this year.If you got something to say then cont; linnis@wrapit.co.uk Posted 28th June 2005
Jackson, Les - Is currently playing for the Munich Cowboys.

Jackson, Michael - 
Ex-Lineman for Great Britain Spartans and Played for Manchester Spartans, Northants Storm, Hull Uni, Lancaster Uni, Lancashire Cheiftians, Iroquios de Rouen, Laval Scorpions Montreal, Sheffield Cyclones and Tourist with the GB Bulldogs in 1993. Living in Dubai and following the game from afar. Still have great memories about great times with some of the best people and characters around. Sad to hear about Kurt Smeby who I met a few times and George Aguardo who I only met once and made my first ever sack on his son. To everyone still playing enjoy it while you can and stay healthy. Posted 19/1/05

James, Steve 
- played 1982 to 2005
1982-1983    Hereward Rams1984-1987    Rockingham Rebels, 1987-1990   Swansea Dragons, 1991-1993    Cardiff Mets, 1994-1996   Newport Mustangs, 1998-2000    Tiger Bay Warriors, 1998-1999   Cardiff Cobras (College), 1998-1999    Southern All Stars Wildcats (College), 1999-2000   Welsh National Squad, 2000-2004   South Wales Warriors (BSL) , 2000-2005   Cardiff Cobras (College). Eventually retired February 6th 2005 while still playing for the Cobras. Recorded as the "oldest college player" (Britball Now)Living in Swansea, Wales. Working for Swansea Institute of HE as a Computer Analyst Programmer. E-Mail steve.james@sihe.ac.uk Posted 9/4/05

Jasicki, Chaz - ex-Brighton B-52s star QB and member of GB Lions squad in the 1980s. Now offensive co-ordinator for the Sussex Thunder.

Jefferson, Andrew - played for Birmingham Bulls 1988-90 #10, backing up Russ Jensen at quarterback. Including starting in the 89 Bowl Game. Went on to be Head coach at Aston University Rhinos for 5 years. Also played/coached at Nuneaton Norsemen, West Bromwich Vipers, Redditch Arrows. Now a College Administrator. Posted 14/3/06

Jenkins, Ian - Ex-East Kent Cougars. "In our 10-0 winning season Ian Jenkins was MLB in the best defense in the league.  We had a potent offence but the foundation of our success that season was a mad bunch on defense with three great Linebackers.  We used to say on offense that the hardest games we ever played were against our own defense.  Game time was never as intense.  Ian was the best of the bunch that included Graham Blundell and Peter Broome.  He is 6ft 3” and 17 stone.  He is quick, has great hands and best of all a great reader of the game.  He would hover next to the center at the snap and would often sack the QB almost as soon as he had the ball.  I should know – he still says I was easy to read!  If we wasn’t successful this would open the way for the other guys to make plays.  Finally he also played running back when Andy was tired!  Ian actually scored over 50 of the points in the 148-6 beating of the Maidstone M20’s – a mixture of TD and interceptions.  I played for 4 years with the Cougars and in all our games I never saw a better linebacker Americansincluded.  I might be biased but I am sure if you asked a few players from that era they would remember him. Posted 10th July 2003

Jennings, Craig - "Glasgow Lions, played 1986, # 69 in Scotland, the Lions coach Jack Hilder asked me to be an assistant coach to develop the defense,  which later in the season was know in the league as 'The Black Death".  A couple weeks later I was then asked to play for the Lions when one of the American players had to return to the states.  I coached and played on defense as either a down lineman or middle linebacker depending on which defense we were running.  I also substituted as center during the season and was the center for Mark Federspiel during Summer bowl II.   I received the Summer Bowl II Offensive Lineman of the Game trophy." Posted 22nd September 2009

Jensen, Russ - Ex star QB of Birmingham Bulls. Was last known to be fishing on the Mexican coast!

Jeub, John - Record setting WR, Leicester Panthers, 1990.  Now living in Portland, OR and works in the mortgage industry.  Married for 5 years to a member of the 1996 USA Women's Olympic Gold Medal winning basketball team.  "Cheers to the fans and lads in Leicester (and Ron "Master Monster" Riley.)  A time I'll never forget."

Johnson, Bob "BJ" - Ex Oxford Bulldogs QB. left these hallowed shores to return home Stateside to home area near Boston with the wife and kids.  By all accounts is doing very well and is in regular contact with Steve "Sweetpea" Belcher - now at the PA Knights. Posted 12th April 2004

Johnson, Danieray - TE 
"DJ" Number "87" Tight End would love to hash old times....danieray_johnsen@yahoo.com
Posted 10th May 2005

Jones, Gavin - Manchester Spartans 1990-94 Runs a construction company in Stockport. Aches a lot, but has great memories of some great times with 
great people.

Jovanovic, Peter -QB/WR/Flex End/London Ravens (1980's). Now working as a Fitness Consultant/Personal Trainer and coaching mini/midi rugby.

Kennedy, Sledge - #66 Torbay Trojans. Was last heard of trying to obtain a pilots license. Posted 1st June 2008

Kilanowski, Anthony "SKI" - RB/LB Lothian Raiders. Now playing RB for the Glasgow Tigers. Posted 18th July 2003
Added 19/1/05 - I" have now retired from football after 21 years due to injury at present am taking a year out from anything to do with the sport until after my operation all being well i might return to help coach any club within 50 miles of edinburgh "
Playing and coaching for the Edinburgh Wolves since 2006 - posted 5th August 2008

Killion, Norm - Coach. Assistant with Chuck Brogdon at Leeds Cougars (1989-90), Head Coach at Leicester Panthers; Head Coach Great Britain Crusaders (BYAFA) 1989-90. Honorary member of BYAFA. Located in Racine, Wisconsin. Since returning to USA has coached college, semi-pro, high school football and now women's professional football for the 2003 defending champion Northern Ice (www.wpflnorthernice.com ) of the W.P.F.L. (Women's Professional Football League). Married 36 years (Alice) with two grown sons (Paul, Brett) ages 33 & 27. Retired educator, but, still coaching. nkillion@wi.rr.com 
Posted 8th May 2004

Kington, Grahame – Former GM of the Bournemouth Bobcats. Lives in Weymouth now, owns a pub and you can email him on graymee@aol.com

Kington, Russ - Played for the Bournemouth Bobcats Juniors and Seniors can be contacted at graymee@aol.com

Kinross, Davy - Edinburgh Phoenix OL. Has played the 2003 and 2004 seasons with the Edinburgh Wolves. Posted 23/1/05

Koznarsky, Michael - "#10, played defensive back for the Heathrow Jets from 1985-87; team vice-captain in my last year. Ran back kickoffs, punts and was on the kickoff team. Even had a couple plays as receiver and one at center! Right now I'm remarried and we have a total of seven kids, the last of which is my only son. He and I are now cheering for my home townI'm a Major in the Army and am a physician. The years I played with the Jets were absolutely the best sport years of my life. The "geezers" at Heathrow were the best friends I've ever had. I still have abedroom (a playoff game vs Edinburgh) with Roy Gadsby and Johnnie Bryant. The Heathrow Jets were the best!" Posted 8th March 2008

Kyriacou, Sandy - ex Merseyside Nighthawks and Prestatyn Panthers. Currently in Cyprus. Posted 23rd March 2004

LaFleur, John - Leeds Cougars WR. Lives in Sussex, WI. Now a teacher and football coach at Hartland Arrowhead High School

Laird, Pete - DB/LB Lothian Raiders. Head Coach and player for the Edinburgh Wolves. Posted 18th July 2003
Retired end of 2005 from active football. Returned in 2007 to coach and play for the Edinburgh Wolves - posted 5th August 2008
Laisure, Donald - 
RB,DL Ipswich Cardinals (1985-1990) "STILL HERE coaching at Ipswich. My son is now playing for the team How many sons are in other teams for other players?" Posted 3rd October 2007

Lamb, Steve - 
"Played for the Torbay Trojans for many years - He was no 21 and 84 (position wide receiver and running back) Sean Richardson Coached the team in later years and his brother Guy Richardson played quarter back and tail end (running back). " Posted 30th September 2008

Lamontayne, Lawrence - ex Luton Flyers. Currently with the PA Knights. Played for the GB Spartans between 1993 and 1995. Posted 2nd August 2004.

Lane, Troy - 
#43 Torbay Trojans. I would like to hear from anyone as to the whereabouts of EX-Torbay Trojans Players! Especially, Steve Head, Paul Rejuva QB's Guy and Shaun Richardson RB and Coaches, Jon Neal (38) Running back Who in one drive at Whitney wildcats, Hospitalised 7 Defensive Players to the extent they were removing players from ambulance to replace with more seriously injured players! Linemen (66) "Sledge" Neil Kennedy, Dave Cogan, Dougie Bacchus and Many more I may have missed during my 12 years of Playing! Starting at Linebacker (58) and finishing in 1997 as Running back (43) With many Fond memories of encounters with my friends in Cardiff and Plymouth! Emailtroy.lane@btinternet.com Posted 18/4/07

Lawrence, Dave - Bournemouth Bobcats LB. Currently assistant principal at Moorhead State Junior High School, USA.

Layne, Kirk - #11 London Ravens (86), Bath Gladiators (87-88) Assisant Coach (Offensive Co-Ordinator), QB, TE and LB.

Lee, Bob - Bob Lee was the only ever Head Coach of the Rockingham Rebels (1985 - 1995). Respected by everyone who played for or against him. A hard disciplinarian, ex-players still wake up sweating in the night hearing "Goddamit, give me a lap". Went undefeated as champions of the BAFF in 1985, making them the second ever British Champions (Ravens won the AFL that year). Two conference championships followed in 1989 and 1992. Moved back to the States in the late 90's, but returned to Kettering a couple of years later. Last seen playing a lot of golf - still just as competitive! Posted 28th March 2005
Update:Bob sadly died in February 2009.

Lennard, Bob - "Played strong safety, outside linebacker & punter for London Capitals 1986 to 1990. Now living in Burnley, Lancashire, married with 3 kids. Often wonder what my old team mates are up to. They were great days to be involved with American Football. Left the Capitals to concentrate on my Rugby League, the old knees couldn't take all year round 'collision sports'. Left the Metropolitan Police in 1996, due to knee injury. In fact the old knee has finally packed in and I've just had a total knee replacement op. Would not have changed a thing though. Old team mates can get in touch through boblennard@talktalk.net   ." Posted 29th January 2010

Lewis, Bobby - Birmingham Bulls LB. Own business, alcohol logisitics, 3 kids. Posted by John McManus 13/9/04

Lewis, Brett - #11 QB Chelmsford Cherokee and GB Lions. "Loved every second of it and had some great games and good laugh's along the way ..... married with a son aged 13 ... I'm thinking of making a comeback .....hahaha" Posted 27th April 2004

Lewis, Ron - 1989 Bedford Stags. Now living in the Washington DC area. Posted 31st January 2008

Lilliehöök, Johan - LB/RB for the Bournemouth Bobcats 1988 - 1990. He is still involved in the sport. After leaving the Bobcats he moved back over to Sweden to coach and play for the Lidingö Chargers until the team folded in 92, then he became Assistant Coach for the Österåker Bulldogs (1992), then Head Coach (1993-4), followed by becoming the Head Coach of the KTH Osqars (1995-6), then again Head Coach for the Bulldogs (1997). Then he took a year off coaching.After that he became Head Coach of the Luleå Eskimos (1999/2000) and is now Vice Chairman on their Board. He has just recently become head of Norrbottens Museum Johan can be contacted on the following email: johan.lilliehook@nll.se

Lilliehöök, Vikki - Was in charge of the Bobcats cheerleading squad The Topcats between 1984- 1987 and after moving over to Sweden in 1990 was the coach of the first Swedish champions the "Chargettes". She can be contacted on : vikkianne@hotmail.com

Lindahl, Sean - RB London Lasers 1986. now in Orlando FL, is now the president of B&L Office Solutions. Posted 27th January 2009

Lindsay, Alec - #60. 16 seasons Offensive line (mostly guard) for Medway Mustangs 1985-91Kent Cougars 1992-93Invicta Eagles 1994-97Maidstone Pumas (Player/coach) 1998-2001 (Retired age 42)Had a year off then returned as a non playing assistant coach Maidstone Pumas 2003-2004. Currently out of Football but maintaining links to the two local teams Pumas and Mavericks. Still living in Medway Towns and working out of Dartford. Posted 22nd November 2005

Lockhart, Gordon - "
I played from 1983 until 1996/7 with the Edinburgh Eagles for 1 year moving onto the Musselburgh magnums from 85 till 89/90, then going to the clydesdale colts from 90/91 until 96/97, I played on the great teams with the likes of ed byrd, steve machado, davie orr, grant mcpherson, greg black, ian towers, and "me!!!" haha," Posted 16th July 2008

Lockhart, John - #60 Gateshead Senators. Started playing football in Feb 1985 and started first Season in 1986 for the Washington Presidents. Still playing for the Senators and started every game for them that he has played. Posted 3/9/06

Loftman, Clive - Birmingham Bulls DB/LB.
 Residential careworker in the Midlands. Posted 13/9/04

Lyall, Craig "Chippie" - MLB/FB Lothian Raiders. Now playing semi-pro in the USA for the Oro Valley Lightning. Posted 18th July 2003. Has played for the Edinburgh Wolves since 2005 - posted 5th August 2008

March, Nigel - 
DB & kick returner for the Milton Keynes Bucks. 82-83. Now a Finance Manager for a Building Company which I part own in Perth, Western Australia. Still remember my old number 42 with affection. Posted 23rd October 2008

Marsh, Steve -  Manchester Spartans WR #87 Played 1984-1991. Now living in Sydney Australia (migrated 1997) Wife and Daughter (football nut, but loves American Football). Director of own consulting business Spartan Business Solutions Contact sm2287@internode.on.net I would be pleased to hear from you. Posted 10/1/06

Marshall, Gary - Newcastle/Gateshead Senators Head Coach/kicker/punter. Still playing and has not missed a match since 1985.

Martin, Billy - "F
ounding member of the King's Lynn Patriots in 1982.  I am an Anglo-American and I played for with them until 1985.  I played as Defensive Guard and Offensive Tackle though I wore the number 53 shirt.  On the team I was known as Bad Billy or Bad Boy Billy after a particularly hard sacking when a Referee told me that I was a very bad boy." Posted 12th April 2004

Martin, Ian "Tank" - Edinburgh Phoenix. Can be found at http://www.facebook.com/ian.martin.79274089

Matchett, Steve - played very briefly as a linebacker for the Nottingham Hoods but injury sidelined him and he fulfilled the role of commentator/court jester at their home games. He went on to be a mechanic for the Benetton F1 team (he was the rear jack guy than was engulfed in flames in the pit-lane a few years back) and is a writer/commentator on F1. Here is a link to his homepage: http://jaguar.rivals.net/default.asp?sId=871&StId=207915&p=2

McAllister, Alex - Alex was number 42 for the Leicester Panthers, and played from 1984-1991 for the club. He was a founder member of the team with his brother Chris McAllister who was also a player. He now lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with his wife and two children.  Alex is a successful finance director.  He loves to think about the old glory football days, but is now a scratch golfer on mini tours. Email alextopsales@cox.net Posted 14/3/05

Alex McAllister and family

McDerra, Bernie - Original founder of the Manchester Spartans in 1983. "What am I doing now, well I am a project manager for homeless people for a large charity. The first ever British American Football game by two British Teams was the Manchester Spartans and The London Ravens in Northwich Cheshire. I currently live with my partner Kathryn and my Daughter Danielle. I have two other children to another marriage called Michael and Liza and three grand children. I am now 51 and do my best to keep myself fit I practise Aikido martial arts and cycle a lot. I would like to wish all the past and current players good health and I was and still is the best sport I have ever played. Posted 5th October 2008 My e-mail address is : bernard.mcderra@ntlworld.com

McGlathery, Gordon - First Head Coach of the Manchester Allstars now back in Britain and living in Manchester again after 15 year absence. 

McCusker, Steve - Glasgow Lions OL - now National/tight ends coach at the Scottish Claymores

McFarland, Steve - Ex Manchester Allstars. Is now a policeman in Ashton-under-Lyme. Posted 23rd March 2004

McKenzie, Gladstone - Ex Milton Keynes Bucks - Is now a policeman in Northampton. Posted 8th May 2004

McIlroy, Keith - London Ravens lineman - Married with 2 children. Currently living in Ruislip.

McIlroy, Steve - London Ravens lineman - Married with 2 children. Currently living in Dorset.

McManus, Jock - Birmingham Bulls DB. 14 years in IT, then went into IT recruitment, looking to clear off somewhere sunny ASAP. Posted 13/9/04

McManus, Gerry - Played for Coventry Bears/ Jaguars from1984 to 1993 and then moved to The Birmingham Bulls from 1993 to 1996 and became Head Coach of Coventry Jaguars in 2004.   Now works as a Shopping Centre Manager.Posted 25/1/05

Matthews, Kevan
 - Tight End for Notingham Hoods 1983 - 1987 - Living in Nottingham, working as environmental projects manager for local branch of national environmental charity. Married to Sue, 21 years this year. Daughter studying architecture at university. Love to hear from any of the old team from the mid 80's. kevan.matthews@btopenworld.com
Posted 4/2/05

Mellis, Paul - Center#52 of London Ravens (1989-1991). Went to Harper College, Illinois as did Victor Ebudideke, Nigel Hoyte and then Roland Carrington. Currently a Metropolitan Police Officer. Divorced with one beautiful daughter, Deaven Holly. Now living in Central London. Any former team mates are more than welcome to get in touch -paulmcauslan@aol.com 

Mendoza, Darryl - Offensive Guard for Portsmouth Warriors and GB. Lives in Southsea, Portsmouth and run his own electrical contacting company, one of the most successful in the town. His main passion now is golf and he plays off a handicap of 5. He has two children, Sam and Tom 17 and 15 respectively. Posted 10/12/04

Miller, Fitzroy - Crawley Raiders RB. Still lives in Horley Married to June, with two children Becky-13 & Wesley-9. He also runs his own successful courier company-Miller Logistics Ltd.

Mills, Bill - 
"This is Bill Mills who set up the Southampton Seahawks in 1983 along with my brother Kevin Mills. I played as Offensive Tackle no 73 as well as the later years defense tackle playing both ways, those were the days. We both ran the team up until 1988 the year after Budweiser pulled their sponsorship of the league. I played as well as Managing the team getting sponsorship of which Motorola was one, my brother ended up as Head coach until Dicky Doo's (Richard Madden head coach of Greenham Common) took over as Head Coach in 1985 to 86. Kevin has written up the full history of our years together as the Seahawks with player profiles, along with match reports of our 86 season which was our most memorable, it makes great reading if any ex Seahawks are interested. I now work as a Manager with a company and am very Big into motorbikes being Vice Chairman of the VSOC and Dep Rep of our local club. Posted 18/4/07

Mills, Gary - Birmingham Bulls C. 
Own business in UK and real estate in the US not married with 2 kids. Posted 13/9/04

Mitchell, Clifton - Ex-Locomotive Derby and Nottingham Hoods - fought for the British Heavyweight title. Is now a boxing trainer and manager.

Molloy, David "Magic" - WR/RB Lothian Raiders. Now playing RB for the Edinburgh Wolves. Posted 18th July 2003

Moon, Steve - "Just wanted to say hi to all still following the game. I had some great times coaching with the Manchester Spartans, Birmingham Bulls and GB Lions and was fortunate enough to have worked with some of the greatest British players ever. I was also honoured to work with Coach Sam Timer, Coach Ray Willsey, Coach Terry Smith, and coach Tony Allen - all heroes to me. I was fascinated by the All Time Brit team which you published recently and have always had a pretty strong team in my head, including a killer secondary of  Mark Williams, Paul Roberts, Trevor Carthy, Nigel Dias. Linemen Gary Mills, Warren Billingham, Joe Richardson, Big Les (now Massive Les) Tuitt, Dave Samuels and Steve Letham were standouts for me. Running backs Warren Sweetman and Lloyd O'Neill were favourites of mine - no messing, just getting north and south quickly. Receivers - the great Allan Brown, Leroy Innes and Mike Price. Great memories. Thanks to one and all for many enjoyable years. Steve Moon." Posted 14th October 2005

Moors, Rod – ex QB for the Gateshead Senators. Rod was a product of the University of Toronto before coming over to 
Gateshead where he showed them all what a good QB/WR link up could do. He was recruited for the Senators by Richard Bass who had coached at Purdue and knew Rod, Shorty, Al and Tom from his time at U.of T. Richard became the Senators first import Head Coach. Rod became a School teacher after quitting contact Football, married his sweetheart Martha, a trainee Dr. at the time ( who had acted as Physio for the team when she came over to visit for  a few weeks). The last thing heard of Rod was in the Flagmag magazine playing QB for the Ottawa Canadiens in the semi-contact flag football leagues that run over there.

Moven, Winston - RB Northants Storm. Still works in Northampton. Posted 10/2/03

Munn, David 
Played with the Luton Flyers from 1984-1987 and then travelled to play with the Leicester Panthers in 1988 with a number of ex flyers.Mark Schrater, Jim Tsarofski and Tony Arrington from the US were a big influence. Don Stradling in 88 was a standout player and person. Posted 25th April 2009

Made lots of friends and thoroughly enjoyed banging helmets on a weekly basis with like minded fanatics.

Currently living in Shropshire, still play a bit of Veteran rugby although more likely to be found climbing the hills of Shropshire on my mountain bike
Munro, Peter - "
WR/CB, trained with Bolton Buccaneers 1990-1992, played for Manchester Spartans 1992-1993, St Helens Cardinals 1994.  
Stopped playing after a brawl broke out following the playoff game in 1994 (cant remember who the opposition was, maybe Leicester???). They won the match easily and then kicked off with everyone, including spectators, while still kitted up. Age 34, still living in Bolton and remembers the good ole days. I still have some old photos of games, the loss at home to Glasgow Bulls vs Manchester I think is some of them. I can post them up if required.
 Anyone still in contact with Vernon? He's a TV presenter now if people don't already know. I still remember those hits he used to put on people when he played CB. Man that guy could tackle well, as could Taz and Metcalfe. I have the aches and pains to prove it.I also remember Terry Smith challenging my friend Mahesh aka 'The Rubber Chicken' (who was about 20 then) to a 100m sprint off that Terry won easily.I`m on facebook if people wanna contact me. " Posted 19th September 2009
Murray, Peter - "
AkA Hammer#43 strong safety LONDON OLYMPIANS 1989/1995, then got the call to go play in Germany .....1996 Berlin Adler,
Muscroft, Paul working in the distribution warehouse of one of the UK's largest mail order catalogues. Posted 9/4/05

Naraghi, Biszan - 
DB. "Played for the Dorset Broncos, Bournemouth Bobcats, Weymouth Warlords, Bournemouth Buccs, nearly 50 now so don't play, ( I can hardly get out of bed in the morning ), still miss the game, still see a few players, Billy Ko (still only 42!!!!! ),he's still a barber,still doing flat tops. John Lambert, still fighting and running a pub, makes a change. It would be nice to here from any of the old guys, I am married again (3rd time lucky ) still a builder in Bournemouth, get in touch. Be nice to here from any of the old guys, contact me at bjandsue@hotmail.com "

Narcisse "Joel Williams, Chuck - #38 "I played QB w/Stuart Gaston; RB w/Joe Brooks (what a tandem) and kick return on the 1987 Bristol Packers squad. I am currently 42 years old, live in Texas and often reflect back on the “glory daysâ€� of that season.  I’m sorry about the way things ended but what a run.  Anyone from the team reading this drop me a line I love to hear from you.  After that season and the trip to the Channel Islands at the beginning of the ’88 season I left football after suffering a serious back injury but - my how I enjoyed the ride.  I was sad to hear about Ray and Ronnie.   Would love to know where Joe Brooks, Stuart Gaston, Nigel Gaston, Dennis Rankin, Mike Phillips, ? Flay, Danny Ray, Ricky Oliver, Kenny Smith, Vernon Hendon etc… are and what they are doing. " Posted 17th April 2006

Nendel, Jim - former Head Coach of the Manchester Allstars. Inspirational and instrumental in the Allstars 1987 Bowl appearance. Returned to his native Whitworth College, USA and became Defensive Backs coach for the Pirates . Is now studying again at Penn State.

Newey, Paul - ex-Birmingham Bulls. MLB and defensive captain for the Birmingham Bulls and GB Lions - 1992-2001.

Newnham, Simon - Ex Greenwich Rams/London Olympians DL - now Football Development officer (kitted) NFL Europe

Nicholson, Martin - Widely known as "The Spectator" - Martin achieved fame by the number of times he was the ONLY paying spectator at some of the more obscure games in the period 1987 to 1997. Currently working near Northampton.

Osborne, Bob - Lineman, one of the founders of the Rockingham Rebels, still living in Northants, married with three kids,
Business development manager in packaging.Contact: bobosdiamond@aol.com
A couple of the Rebels' ex players are
preparing a book about the club, as we approach the 20th anniversary of its formation. Any old Rebs out there should
contact me, Bob Osborne, on bobosdiamond@aol.com Posted 4/2/03

Osborne, Richard 'Ozzy' - Middle linebacker (#57) for RAF Wyton Eagles/Cambridge County Cats (1983-5). Coached East
Kilbride Pirates D (1985-6). Would like to hear from any of the old team Ritchie@technoserv.co.uk Posted 12th
April 2004

Orazio, Jim - Ex Glasgow Diamonds Owner. Returned to the USA about 6 years ago (approx 1995)

Palma, Franco 'Hit Man', LB 6' 2" 225 lbs  Bristol Bombers 1984-1985, Bristol Packers 1986-1990. Started in every game in record breaking '1987 100% Season'. P10 W10. Offence scored 676 - highest ever in Britball history. Defence only conceeded 36 points. 3.6 pt avg per game. Played alongside "Greats" such as the late Ron Barnes (died on the field playing the game he loved) and the late Ray Brooks (murdered in Bristol in the 90's) Bath Gladiators 1992-1994. Started in every game in record breaking 1992 100% season culminating in BNGL SW Div1 championship with      P10 W10 record. Defence only conceeded 98 points - 9.8 avg per game. 1992 BNGL Div 1 Bowl Runners-up lost to a young Tiptree Titans team.I still maintain we would have won if  we had played simple 'run the ball' football! 1993 BNGL SW Premier Div champions 9-1 record. Defence only conceede 70 points - 7.0 avg per game.   I am now living in Ascot married with 3 kids and working in IT in City.I am keen to communicate with former team-mates/players from the teams mentioned. Especially want to get in touch with former Bath Gladiators owner Tim Harris and Mike Wilkinson former owner of the Bristol Packers to get hold of some game film footage, if only to prove to my kids that I used to be able to run an hit once !! . mail me at:franco@palma2701.fsnet.co.uk   Posted 10/1/06

Palmer, Owen - Guard/London Ravens (1980's). Is happily married with two kids and emigrated to Australia a few years ago.

Parker, John -  MLB, MK Bucks, Nottingham Hoods, Manchester Spartans. GB Lions 1985-1990 Won Brit Bowl, Euro-Bowl, Euro-Champ. Knee injury stopped playing career, help coach MK Pioneers to 2nd Division Champs . Currently has two children 16 and 13, living in Northants, working as the Governor of a Secure Training Centre in Rugby. Posted 19th January 2008

Payton, Sean - Ex Leicester Panthers QB (1988) is now Assistant Head Coach and Quarter Back coach of the Dalla Cowboys in the NFL. After leaving the Panthers, Payton sandwiched two coaching stints at San Diego State university (1988-89 and 1992-93) around a stop at Indiana State (1990-91). During his second term with the Aztecs, Payton served as the running backs coach, working directly with Heisman Trophy runner-up Marshall Faulk, now with the St. Louis Rams, before becoming the quarterback coach. In the latter role, Payton guided Tim Gutierrez to All-WAC honors in 1993. Following the 1993 season, Payton moved to Miami of Ohio (1994-95) where he was the quarterback coach and offensive coordinator. He spent the 1996 season as quarterbacks coach at Illinois prior to entering the NFL with Philadelphia. Recently he was the offensive co-ordinator for the NY Giants in the NFL. In 2006 he became Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_Payton

Pearce, Mark - Ex-Norwich Devils RB (1989).
 He trialled for New England, the Jets and (maybe) Denver before being passed by.  Last heard playing Defensive Line, Tight End and Punter for Calgary Chargers having been in at least one Grey Cup.

Peebles, Kevin - Im alive and kicking. I moved from Brighton to Farnham and played 2 great season for the Farnham Knights before moving into Rugby for Basingstoke. I then moved into rowing for Reading and then indoor rowing. Im one of the top 20 indoor rowers in Britain. Stay Strong Kevin Peebles 71 Brighton B52s. Posted 21st May 2006. 
Had a successful 2007 suiting up for the Farnham Knights on the way to winning the BAFL Division One championship

Penn-White, Al - Ex Glasgow Diamonds QB. Returned to the USA about 7 years ago (approx. 1994).

Phillips, Errol 'Big Bird' - ex London Ravens. Works for the Human Rights Agency.

Pikett, Steve - Currently IT Director for a London investment bank. Played OL for East London Braves,
London Capitals, West London Aces, Kent Cougars, then 4 years in The Mid-America Football League for the Minnesota
Maulers and the Twin City Talons. Returned to UK in 1998 and played for Redbridge Fire / Essex Spartans, Ipswich
Cardinals and now playing and coaching OL for the Norwich Devils. Can be contacted at
Posted 18th February 2004

Piolo, Scott - Ex coach of Gateshead Senators. Now Director of Player Personnel at the New England Patriots in the NFL
Posted 12th April 2004

Pisarkiewicz, Steve - Ex Cardiff/Capital Tigers QB & Coach. Left the UK on 16th March 1991. Now a realtor in Winter
Park, Florida. Posted 15/2/04

Pound, Steve [HOWIE}. Original Medway Mustang player from the start TE number 85, later played as DE, has just played with
Brett Favre the Legend in a Wrangler jeans commercial in the USA,  For the Mustangs with Pride. Posted 20th November 2008
Potts, Tony - ILB Steel City Giants 1983-1988. Now defensive coach for the Doncaster Mustangs. Posted 4th May 2004

Proctor, Mark - Ex- East Kent Vikings (Thanet) RB, Now working in Telecoms Management and youth development officer for Bristol Aztecs. Bad news for all of us of a certain age, he is playing again and is in the second year of a comeback with the Aztecs Senior Squad (BSL) this time as a LB. Would be good to hear from any of the Ex-Vikings or Ashford(Kent) players, contact at mark.proctor@orange.co.uk

Quirolo, Vic - Nottingham Hoods DE. 
Vic is a highly respected and very successfull High School Football & Basketball Coach at the Iona Prepatory School in New Rochelle, NY, USA. I was Vic's College Football Coach at Iona College where Vic was an oustanding All Conference Defensive End/LB.http://www.thejournalnews.com/weekly/090304/a15ss0902spionap.html
Posted 8th September 2004

Rafferty, Brian - 
"Gave up football after the Flyers. It was as much a family as a team. Lived in Sydney, Australia for 10 years and then moved onto New York.  
15 year old son just signed up to play high school football !  Still in touch with Jeff Thomas." Posted 10/5/05

Brian Rafferty and son

Rauf, Joe - 
#"69 Walthamstow Warriors, then Lee Valley Warriors and Hackney Barbarians(1982-1987ish). Played OG, NT,DT and anywhere else where we were short(except the glory positions,lol). First game against the Ravens and they kicked our ass big time. We got better after that. I think my only claim to fame is the amount of times i got sent off. Of course none justifiable,lol. I believe we were the first UK team to play abroad against Paris Sparticus. Now live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and get to watch CFL, come on you Esk's! Shame there isn't more pics of the old days and teams. Posted 24th March 2009

Reilly, Jamie - Glasgow Lions CB (#29). Played CB in 84-85, then Running Back 1986 onwards, still living in Scotland, looking to contact any of the players from the 1986 team that made it to the British final. Can be contacted at jamier30@hotmail.com

Reynolds, Emile - #72 London Gators 1988-1993 - currently playing for Edinburgh Wolves. Posted 11th May 2008

Reynolds, Neil - Medway Mustangs (1991), Invicta Eagles (1992-1996), Kent Exiles (1997-1999) TE/WR/K. Now Internet Co-ordinator NFL Europe.com

Richards, Frankie - Birmingham Bulls LB. Now a doorman. Posted 13/9/04

Richardson, Guy - Torbay Trojans. 
Plays occasional rugby for Paignton Cherries veterans. Posted 1st June 2008

Richardson, Shaun - Torbay Trojans. Currently an all-weather surfer. Posted 1st June 2008

Rickards, Phil - Retired due to ill health,didn't we all !! I will always love the Thames Valley Chargers family and my friends at Crawley Raiders. We had real fun, that's what life's all about.Ez Charles,you need to RETIRE !!,respect my man. Respect also to all you guys I played with and against please forgive any naughties' during the game,nothing personal.To all you guys still playing, "have fun and enjoy it" you'll never have friends like your teamates. Feel free to email me phillip.rickards@ntlworld.com Posted 25/1/05

Riley, Ron - played for the 1988 Northampton Stormbringers and the 1990 Leicester Panthers at middle linebacker. Has been employed with the national federation of independent business in the US (the country's most powerful lobby). He also played for the 1989 World Champion Racine Raiders. He currently resides in Janesville, Wisconsin "Hello to the second place finisher, Ottawa Canada Bootleggers, players Paul Shorten and Rod Moors from Gateshead. Hello to my Racine teamates Greg Thelen. Greg Brenner, and John LaFluer of the Leeds Cougars."

Roberts Jnr, Ron - ex London Ravens QB. Currently living in USA  and still playing Vets Ball

Roberts, Paul - Birmingham Bulls CB/PR - Playing golf and soccer. Posted 13/9/04


Posted 22.12.06

Robinson, Dave 'Croc' - Ex Manchester Heroes. Currently Defensive Backs Coach for the Lancashire Wolverines.
Posted 23rd March 2004

Rogers, Chris - ex QB Birmingham Bulls and player/Head Coach of the Redditch Arrows, Crewe Railroaders and Stoke
Spitfires. Currently lives in Victoria, Canada working for a crisis center and sings in a band. Would like to contact Gavin
Meredith of the Crewe Railroaders. Updated 9th November 2004

Salazar, Mark - First Head Coach of the Farnham Knights, 1985 -1988, and All USAFE Center is currently the Head Football Coach at Granite Hills High School, Porterville, California." Salazar.grizzlyfootball@gmail.com Updated 6th April 2015

Samuels, Dave - Thames Valley Chargers DE. Last known working as a bouncer. Posted 18th November 2004.

Sanders, Curt - Leicester Panthers DB (1988). Living in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two daughters.  I am currently the Director of Sales for a medical equipment manufacture. Posted 23/1/05

Scarlett, Anthony - Streatham/London Olympians (1982-1995). Now living in Las Vegas and coaching high school football. Posted 15/2/07

Severns, Don - MLB Harrogate Hawks 1988-1990. Now living in Florida. Posted 9th November 2005

Shoop, Bob - Ex-Birmingham Bulls (1989)
. 8th January 2003 New York, N.Y. - Columbia University announced the appointment of Bob Shoop as its head football coach today. Director of Physical Education & Intercollegiate Athletics John Reeves selected Shoop as the 17th coach in the 134 years of Lion football. The former Yale wide receiver has been mentored by some of the top coaches in collegiate football and has been a part of several significant turnaround efforts. As the defensive secondary coach at Boston College for the last four years, Shoop played a major role in B.C.'s recent success. The Eagles have captured a bowl victory in each of the last four seasons. Shoop's secondary was a key cog in B.C.'s 9-4 record and Motor City Bowl Championship this season. The Eagles ranked 13th in the nation in passing defense and 17th in pass efficiency defense. Shoop has earned a reputation as a strong nationwide recruiter. During his career as an assistant coach, his recruiting territory has spanned 22 states. His focus has been in the Northeast, with a concentration inPennsylvania at each institution.

Shoop, John - assistant coach Brighton B52's (1990) is the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears NFL. (Brother of Bob Shoop / Birmingham Bulls)

Shorten, Paul – ex WR of the Gateshead Senators. (Very popular with the Ladies during his stay in Geordieland) Like Rod
Moors, Paul was a product of University of Toronto and was drafted by the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers as a WR/kick
returner. He was part of their Grey Cup winning team and had the ring/teeshirt to prove it. Paul was so laid back at times
it was untrue but get him on the field and it was a different story! He once scored a kick return for a TD against the Ravens

where he must have covered 150yds as he went up/across/back/around to eventually score. Last thing heard of Paul was
from Rod Moors. He said that Shorty was a guard on an armoured car and carrying a gun!

Simpson, Pete - Ex-Leeds Cougars. Has been Living in Ohio since 1990. He was named coach of the year in 1997 in the county where he lives. He has been to 1 state championship game as an assistant coach and has an overall Head Coaching record of 30-24-1 which also includes the Dutch Division 1 championship while head coach of the Rotterdam Trojans. Pete is married with 4 children.

Sisk, Mike - LB #61 Destroyers - "BNGL Premier Division Champs in 1990 (9-1). Living in Connecticut in USA with three children and wife. Patricia. Worked for Philadelphia Eagles Public Relations Dept. in 1991. I miss my friends from Cornwall and would welcome the chance to re-connect. Send me a note at sisk56@comcast.net " Posted 22/8/06

Slinn, Les - 
Prolific RB for the Swindon Steelers (#37 1982-1992), married to Clare and has 2 Children Nicola & Steven, still living in Swindon. Les is a Qualified Personal Trainer working in and around Swindon. Updated 26th August 2007

Slue, Leroy - ex London Ravens. Coaching London Os
Smith, John - Kicker for the Manchester Allstars 1985-1990. Now living in Melbourne, Australia with Carol and our 2 daughters.

Now back kicking for the Southern Seahawks of Gridiron Victoria.Kicked his first field goal in competitive play for 15 years

to secure the Seahawks first franchise win ever on 10/7/05.
"Hello to everyone who is carrying an injury for life, mail me on jsmi9584@bigpond.net.au and we can compare our doctor's
notes. If anyone is interested in playing in Melbourne, please mail me!
". Kicked 24 of 25 PATs (96% kicking percentage - a UK

record) in 1989 - with a broken bone in his neck! Also had trials for the New England Patriots and Hamilton Tiger Cats in the CFL
Update 11th May 2007 - now playing for the Western Crusaders in Melbourne in the 2007 Gridiron Victoria season.

Smith, Paul -
I wanted to get back in touch with some of the guys I coached in the UK. I was with Harrogate from 1986 to 1991 and Leeds Cougars for one
season in 1992.  I coached 3 all star teams including the UK team for the European championship in Helsinki. I am currently a high school football coach in Austin Texas. 
I have coached college football at Fort Lewis College from 94-97.   I have some of my best memories from coaching in UK and the lessons I learned there still
help me today.  I have been very successful in my coaching career and hope to return to UK sometime would love to coach one more season there before I
retire.  I still have plenty of years left and plan on coaching high school football for a long time.  If you would like to contact me feel free @oogs@austin.rr.com. Posted 29th March 2009

Speckman, Dale - Fylde Falcons (1989-1990). Broke the Britball sack record in 1989. Returned to the States and played for a variety of Semi-pro teams and finished his career with the Kokomo Mustangs, where he was again the teammate of Jeff Christmann's (former Fylde Falcons WR). He currently lives in Indianapolis, and is a musician for a living with a wife and two children. Also playing baseball, along with Jeff Christmann.

Spong, Mark,
 QB #16 Portsmouth Warriors and GB Lions. Lives just outside Portsmouth. Married with 21 yr old son (at college in States playing soccer) and 15 yr old daughter. " The site brought back many memories of playing with and against some fantastic players and great characters. What a great time, friendly and not so friendly rivalries but everyone just loving being able to play football. Don't it make you feel old?" Posted 15.2.07

Smith, Ken - Bristol Aztecs. Returned to the USA in approx 1990.

Smith, Terry - Manchester/GB Spartans owner, GB Lion Head Coach - became owner of Chester City Football Club, and managed them for a time.

Stanton, Dave - Ex-Birmingham Bulls QB. Social services / Careworker, still playing and coaching at Redditch Arrows. Posted 13/9/04

Stradling, Don - Ex Luton Flyers. 
After playing for the Luton Flyers, Don had tryouts with Hamilton and Toronto of the CFL.  He also had tryouts with Arena before leaving career football to enter the business world.  Don has worked for Hallmark Cards, Inc. since 1990 in sales and currently resides in Indianapolis, IN with his wife Chandra and two children.  Don continued to play semi-pro football with the Indiana "Kokomo" Mustangs.  He played on the Mustangs with former UK players Jeff Christmann, Dale Speckman, and Kevin Armour. He continues to play with the Mustangs and has played with Team USA for games in Hamburg (1998) and Stuttgart (2002, 2004) in Germany.

Stevens, Glenn, Ex-Leeds Cougars QB is now living in Bradenton, Florida (since January 1993)

Stewart, Martyn - 
Played for the London Olympians under the coaching of Steve Beecroft and Tony Allen. Now a Director of a Construction Company for Commercial Interiors, “lovely Girls and still the same wife. Posted 6/11/04

Strawson, Mike - 
Ex- Steel City giant OL & Nottingham Hoods OL played between 1984 1994. Went back to Ice Hockey in 1996 and has managed junior hockey teams in Sheffield for the last 8 years. Posted 7/2/04

Stroughter, Clifton, Ex-Nottingham Hoods RB. Believed to be coaching baseball in the USA

Suess, Dick - Ex Birmingham Bulls head coach (1993) set up the Idaho Stallions of the IPFL in the USA (an indoor rival to Arena Ball).

Suleman, Sean - Ex Linebacker , Bristol Packers, Thames Valley Chargers, GB Spartans, Bristol Aztecs- Now coaching Linebacker in the Bristol Aztec 2005 Youth Programme - professional Drummer - email sean_suleman@hotmail.com Posted 17th June 2005

Tagoe, Gary - "(legendary head coach,QB from the 80's and early 90's) is back at the helm of the newly reformed mersey centurions , passing on his vast knowledge to our many rookies and veterans alike . " Posted 23/8/06

Taylor, AJ - Ex-Birmingham Bulls LB - now a Team Leader/Designer at Jaguar in Coventry married with 2 kids. Posted 13/9/04

Taylor, Des - Running back Birmingham Bulls. Working in counselling 

Teague, Don - OL Glasgow Lions. "
Played offensive line for the Glasgow lions in 1990. Living back in San Jose California. Married to the love of my life, Cindy Teague. Upon returning from Scotland I opened a chain of Martial Arts Schools, then a high tech company doing e-commerce, my latest venture is a high tech payments company called PaymentOne.www.paymentone.com. I’d love to here from Mike Piper, Mike Hasskamp, Scott Couper, our Owner Allister Beaton, John Braff, Frank Caveritaa, John Hockey, Ian McFarland, Big Joe, Big Red, our any of ya’s. Feel free to drop me a line. dteague@paymentone.com That’s all for now, from we Man." Posted 29th August 2005

Thelen, Greg - Quarterback, Leeds Cougars 1989-90 - Now located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin,USA; wife, Suzie, two sons. Works for father in law as salesman and also coaches high school football at Oconomowoc High School. Played in Italy after playing for the Leeds Cougars. Paired up with former sem-pro Racine Raiders teammate wide receivers John LeFleur and Greg Brenner at Leeds. Posted 8th May 2004

Thomas, Curtis - Ex-Leicester Huntsmen. Curtis switched to the Leicester Panthers after the Huntsemn along with his brother Mel (TE) after the Panthers folded Curtis moved north and played proffesional Rugby League for Wigan i think, following that he moved back to Leicester and took over as the Coach of the local Rugby League side, switching codes he now manages a local club Union side and i believe he still turns out for them.

Thomas, Gary - Ex London Olympians. Sadly passed away in 2012.

Thompson, Rob - O-D Line Brighton B52's (1990) is the General Manager of the Albany ConQuest in the Arena Football League rthompson@albanyconquest.com

Torretti, Tony - Ex London Ravens. When the Ravens folded he played for the London Rockets(93-94), then the London O's in (97). Had a bad injury but returned to playing in 2001 for the Birmingham Bulls. Played for the London O's in 2002 and is now trying to get into the coaching side of things. Posted 15/2/03

Tossell, David - Ex Windsor Monarchs (1984), Slough Silverbacks (1985-1987) DB. Now Director of Public Relations NFL Europe

Townsend, Malcolm - Ex Manchester Allstars LB (1987). In 1986 Mr. Townsend graduated from Whitworth College with a BA in Business Management. He received another BA in Social Studies from Eastern Washington University in 1992. Four years later, Mr. Townsend was awarded his MA in Curriculum and Instruction from City University. Before coming to Bridgeport, Mr. Townsend worked for three years at the Okanogan School District. He started working here in 1995. He is now Middle School History teacher at Bridgeport High School, Oregon. In 2005 he is to coach a semi-pro football side called Okanogan County Rough Riders

Trainor, Darren - Ex Glasgow Lions QB. He is married and living in Scotland has a couple of kids. He is currently the Head Coach with the Scotland Youth 
kitted Squad and Head Coach to North Lanarkshire Rams youth kitted team.

Trow, Steve - Ex-Birmingham Bulls DL. Now a Team Leader/Designer at LandRover in Solihull married with 2 kids. Posted 13/9/04

Tsarofski, Jim - Luton Flyers ILB (#77). I was the first player in europe to play with NFL experience at that time.  I played for the Los Angeles Rams in 1984, and played for the San Jose State Spartans 1982-83 under the legendary Jack Elway. Junior College All American at Glendale College in Los Angeles 1980-81I currently am a Los Angeles City fireman, I live in los angeles, I married a british girl, and have triplets. Mail laram1984@charter.net Posted 18th November 2004

Turner, Bob - OL and TE for the Bath Gladiators. I also played two seasons for the Winchester Rifles O + D line. Since I finished my playing days I have been heavily involved in coaching. I regularly travel to the USA to clinics and to High Schools where i have clock up many days of coaching. I took my coaching team to the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association football clinic, the first European visitors to their clinic. Also attended spring practice at the Wisconsin Badgers camp. I was the OL coach of the GB Crusaders in 1997/98. Currently I am Defensive coach of the Bath University 'Killer Bees' and head coach of a new youth team called Bath Cardinals. Update: 5/11/04: As head coach of the Bath Cardinals we completed our first season of football (2003) by going undefeated 6-0. in our second season (2004) we went 5-1, eventually beating Bristol 27-0 to reach the British Youth finals and then wining 18-14 to be crowned British Youth champions in only our second season. 2004 also saw the Cardinals win back to festival of football trophies.

U'Chong, Ian - RB/Linebacker ex London Ravens now 44 years old, still playing Rugby for London Irish (Vets) and still being
pestered to coach Football. Unfortunately don't have Sundays free. Working at Heathrow and in the entertainment business
as Oddjob lookalike. chongy@dsl.pipex.com


U'Chong, Wayne - ex London Ravens WR. Works for the London Fire Brigade.

Watts, Karl - WR number 18. Founding player of the Meyrick Marauders and ex-Bournemouth Bobcat. Now working for Mitsubishi Motors in Brazil. Posted 26th September 2011

Wake, Paul - Former O lineman for the Sheffield Cyclones. Still playing now on D-Line for the Doncaster Mustangs.
Posted 19/2/03

Walcot, Mark (Speedy) - ex London Ravens. Currently driving London Buses

Walker, Denny - "still playing sports ..retired from football with the leicester panthers in the early 90's denny334@aol.com
, after britball (and the successful leicester panthers club) i went to play my main thang (baseball) had/have lots of great
memories (and stitches) from playing in the early ,mid and late 80`s." Posted 27th January 2006

Ward, Kevin - WR Bristol Packers. Worked for British Rail before working in security. Sadly passed away in April 2010. Posted 14th June 2012.

Webb, Chris - 1984 RAF Wyton Eagles, Cambridge County CATS (85 & 86) OT/OG  Moved to Brighton B52s 87 & 88 Utility.
Now running my own IT Consultancy and coaching junior rugby. Posted 8th February 2006

Welbourne, Joey - "Played for the Spartans for a couple of seasons in the early 90\\\'s and would like to get back in touch
with some of the good blokes who looked after me there especially Mike and Dave Astle and their Dad,the offensive line
especially the two steves who I think were guards and sometimes center!!I had some fun playing with them lot!!" Posted
18th August 2007.

Whyte, Graham - played in the late 80's early 90's for Cheshire Cats , Birkenhead Nighthawks and the Merseyside Nighthawks
culminating in him scoring the winning touchdown against the Crawley Raiders in the Premier Bowl of '92. Played in numerous
positions but finished playing as a Half Back for the Nighthawks , he currently works for Local Authority and still
keeps himself fit playing 5 a side soccer, now 38 yrs old . Strong supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Posted 22.12.06

Wildash, Derek - Co-founder and running back of the Walthamstow Warriors AFC (c. 1982). Now living in Ontario, Canada.
"My knees remind me of UK football every day!". Posted 3/2/03

Williams, Gary - Hereford Chargers-- ' inch33' Former Hereford Charger.player number #33 running back league leading
rusher '92 [I think that was the year!]

For a short time i was involved in the recent attempt to revive the chargers football team [ youth kitted ] although this never quite came to pass!

NOW for my sins i have 'doned' on the leather cap and shoulder pads to give my body one last assalt.I am currently playing wide receiver for the newly formed division 2 Gloucester Banshees.

full detail can be found on our web site and face book. http://www.gloucesterbanshees.com/    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=7849469642

Williams, Mark - Birmingham Bulls FS/RB. Now jet-skiing, known him for 19 years and still don’t know what he does for a
living! Posted by John McManus 13/9/04

Williams, Michael - TE Swansea Dragons & OL Ealing Eagles. Moved to the United States in 1988 following a year in London
working for an international firm of Chartered Accountants, and starting on the OL for Ealing Eagles during their run to the first
Budweiser Bowl. Had our starting QB not been injured I still maintain to this day we would have won. Enough Sour Grapes.
I went on to work for the OAKLAND RAIDERS back office  as Controller where amongst other things I had partial responsibility
for compliance with the NFL Salary Cap Audits. Anyone form the Dragons or Eagles - Drop me a line Mike the Psyche -
Dragons # 81 Shadwell - Eagles #66 Contact michaeljwilliamssf@sbcglobal.net Posted 19/1/05

Williams, Paul - "Played for the Huskies 1985-1987 & bulls 1988-1995 at tailback,walked away from football ended up coaching 
soccer got bored ,now I'm back home with the bulls, at present I am the O.C looking at an exciting young team,last year was my 
first year back, God it's good to be back.Any old timers out there time to get back on the side line with your clipboards.it's fun trust 
me. Paul Williams older fatter but still enjoying football.Lol " Posted 27th January 2006

Wooldridge, Craig - Birmingham Bulls DL.
 Owns own plumbing business in UK. Married with 2 kids. Posted 13/9/04

Wooten, Steve - Newcastle/Gateshead Senators LB. Still playing for the Senators. Has played for them since 1985.

Wright, Keith - offensive linesman with the St. Helens Glassblowers/Glasscutters/Cardinals from their formation in 1983
to 1985. Sadly, I had to give up playing when I couldn't afford the kit (or was it because I I had to choose between an
engagement ring and Riddell shoulder-pads ?!). Greatly enjoyed our battles with the Leigh Razorbacks and the
pre-match discussions with the Rev. John Hardaker ! Still making a point of watching the NFL. Posted 21st May 2006

Wynnick, Mark - ex London Ravens. Last seen riding a Harley Davidson in Essex!

Yems, David - Played for London Ravens Peewees, London Ravens Juniors, Heathrow Jets Juniors, London Olympians
Juniors, Chelmsford Cherokee Juniors. Also selected for GB under 17's for the European Championships in the south of

France. Now plays rugby in East London. Would love to hear from anyone from the old days. Contact david.yems@fsa.gov.uk

Posted 9th January 2004

Yeomans, Alec - Manchester Heroes/Manchester Spartans/Fylde Falcon/Lancashire Wolverine LB, Just retired from playing
rugby union in south Manchester,still keeps intouch with the game, about to emigrate to New Zealand. Posted 6/11/04

Zuzek, Milan - Played for CMK Bucks in 1987 under Radcliffe Philips and the Northants Stormbringers in 1988 under George
Green. Milan is married and has two children. They live just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Email is mzuzek@adelphia.net.
Posted 14/12/04

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