Results in Euro competition

Listed below is a comprehensive list of British and Irish club results in the EuroBowl and Euro/EFAF Cup since the start of European competition in 1986.


Copenhagen Towers 20-18 London Blitz, EFAF Qualifier 2nd leg
London Blitz 7-6 Copenhagen Towers, EFAF Qualifer 1st leg


Berlin Adler 21-15 London Blitz, EFL Eurobowl Quarter-Final
London Blitz 21-14 L'Hopitalet Pioneers, EFL Eurobowl 2nd round
Flash De La Courneuve 6-7 London Blitz, EFL Eurobowl 1st round


London Blitz 29-7 Kragujevac Wild Boars, EFAF Cup Final
London Blitz 23-7 Sollerod Gold Diggers, EFAF Cup Semi-FinalValencia Firebats 0-20 London Blitz, EFAF Cup 1st roundLondon Blitz 68-6 Amsterdam Crusaders, EFAF Cup 1st round


Carlstad Crusaders 27-0 London Blitz, EFAF Semi-Final
London Blitz 26-21 Saint Ouen l'Aumone Cougars, EFAF Cup 1st round
Amsterdam Crusaders 7-35 London Blitz, EFAF Cup 1st round


Oslo Vikings 28-41 Farnham Knights, EFAF Cup 1st round
Prague Panthers 49-6 Coventry Jets, EFAF Cup 1st round
Farnham Knights 6-8 Amsterdam Crusaders, EFAF Cup 1st round
Zurich Renegades 28-6 Coventry Jets, EFAF Cup 1st round


Tyrolean Raiders 49-20 Coventry Jets, Eurobowl quarter-final
Oslo Vikings 13-21 Coventry Jets, Eurobowl group match
Coventry Jets 36-16 Valencia Firebats, Eurobowl group match


Hohenems Blue Devils 34-19 Coventry Jets, EFAF Cup 1st round, Hohenems
Coventry Jets 39-8 Osos Madrid, EFAF Cup 1st round, Coventry


Zurich Renegades 41-8 PA Farnham Knights (EFAF Cup Quarter-Final), Zurich
Eidsvoll 1814's (Norway) 19-7 PA Farnham Knights (EFAF Cup 1st round), Oslo
PA Farnham Knights 60-20 Valerenga Trolls (Norway) (EFAF Cup 1st round), Aldershot


Templiers D'Elancourt 32-6 PA Farnham Knights (EFAF Cup 1st round 2nd leg), Elancourt
PA Farnham Knights 20-6 Templiers D'Elancourt (EFAF Cup 1st round 1st leg), Aldershot


Tyrolean Knights 45-0 PA Knights, EFAF Cup Final, Innsbruck
Tyrolean Knights 49-16 London O's, EFAF Cup Semi-Final, Innsbruck
PA Knights w/o Donetsk Scythians, EFAF Cup Semi-Final, Guildford
PA Knights 21-13 Zurich Renegades, EFAF Cup 1st round, Guildford
Roskilde Kings 6-38 London O's, EFAF Cup 1st round, Roskilde
Danube Dragons 21-16 PA Knights, EFAF Cup 1st round, Vienna


PA Knights 24-7 Zurich Renegades, EFAF Cup 1st round, Guildford
Tyrolean Raiders 56-21 PA Knights, EFAF Cup 1st round, Innsbruck


La Courneurve Flash 41-13 London O's, Eurobowl XV 1st round 2nd leg, Paris
London O's 0-22 La Courneurve Flash, Eurobowl XV 1st round 1st leg, London


London O's 12-6 Oslo Vikings, EFAF Cup Final, Brussels
London O's 26-2 Amsterdam Crusaders, EFAF Cup Semi-Final 2nd leg, London
Amsterdam Crusaders 0-37 London O's, EFAF Cup Semi-Final 1st leg, Amsterdam


Paris Moustquetaires 22-0 Milton Keynes Pioneers, Eurobowl XI Quarter-Final, Paris


Dusseldorf Panthers 21-14 London O's, Eurobowl IX Final, Dusseldorf
London O's 14-13 East City Giants, Semi-Final
Birmingham Bulls 13-14 London O's, 2nd round, Birmingham
Birmingham Bulls 40-12 Rotterdam Trojans, 1st round, Birmingham


London Olympians 26-23 Bergamo Lions, Eurobowl VIII Final, Stuttgart
East City Giants 20-22 London Olympians, Semi-Final, Helsinki
Den Haag Raiders 8-52 London Olympians, 1st round


London Olympians 42-21 Amsterdam Crusaders, Eurobowl VII Final, Brussels
East City Giants 29-34 London Olympians, Semi-Final, Helsinki
Dusseldorf Panthers 29-32 London Olympians, 1st round, Dusseldorf


Amsterdam Crusaders 2-0 Birmingham Bulls, Eurobowl VI 2nd round, Amsterdam
Birmingham Bulls 20-0 Dublin Celts, 1st round, Birmingham


Ipswich Cardinals 0-51 Aix-en-Provence Argonauts, 2nd round, Ipswich
Craigavon Cowboys 6-16 Brussels Raiders, Eurobowl V 1st round, Belfast


Manchester Spartans 34-22 Legnano Frogs, Eurobowl IV Final, Rimini
Manchester Spartans 35-33 Berlin Adler, Semi-Final, Rimini
Amsterdam Crusaders 20-25 Manchester Spartans, Quarter-Final, Amsterdam
Dublin Celts 12-28 Manchester Spartans, 1st round, Dublin
Dublin Celts 30-0 Barcelona Boxers, Preliminary Round, Dublin


Amsterdam Crusaders 46-15 Birmingham Bulls, Eurobowl III 2nd round, Amsterdam
Birmingham Bulls 29-3 Dublin Celts, 1st round, Birmingham Bulls


London Ravens 27-31 Amsterdam Crusaders, Eurobowl II Quarter-Final, Crystal Palace, London
Graz Giants 36-12 Dublin Celts, Qualifier, Graz


No tournament held


Birmingham Bulls 21-0 Amsterdam Rams, Eurobowl I 3rd/4th place playoff
Birmingham Bulls 7-40 Bologna Doves, Semi-Final
Birmingham Bulls 29-18 Ansbach Grizzlies, Quarter-Final
Leicester Panthers 18-32 Birmingham Bulls, Qualifier

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