2004 College news

12th December 2004 - BCAFL Week 7 results

Napier University Edinburgh 0-42 Caledonian Roughriders 
Loughborough Aces 41-0 Derby Braves
Bath Killer Bees
 25-26 Oxford Cavaliers
UCH Sharks 40-0 Sunderland Kings
Glasgow Tigers 28-20 UT Cougars
Sheffield Sabres 22-32 Sheffield Hallam Warriors 

Loughborough Aces 41 – 0 Derby Braves

The Loughborough Aces continued their impressive run with a third consecutive shutout, and fourth consecutive game scoring 40+ points. The Aces kicked off, and were able to hold Derby’s first drive, forcing them to punt from their own end-zone. This gave the Aces great field position, which they took advantage of. Craig Flower ran in from 4 yards out, with Andy Studer adding the PAT, and It wasn’t long before Flower scored again with another 4yd run.

The Aces were in control on both sides of the ball. With strong tackling stopping the Derby running game, they were forced to go to the air. The Loughborough secondary stood up to the task, with good coverage throughout most of the game. Derby rarely got out of their own half, giving the Aces good field position on nearly every drive. In the 2nd qtr, QB Dan Storey scored on a 1yd run, with Studer again adding the PAT. As the half came to an end, Studer added a 25yd field goal to make the score 24-0.

In the second half Loughborough got off to a slower start, with several holding penalties putting them on their own 5yd line. After an impressive drive, Dan Storey connected with TE Rich Cole for a 15yd TD reception. Studer continued his impressive kicking game with his 4thPAT. Another strong drive from the Aces put them within touching distance of the end-zone. RB Matt Pulsford managed to score on a 4yd run, on his 3rd attempt. Studer added the PAT, then completed the scoring with an outstanding 41yd field goal.

The final score was 41-0, keeping the Aces at the top of their division with 2 divisional games remaining. They move to the Christmas break with a 5-1 record, hoping to improve on this with games against local rivals Leicester and Nottingham in February.

5th December 2004 - BCAFL Week 6 results

Bath Killer Bees 25-10 Tarannau Aberystwyth
Southampton Stags 16-11 Cardiff Cobras
Essex Blades p-p Greenwich Mariners
Sheffield Sabres p-p Sheffield Hallam Warriors
Staffordshire Stallions 6-48 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Sunderland Kings p-p Lancaster Bombers
Leicester Lightning 0-68 Loughborough Aces
Newcastle Raiders 15-28 Leeds Celtics
Paisley Pyros 6-56 Caledonian Roughriders
UEA Pirates 0-34 Nottingham Outlaws
Bristol Bullets 16-14 Plymouth Blitz
Brighton Tsunami p-p Reading Knights
APU Phantoms 0 -29 PA Surrey Stingers
Glasgow Tigers 33-0 Stirling Clansmen
Birmingham Lions 52-14 Warwick Wolves
Oxford Cavaliers 26-14 Derby Braves

Loughborough Aces 68 – 0 Leicester Lightning

Once again the Aces were off to a bright start, with fullback Rich Cole scoring on a 31yd run on the Aces’ first drive. Andy Studer added the PAT. Aces cornerback Greg Williams was unlucky to have an interception return touchdown ruled out for stepping out of bounds on the Leicester 4yd line, but QB Dan Storey soon made sure of the score with a pass to wide receiver James Hossack.

In the 2nd qtr, RB Craig Flower made it 21-0 with a 6yd run, adding the 2pt conversion himself. With the Aces D consistently stopping the running game, Leicester were again forced to punt. Mike Turner, after several great punt returns in previous games, was finally able to reach the endzone for his first TD for the Aces. Receiver Andy Studer added to the score with a 4yd reception from Storey, and Flower added the 2pt conversion to make the score 35-0 at half-time.

Their dominant first half performance allowed Loughborough to rest some starters in the second half. With some fresh faces on both sides of the ball, the Aces came out determined not to let their performance slip as it had in their last game at Sheffield. The half started well, with RB Matt Pulsford running in from 16 yards out. Studer then added a 22yd reception from Graham Kelly, before Matt Pulsford added his second running TD of the game from 33 yards. Studer added all three PATs to make the score 56-0. Studer capped an outstanding personal performance with his 3rd TD reception, from QB Tom Worrall, from 22 yards. Rookie RB Toyan Williams completed the scoring with a strong 32yd run for his first career TD.

Notable performances include: Steve Clements, who managed two fumble recoveries and a sack; Andy Studer, scoring an impressive 22 points in the game, with TD receptions from 3 different quarterbacks; and LB Matt Davis, who made plays throughout the game. The win over their local rivals keeps the Aces at the top of the Northern Conference Central Division, with a 4-1 record.

The 68 points scored equals the second highest total in club history, and the defense can be proud of their third shutout of the season. The Aces now prepare for their last game before the Christmas break against bitter rivals Derby.

28th November 2004 - BCAFL Week 5 results

Tarannau Aberystwyth 7-21 Birmingham Lions
PA Surrey Stingers 0-0 Brighton Tsunami
Bath Killer Bees 34-31 Bristol Bullets
KCU Falcons 14-10 Essex Blades
Caledonian Roughriders 0-44 Glasgow Tigers
APU Phantoms 0-62 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
UT Cougars 32-0 UCH Sharks
Sunderland Kings 0-30 Leeds Celtics
Sheffield Sabres 0-40 Loughborough Aces
Derby Braves 0-18 Nottingham Outlaws
Warwick Wolves 28-7 Oxford Cavaliers
Sheffield Hallam Warriors p-p Paisley Pyros
Cardiff Cobras 0-8 Plymouth Blitz
Reading Knights 14-29 Southampton Stags
Lancaster Bombers 26-27 Staffordshire Stallions
Greenwich Mariners 6-30 UEA Pirates
Stirling Clansmen 36-0 Napier University Edinburgh

Loughborough Aces 40 - 0 Sheffield Sabres

The Aces exploded into action with a strong kick return to the Sabres 30yd line from Greg Williams, setting up Craig Flower for a 7yd TD run. In the early stages the Aces were dominant, with Craig Flower scoring on the first two drives, the second a run from 1yd out. Andy Studer added one PAT.

After an excellent punt return by Freshman Mike Turner, who had an excellent day all round, the Aces were again in striking distance of the Sabres goal line, and Matt Pulsford powered the ball in from 7yds.

Sheffield’s offense failed to connect, and Loughborough were able to cope with everything they tried with good play by defensive ends Phil Stansfield and Steve Clements. Early in the 2nd qtr, Craig Flower scored his third TD of the game on a 6yd run, Studer adding another PAT to make the score 27-0.

The sabres started to connect a few plays to move down the field but were stopped at the Aces 10yd line, With a minute left before half-time Aces QB Dan Storey connected with TE Rich Cole from 49 yards out, for 33-0. That was the score on the half.

The 2nd half saw the Aces introduce some of their less experienced players to the action, but despite a multitude of turnovers by the Aces defense, poor execution on both sides of the ball led to only one further score in the game. Rich Cole, this time from FB, powered over from 7 yards out. Studer added the final PAT, to make the score 40-0. Sheffield put on the pressure late in the game taking the ball right to the Aces goal line but the Aces D held firm to preserve their second shut out of the year.

The win propels the Aces to the top of the Northern conference, Central Division, one game ahead of Nottingham. The Aces now begin preparations for next week’s trip to Leicester for the first of this year’s two Rose Bowl games.

UT Cougars 32-0 UCH Sharks

The UCH Sharks travelled to Teesside for their much anticipated match vs the Cougars. Teesside struck first with a 5 yard pass from Pete Rodgers to Dave Fillingham. The 2PAT failed. The Cougars then doubled their lead when Rodgers connected to Cheyne Mcdonald for a 45yard pass. The failed 2PAT left the score at half time. The Sharks came out for the second half fired up, but after several good plays from the Sharks d, they eventually conceded a third touchdown, a 10 yard pass from Rodgers to Owen Laurence. The 2PAT failed. A good run back from KR Mike Collins on the ensuing kick-off put the Sharks o in a good position, but they failed to capitalise. Teesside then scored again through the air, with a 25 yard toss to Cheyne Mcdonald, again from Pete Rodgers. The 2PAT was converted through the air with a 3 yard pass from Rodgers to Richard Mairs. With the game out of Hull’s reach, they decided to blood their rookies, and this led to Teesside’s final score of the day, with Cheyne Mcdonald completing his hatrick by catching the 10yard pass from QB Ross Young. The 2PAT failed, and the game finished 32-0 to the Cougars.

21st November 2004 - BCAFL Week 4 results

Cardiff Cobras 6-0 Tarannau Aberystwyth
Bath Killer Bees 23-14 Plymouth Blitz
Hertfordshire Hurricanes p-p Birmingham Lions
Brighton Tsunami 8-20 Bristol Bullets
Nottingham Outlaws p-p Derby Braves
Napier University Edinburgh 0-47 Glasgow Tigers
Leicester Lightning 14-18 Greenwich Mariners
UCH Sharks 0-16 Leeds Celtics
PA Surrey Stingers 27-12 Reading Knights
Lancaster Bombers 28-0 Sheffield Sabres
Warwick Wolves 6-14 Southampton Stags
Loughborough Aces 41-13 Staffordshire Stallions
Newcastle Raiders 30-0 Stirling Clansmen
Paisley Pyros 0-24 Sunderland Kings
Caledonian Roughriders 12-14 UT Cougars
Essex Blades 13-28 UEA Pirates

21st November 2004- Loughborough Aces 41-13 Staffordshire Stallions

The Aces couldn’t have hoped for a better start in what they hoped would be a victory to avenge 2 years of disappointment against the Stallions. Starting on their own 20yd line, the Aces offense romped downfield behind QB Dan Storey to score on a 30yd pass to TE Dan Cuddeford. The Stallions failed to start so explosively, being forced to punt on the first drive after some effective run stopping from the Aces front 7. The punt was hooked to the sideline at the Stallions 35, giving Loughborough excellent field position. It wasn’t long before Storey connected with TE Rich Cole for a 20yd reception and a 12-0 lead. Storey added a 2pt conversion running wide to the right.

The Aces defense continued to dominate with big tackles from linebackers Ant Ridgway, Matt Davis and rookie Joe McNeil. Staffordshire only managed one 1st down in the first half, and this pressure allowed Loughborough to score in the 2nd qtr. Storey connected with slot receiver Rod Bradley from 10yds out, Andy Studer adding the PAT. The Aces led 21-0 at half time, after an outstanding team performance. They knew it would take more than two quarters of good football to beat last year’s College Bowl finalists, and this was evident when the Stallions scored on the first drive of the second half from 50 yards out. RB Jermaine Allen found a gap and powered through to give Staffordshire a ray of hope after a poor first half performance.

Loughborough bounced back to score on the very next play. DE Steve Clements returned the short kickoff 50 yards to give the Aces a 27-7 lead. Credit must also go to Rod Bradley who made the score possible with a stunning block downfield. Studer added the PAT. Before the end of the 3rd qtr, Storey connected with WR Will Kinghorn from 15 yards out, for Storey’s 4th TD pass of the game. Stallions fought back and scored when Gurj Sanghera got free and caught a pass in the Aces endzone in the 4th quarter. RB Matt Pulsford completed the scoring with a 4yd run late in the game, Studer adding the PAT to make the final score 41-13 to Loughborough.

This is an important win and one that the Aces will savour after two winless seasons against one of their biggest rivals. It also brings the club through arguably the toughest part of its regular season schedule with a winning record and puts them in a strong position even at this early stage of the season.

The team now begins preparations for next week’s trip to take on the the winless Sheffield Sabres with hopes for another good performance and a solid victory.

14th November 2004 - BCAFL Week 3 results

Essex Blades 48-0 APU Phantoms
Tarannau Aberystwyth 8-19 Bath Killer Bees
Caledonian Roughriders p-p Paisley Pyros
Bristol Bullets 19-12 Cardiff Cobras
Reading Knights 52-28 Greenwich Mariners
UEA Pirates 0-47 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Southampton Stags 34-22 KCU Falcons
Nottingham Outlaws 32-0 Leicester Lightning 
Leeds Celtics 28-19 Loughborough Aces
UT Cougars 20-12 Newcastle Raiders
Oxford Cavaliers 29-3 Plymouth Blitz
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 26-8 Sheffield Sabres
Stirling Clansmen 24-26 Staffordshire Stallions
Birmingham Lions 32-0 PA Surrey Stingers
Napier University Edinburgh 20-6 Sunderland Kings

6th November 2004 - BCAFL Week 2 results

Oxford Cavaliers 7-0 Tarannau Aberystwyth
Plymouth Blitz 14-6 Cardiff Cobras
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 68-0 Essex Blades
APU Phantoms 6-50 Greenwich Mariners
Staffordshire Stallions 6-8 UCH Sharks
Sheffield Sabres 24-43 Lancaster Bombers
Derby Braves 18-0 Leicester Lightning
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 30-6 Napier University Edinburgh
Sunderland Kings 0-54 Newcastle Raiders
Loughborough Aces 9-0 Nottingham Outlaws
KCU Falcons 6-14 Reading Knights
Brighton Tsunami 21-13 Southampton Stags
Paisley Pyros 2-54 Stirling Clansmen
Bristol Bullets 20-26 Warwick Wolves

6th November - Staffordshire Stallions 6-8 UCH Sharks. The UCH Sharks travelled to Stoke to take on the defending northern conference champions, the Staffordshire Stallions. Both defences fought hard to suffocate the opposing offence for the first three quarters. The deadlock was finally broken when an interception by Gareth Wild was returned 17 yards
for the score. The 2 point conversion was punched in by Wilbur "Trip" Grant. On the ensuing kick off the Staffs returner returned the ball deep into Sharks territory but the Sharks defence stood firm. After a change of possessions Staffs finally got on the board with a six yard run by Jason Prince. The two point conversion was stuffed leaving the score at 8-6.
Despite a spirited effort this was how the score remained giving the Sharks their first win over the Stallions since 1996 and pulling one win back to leave the record at 2 wins, 6 losses and one tie.

31st October 2004 - BCAFL Week 1

UEA Pirates 51-6  APU Phantoms
Warwick Wolves 8-41 Birmingham Lions
KCU Falcons 0-14 Brighton Tsunami
Leicester Lightning 0-14 Sheffield Hallam Warriors
UCH Sharks 8-14 Lancaster Bombers
Glasgow Tigers 26-8 Newcastle Raiders
Stirling Clansmen 20-6 Caledonian Roughriders
Napier University Edinburgh P-P Sunderland Kings
Leeds Celtics 21-12 UT Cougars

18th September - 
GB Bulldogs lost 48-7 in their NCAA fixture against the Menlo College Oaks. Report

5th May 2004 - Tarannau end of season awards

Tarannau's annual alumni weekend was held at the Belle Vue Hotel, Aberystwyth. It was attended by over 100 current players, cheerleaders and alumni. The following yearly awards were presented: 
Team MVP: Alexander Wilson 
Offensive MVP: Thomas Owen 
Defensive MVP: Paul Burton 
Special Teams MVP: Nicholas Radford 
Rookie of the Year: Alexander Easby 
Most Improved Player: Andrew Dickens 
Team Dedication: Nicholas Radford 
Coach's Player of the Year: Andrew Dickens 

Special thanks was given to the commitee and to the departing coaching staff: Jonathan Wells, Thomas Blow and Richard Sumpter

11th April 2004 - Lions win in Belgium

The Birmingham Lions defeated the Leuven Lions 34-0 on Easter weekend, making the trip to Belgium a successful one. For match report click here

30th March 2004 - GB Bulldogs to tour California

Over the last few months we have had many meetings with players, national programme representatives, The NFL and several others. The Bulldogs are well respected throughout football and we wanted to ensure that we built on the hard work that has been done over the last few years. To this end representatives were sent to the AFCA conference in Florida to source potential opportunities and games for the Bulldogs both at home and the US. Within days we had offers from over 30 US teams. Applications for the vacant Head Coach position were accepted in January and I can now announce that Graham Thorpe has accepted the role for the 2004 season. Coach Thorpe has 16 plus years of Britball successful experience at all levels and is current OC for the Southampton Stags and the Southern Wildcats. Trials will be held in May. The selected players will then train thourgh several camps including a combined weekend with GB lions to help our players and staff develop, pass on some of our experience to the Lions, and most importantly help the Lions prepare for their Group B competition in August. In August we host Team Canada in the UK! Then in early September we shall entertain Ireland All-star team (coached by our very own Mr DeMonte). Then, come mid September we fly out to San Francisco for 10 days! A more exact itinery will be available shortly - but in brief our stay will include a game against the Menlo College JV team on Monday night, and a tougher game on the following Saturday against the Varsity squad. The trip will include use of all the college training facilities and a fair amount of input and advice from their staff - which includes three time Superbowl winner Guy McIntyre - OL for the 49ners. We should be able to get to two NFL games (subject to fixtures), some high school and college ball too, baseball(maybe that's just me?), plenty of time to see the sites and maybe some surprises? Several members of last years coaching squad will be staying on but there are many opportunities for coaching, management and administration posts! Bulldogs trials to be held May 15th (venue to be confirmed) If you are interested or would like to find out more please contact me directly at here or coaches may contact Graham Thorpe.

From www.bcafl.org

21st March 2004 - Hurricanes take hold of Dewsbury 

The Hurricanes have defeated the Staffordshire Stallions 27-6 to win College Bowl XVIII at Rams Stadium in Dewsbury. For match report click here

7th March 2004 - New Champions in 2004

Leeds Celtics 20-14 Loughborough Aces
Staffordshire Stallions 28-6 Stirling Clansmen
Birmingham Lions 33-0 Soton Stags
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 26-0 Cardiff Cobras

BCAFL will see a new champion crowned in 2004 after last years winners Stirling lost out to Staffordshire 28 - 6. The Clansmen got the first TD in the first quarter but Staffs struck back right away returning the kickoff for a TD. They went on to score in each of the following quarters to reach their second successive Northern Conference Final. In the other playoff game in the North Loughborough went in at the half with a 14 - 0 lead before Leeds struck back with a TD in the third and two more in the fourth quarter. They now move on to the Conference Final where they will seek revenge against Staffordshire who knocked them out in the second round of the playoffs last year. The Southern Conference also went with seeding with both Birmingham and Hertfordshire coming off bye weeks to move into the Conference Final. Birmingham secured a shutout victory and the offense scored 33 points against the Southampton defense. The Hurricanes also had a shutout victory against the Cardiff Cobras and scored a TD in each quarter to keep the scoreboard ticking over as they came out 26 - 0 victors. Both the Lions and Hurricanes have had perfect seasons so far but this will come to an end for one of them on Sunday. 

Stirling Clansmen 6 - 28 Staffordshire Stallions 

Despite a long road trip south the previous day the Clansmen were the first to get on to the scoreboard. QB James Thompson found Spanish receiver Carlos Yanes-Roca open for a 35yd TD. The score however only semed to wake up the Stallions who responded immediately with Steve Wright returning the ensuing kickoff 70yds for the TD to level the score. The Staffs defense was shutting down the Clansmen and limited RB Jon Sutherland to only 62yds off 15 carries. With the offense being given good field position the Stallions RBs got to work, with Jason Prince, Chris Ellis and Brett Rosenbaum all making yards. It was Rosenbaum who swept in from 7yds for the TD to put them in front, QB Ant Charles scrambled in to add the 2PAT and ended the scoring for the first half. After an injury delay in the third quarter Staffs added to their total with Charles finding WR Chris Richards for a 13yd TD, and FB Ellis was able to run in the 2PAT. With Stirling chasing the game Staffs were able to cause two turnovers in the fourth quarter and a few plays after the second of these RB Prince was able to run in from the 4 yardline to finish the scoring for the day. 

Loughborough Aces 14 - 20 Leeds Celtics 

The first quarter proved both teams came to play, the Celtics had a dominant first drive but failed to score. The defensive play on both sides was excellent. Loughborough broke the deadlock late in the first with a stunning 65yd run from RB Craig Flower, with Andy Studer adding the PAT. Loughborough started to build on their advantage and although the Cetics continued doing everything right they struggled to convert it to points over the Loughborough D. The Aces hit back again with QB Dan Storey throwing a 30 yard TD pass to TE Luke Rosenberg late in the second quarter. Studer again added the PAT. The Celtics came out with purpose in the second half and Joe Coultate was able to break away for a 60yd TD run on their first drive, with John Gregson adding the PAT. The defence let nothing past, and gave the offence great field position on a couple of occasions. Although the majority of the second half saw punts from both teams, the Celtics came up with some big plays at crucial moments. Following an Aces turnover Leeds were able to hit WR Chris Kuc for a 50yd TD, with Gregson adding the PAT. The Aces were struggling with injury and credit should go for efforts on both sides of the ball by O\D lineman Owain Davies, LB\OL Ant Ridgway and LB\OL Stew Flaherty. It was not enough however to stop Leeds going ahead with 19 seconds on the clock through Coultate from 8yds out. The Aces had 1 more chance to win the game. A massive Aces pass in the dying seconds was caught and taken down to the one yard line but with a holding penalty against them, and time running out, the Celtics hung on to win. 

Southampton Stags 0 - 33 Birmingham Lions 

While the first quarter remained scoreless, the Lions defense showed signs of domination, picking off two passes and recovering a fumble. The Birmingham offense kicked into life towards the end of the second quarter, with QB Stuart Ennis running in from 5yds and then hurling an inch-perfect TD pass to a diving Dave Winter, who kept his feet in bounds, with Winter had adding PATs to both TDs. The half finished with the Lions 14-0 up. The Lions defense was in full flow, bending but not breaking, breaking up passes and stuffing the run, and it was not long before FB Jay Alexander trotted in from 9yds. As Birmingham looked to shut out the game, Alexander scored again from 5yds out, and the Lions welcomed back Kevin Joseph to the scoresheet as he swerved in from 5yds and Winter added the PAT. 

Cardiff Cobras 0 - 26 Hertfordshire Hurricanes 

The Hurricanes sponsored by Shark Energy Drink extended their perfect season with a hard fought win over the Cardiff Cobras. After the first of two interceptions from safety Nick Church, Jon Gerring opened the scoring for the Canes with a 14yd TD reception following some good work from a dominant Hurricanes OLine and strong running from David Hartley and Andy Cochrane. The Canes defense was solid all day creating turnovers and not giving the Cobras offense an inch. The Canes offense supported the good work of their defense in the form of a 63 yard bomb from QB Junior Price to Adam Camp, Rob Kelly tacked on the PAT rounding off a solid first half for the Canes. The start of the second half saw a strong opening Cobras drive go down to the Canes 10 yardline only to be halted by a goalline stand from the Canes defense. Inspired by this, the offense then drove the ball 80 yards downfield behind the offensive line. Their play was invaluable to the win, protecting QB Price all game and constantly opening holes for the RBs. Richard McHugh converted this good work with a 15yd TD catch. Camp rounded off the scoring for the Canes with his second TD of the day from 15yds, with the trusty boot of Rob Kelly adding the PAT. Conference Finals - 14/03/04 Northern Conference Final Leeds Celtics @ Staffordshire Stallions Southern Conference Final Hertfordshire Hurricanes @ Birmingham Lions 

Playoffs: Wildcard Wednesday 

UEA Pirates 0 - 8 Cardiff Cobras 

In a well rescheduled game, with a 2pm kickoff, both teams still had the desire to go out there and give their all for this important playoff game. From first whistle to last the two sides gave their all with both defenses cancelling each other out. The game’s deciding moment came late in the first quarter as the Pirates went three and out inside their own redzone. The snap for the punt fell short of punter Rich Barnard and Cardiff recovered on the UEA one yard line. From there QB Lance Godfrey broke free to bootleg in for the score, and Chris Davies making a spectacular catch for the two point conversion. Persistant rain made 

29th Febraury 2004 - BCAFL Wildcard Weekend 

A traffic accident on UEA's trip to Cardiff meant that the game had to be postponed until Wednesday meaning that the other teams in the Southern Conference will have to wait a little bit longer to find out who they face. 

Southampton secured their place in the second round defeating Warwick at Southampton, a strong second half performance ensured the win against a Wolves team coached by former Stags coach Andy Capp. They join the undefeated teams, Birmingham and last years runners-up Hertfordshire, in the wait for Wednesday's game to see who they will face. In the Northern Conference both Wildcard games went ahead and both winners came from behind to progress. Last years champions Stirling came back from an 18 point halftime deficit to beat the Glasgow Tigers 32 - 24. 3-time College Bowl champions Loughborough powered past Nottingham in the second half to come out 40 - 7 winners. Stirling now travel to face Staffordshire in a rematch of last years Conference Final, only this time contested south of the border. Loughborough meanwhile travel north to take on old adversaries Leeds. 

Glasgow Tigers 24 - 32 Stirling Clansmen 

Glasgow dominated the early stages of this game scoring their first TD in the first quarter when QB Matt McCusker hit WR Ian Bertram down the sideline for a 68yd TD. The Tigers offense kept up the pressure on Stirling with both offense and defense in total control. RB Andy Hall added two more TDs, both from 3yds out, thanks to the big holes created by the Tigers OLine. Hall finished the day with 137 yards from 31 carries. The Tigers went in at half time 18-0 up. Stirling the reigning champions came alive in the second half. With LB Iain Smith and the rest of the D keeping the Tigers out of the endzone for the third quarter, and gained the offense better field position. The offense then set about repairing the damage done in the first two quarters. QB James Thompson put the Clansmen on the board with a 2yd run to which RB Jon Sutherland added the 2PAT. Sutherland added a TD from 5yds out before the end of the third quarter and Stirling had pulled to within 4 points of the Tigers. A forced fumble by DE Andreas Sommerseth was recovered by Peder Engebretsen deep in Tiger territory and set up a 2yd Jonathan Chilton TD and gave the Clansmen the lead for the first time in game. Interceptions from Carlos Yanes-Roca, Smith and Sommerseth allowed both Thompson and Sutherland to find the endzone and Stirling were now in control with a 32 -18 lead. Glasgow hit back late in the 4th quarter when QB Matt McCusker hit WR Rob Campbell from 2 yards out. It proved to be too little too late when Yanes-Roca fell on the onside kick to let Stirling finish off the game and advance to the second round of the playoffs. 

Nottingham Outlaws 7 - 40 Loughborough Aces 

The match started with both offences unable to make significant progress, until a short punt gave Nottingham possession deep in Loughborough’s half. This resulted in a TD for Nottingham, from a 15yd pass to Laurence Good. Loughborough’s offence rallied, and before the end of the quarter Luke Rosenberg showed great reactions in receiving a 20yd pass with the help of an unfortunate Outlaw DB’s tip. Andy Studer added the PAT. The second quarter saw no score, with both defences putting in good performances to make the half-time score 7-7. After half-time, Loughborough began to raise their game, with strong defensive play and then good blocking by the OLine allowing RB Craig Flower to score 2 TDs, one from a 15yds and the other from 30yds. Studer tacked on the PAT after Flower's second TD. The fourth quarter saw much of the same from Loughborough, with Flower again going over, this time on a 3yd run. Having successfully stifled the Nottingham run, the Outlaws were forced to pass. The Loughborough DBs were up to the task, with rookie DB Matt Pulsford returning an interception 60yds for a TD, with Studer adding the PAT. A strong drive from the offense allowed RB Mattar M’Boge to go over on a 3yd run, with Studer again adding the PAT. DB Jay Cordingley was unfortunate not to score in the last few minutes when he intercepted a wayward pass and returned it 60 yards to the endzone, only to find his score had been ruled out due to a block in the back. Loughborough ran out the clock to win and progress into the next round. 

Warwick Wolves 6 - 26 Southampton Stags 

With Andy Capp returning to Southampton to face protégé Mick Hogan this had the makings of a stern test for the home team. However the game got off to the worst of starts when on the first offensive series a Wolves player got seriously injured and the game was delayed. Once the game restarted Wolves took the initiative. Warwick picked off QB Ted Baynham and the drove the ball upfield with their strong running game and RB Toby Rhodes was able to run in the first points of the game. The Wolves running game continued to bother the Stags through out the game. The Stags got on the board when Baynham found Jeremy Gee wide open and Gee ran in for six. Ben Webb added the extra point which gave the Stags a slim lead going into the half. While in the second half Warwick drove the ball well none of their efforts got them on the scoreboard again. The Stags, in the third quarter, got on the board thanks to a Matt Waghorn TD run and a Jeremy Gee TD catch. They scored again in the fourth quarter thanks to Pete McDougalls TD run. A stylish 2PAT catch by Ted Baynham capped of the game and Soutampton's advance into the next round of the playoffs. 

Playoffs: 2nd Round - 07/03/04 Northern Conference Stirling Clansmen @ Staffordshire Stallions Loughborough Aces @ Leeds Celtics Southern Conference Fixtures TBC - between Birmingham Lions, Herfordshire Hurricanes, Southampton Stags and either Cardiff Cobras or UEA Pirates. 

BCAFL Week 12 results

Loughborough Aces 12-10 Bath Killer Bees Caledonian Roughriders 0-52   Newcastle Raiders Staffordshire Stallions 36-10 UCH Sharks 
UEA Pirates 6-44 Hertfordshire Hurricanes Tarannau Aberystwyth 14-26 Warwick Wolves Sheffield Sabres 16-14 Sheffield Hallam Warriors Cardiff Cobras 6-7 Bristol Bullets 
Essex Blades 24-2 APU Phantoms 
Birmingham Lions W/O Oxford Cavaliers 
PA Surrey Stingers 28-6 Reading Knights Glasgow Tigers 28-30 Stirling Clansmen

With the final week of the regular season over the playoff teams could finally be confirmed. In the North Staffordshire, Leeds and Glasogow won their divisions and the top three seeds in that order. The next three teams were Loughborough, Nottingham and Glasgow - who beat Sheffield into the playoffs on tiebreakers. In the South Birmingham, Hertfordshire, Cardiff and Southampton all won their divisions and claimed the top four seeds again in that order, with Warwick and UEA also qualifying at the expense of Bristol who lost out on tiebreakers. 

UT Cougars 14 - 34 Loughborough Aces 

In a midweek Loughborough started out the stronger and it showed as defensive pressure led to mistakes on Teesside’s offense and the Aces were able to capitalise putting two TDs on the board through WR James Hossack's 8yd reception and Luke Rosenberg's 35yd punt return, with RB Craig Flower adding a 2PAT. Teesside responded in the second quarter with a long drive on the ground as Rich Marshall and Adam Ledner moved the ball up the middle. It was Marshall that put the 6 points on the board for the Cougars. In the third quarter Loughborough moved up a gear and the offense racked up 3 touchdown’s, two receptions by Andy Studer of 18yds and 25yds, a 1yd rush by Dhilushka Maheswaran and a 2PAT by Flower. The Dline managed to get a few turnovers and sacks, and cornerback Matt Davis grabbed his 3rd interception this season. In the fourth Marshall ran in from 7yds and Ledner scored the 2PAT but it was too late for Teesside. 

Loughborough Aces 12 - 10 Bath Killer Bees 

In Loughborough's third game in eight days they travelled to face Bath. The first quarter ended scoreless and early in the second a Bath punt put the Aces inside their 5. Loughborough fought their way to the 20 before QB Dan Storey lauched a pass to Hossack for a score. Bath hit back with a 3yd TD run from RB Bryn Kirby and a 2PAT reception by Steve Leonard to put the Bees up by two at the half. Bath started the second half well but again put behind when Hossack was hit for a 40yd TD pass. This time the offense couldn't respond, the defense added a safety after tackling the Aces punter. That was to be the final score as the Aces held on for the win. 

Caledonian Roughriders 0 - 52 Newcastle Raiders 

The game started with the Roughriders receiving the ball. The initial drive failed and a strong drive by the Raiders resulted in a TD. The Raiders continued to pressure the Roughriders defence with some good running by their RBs and a strong passing game. A strong, well drilled Raiders offense capitalised on the Roughriders weakened defense continued to drive up the field despite some fierce resistance by the Caledonian defense. RBs Mark Mobsby, Charlie Grant and WR Nigel Hardman were among the TD scorers for the Raiders. The game ended with a shut out for the Raiders but the Roughriders heads held high after a strong performance throughout. No playoffs this year for the Raiders but a great deal of anticipation for next year. 

Staffordshire Stallions 36 - 10 UCH Sharks 

The Stallions claimed their second ever divisional title win this win over the Sharks. Their defense pushed the Sharks back and after the O took the field RB Jason Prince scored and Jermaine Allen added the 2PAT. With Hull looking for a quick score Stallions LB Gavin Newcombe picked off a pass to give Staffs possession deep in the Sharks half. Allen scored the TD this time with FB Chris Ellis adding the 2PAT. Prince added another TD soon after and following another turnover Ellis ran in for a TD. The Staffs defense grabbed some points of their own when DE Chris Ward brought down RB Gareth Wild in the endzone for a safety. The first half scoring almost came to an end when Stallions Brett Rosenbaum took a reverse 30yds for the score. Sharks CB Isaac Rocha intercepted the 2PAT attempt and ran it back for a safety to get Hull some points. With Staffs resting players in the second half Gareth Wild ran through a tired defense for a consolation score in the fourth and the 2PAT was added. 

UEA Pirates 6 - 44 Hertfordshire Hurricanes. 

The Hurricanes took the opening kick-off and powered their way downfield. Strong running from Andy Cochrane and David Hartley allowed Cochrane to open the scoring from 5yds out. Martin Ray then took the ensuing kick-off 85 yards for the score following some good blocking from the Pirates kick return unit. Penalties plagued the Canes offensive all day but WR Adam Camp got them out of trouble with a 50yd TD catch, Rob Kelly added the PAT. The Canes defence was exceptional all day thanks to play of Adrian Samuel and Emeka Ekwegh on the Dline and LBs Lloyd Buxton and Abdul Lawal. After pinning the Pirates in their own half, the Canes capitalised and QB Junior Price followed his blocks to go in from 30yds to complete a strong first quarter for the Canes. The second quarter saw the Canes defense step up the pressure and Ekwegh recovered a fumble and took it 2yds for the score. The change of half saw a change of QB’s for the Canes with Richard McHugh stepping in and driving the offence downfield before firing a 15yd strike to Camp for his second TD. After again pinning UEA in their own half, Cochrane ended a drive for the Canes scoring from 2yds, Rob Kelly tacked on the PAT. Aston Ellington completed the scoring rushing in from 10yds out. 

Tarannau Aberystwyth 14 - 26 Warwick Wolves 

The match was vital for Warwick to win as their playoff hopes depended on it. Aberystwyth kicked off short which took an unready Warwick by surprise and ended up with a fumble and a turnover. In a short space of time a surprised Warwick had conceded a TD which was run in by Aber’s Mike Palin. Warwick still seemed to be half asleep but managed to complete a long TD pass to WR Laurence Barrett. Aberystwyth then replied with a passing TD from Gareth Wilkinson Alex Wilson adding th 2PAT. The momentum of the game had been building and a superb pass from Warwick’s QB Philipp de Cassan to Arpad Vezer to sprint in for another TD and Laurence Barrett then ran in the 2PAT. The score was still close however Barrett stepped up again to run in another 6 points to close the first quarter. The second quarter saw another TD from Barrett to end the scoring in the match. Both teams continued to battle but all 11 men on both defence stood up to be counted and denied any more scores. 

Sheffield Sabres 16 - 14 Sheffield Hallam Warriors 

Thick Snowfall greeted the teams at the kick off for the second battle for Sheffield bragging rights. The Sabres started quickly when on the first play from scrimmage QB Paul Musker went long and hooked up with WR Ryan Spokas for a 40yd TD. RB Rob Levy ploughed into the end zone to add the 2PAT. Not to be outdone the Warriors took the ensuing kick off and marched downfield on a long drive which was capped off with a 15yd run from RB Sean Heywood. FB Tom Shearn ran in the 2PAT to tie the scores. With the heavy winds making passing difficult the Sabres used their ground game to good effect and Levy was able to set up a 1st and Goal at the Warriors 2 yardline. After a fumble in the back field the Sabres seemed to have lost their good field position, however OT Andrew Rose recovered the ball and advanced the ball to the Warriors 1, from here Musker was able to sneak the ball into the endzone. Levy was on hand again to score the 2PAT. After and exchange of punts the Warriors got good field position and were able to close the gap when Ric Hennessy through a 14 yard strike to WR Sean Rodgers. The 2PAT was stopped short by Noel Garcia and Eddy Mellor which meant, after a scoreless second half, the Sabres emerged victorious. 

Cardiff Cobras 6 - 7 Bristol Bullets 

Weather conditions in Bristol ensured that the game was going to be the day of the defense in what turned out to be a scrappy for both teams. In an exchange of punts in the first quarter it was Cardiff who made something special happen to break the deadlock when QB Dave Pruett lobbed a 50yd TD pass to WR Andy Hardy to open the scoring. The 2PAT failed and this turned out to be the decisive factor in the match for Cardiff. At the end of the first quarter another punt by the Cobras saw the Bullets kick returner running the ball 65yds only to fall short of the endzone by inches. Bristol forced their way over the line to level the scores at 6-6, the PAT was good. It was the turn of the defense's of both teams to hold the ball on the half way line and turn the ball over numerous times to frustrate either team’s offensive unit. The half proved to be a deadlock with both teams unable to move the ball up the field due to lack of creative spark and fumbled footballs. 

Essex Blades 24 - 2 APU Phantoms 

The return leg started as a stalemate as both teams battled for field position and 5 mins into the second quarter the Blades were able to sustain a drive and reach the red zone. After a tough stand by the APU defence QB A.J. Fenwick was able to sneak the ball in from 2yds out. On the Phantoms next drive the QB picked out Blades SS Mike Thompson who ran the interception back for a TD from 15 yards. In the third WR Kayed Al-Qasimi ran in a TD on a 20 yard reverse. The APU offence the got a drive going and reached the red zone but was stopped on the 3 when MLB Kevin Marshall scooped up a fumble. This proved to be not enough space for the Blades O and APU forced a safety. Al-Qasimi finished the scoring this time on a 45 yard reverse. 

PA Surrey Stingers 28 - 6 Reading Knights 

On a windy and cloudy day, the PA Surrey Stingers made the short trip to Reading to play the Knights. Both teams were only playing for pride after a disappointing season and Surrey kicked off. After a tough couple of defensive series, the Stingers broke the deadlock with a Dave Tobin run. Again more tough defense made the second score for the stingers come in the 2nd quarter with another Tobin run. The Knights then scored on a 9yd run into the endzone by Nick Browne-Marke. The score was 12-6 Surrey at halftime. After the break the Stingers received the kick off, and Baron D’Anyangwe then made an 85 yard kick off return run for a TD. After 2 previous attempts at 2PATs missed, Tobin ran this one in. More tough defense follwoed until Tobin again scored, this time in the fourth quarter and again added the 2PAT. 

Glasgow Tigers 28 - 30 Stirling Clansmen 

Glasgow struck first in the battle for the Northern Conference Borders Division when QB Matt McCusker ran the ball in from 2yds early in the first quarter. A number of fumbles prevented the Stirling offense from getting anything going in the first quarter; however the Clansmen took the lead on a 68yd Jeff Bryan TD punt return and a Jon Sutherland 2PAT. The Tigers responded with 2 second quarter rushing touchdowns, one from Kenny McPhail and the other from Andy Hall, WR Dan Seltzer added the point conversion to both TD’s. Stirling started the second half strong and narrowed the gap to 6 when Peder Engebretsen found Carlos Yanes-Roca waiting in the end zone from 33 yards out and Sutherland added another 2PAT. Glasgow looked to be unable to find a way through the Clansmen defense until a McPhail interception gave them excellent field position and a McPhail TD gave them a 12 point lead late in the third quarter. Stirling’s offense again breached the Tiger defence as Sutherland slashed the deficit to 6 when he punched it in form a yard out and the Clansmen took the lead in the fourth quarter on a 48yd Sutherland run and 2PAT. The Tigers chances of regaining the lead faded when Bryan intercepted a McCusker pass on the goal line and returned it into Glasgow territory allowing the Clansmen offense to run down the clock. 

Playoffs: Round 1 With Staffordshire, Leeds, Birmingham and Hertfordshire achieving a bye week it leaves the rest of the teams battling for the right to face them next week. North: Glasgow for the second week in a row travel to Stirling to take on the defending champions while Nottingham travel to divisonal rivals Loughborough. South: UEA travel to Cardiff to take on the third seeded Cobras while Warwick travel to Southampton to face the Stags. Glasgow Tigers @ Stirling Clansmen Nottingham Outlaws @ Loughborough Aces UEA Pirates @ Cardiff Cobras Warwick Wolves @ Southampton Stags 

BCAFL Week 11 results

Caledonian Roughriders  0-72  Glasgow Tigers  
Lancaster Bombers  6-46  Staffordshire Stallions  
UCH Sharks  8-12  Leeds Celtics  
Stirling Clansmen  28-12  Newcastle Raiders  
Leicester Lightning  0-46  Sheffield Sabres  
UT Cougars  p p  Sheffield Hallam Warriors  
Derby Braves  19-36  Loughborough Aces  
Nottingham Outlaws  20-7  Oxford Cavaliers  
Bristol Bullets  38-0  Tarannau Aberystwyth  
Warwick Wolves  22-16  Plymouth Blitz  
Essex Blades  9-8  Brighton Tsunami  
UKC Falcons  0-66  Hertfordshire Hurricanes  
APU Phantoms  0-29  UEA Pirates  
Cardiff Cobras  50-14  Bath Killer Bees  
Southampton Stags  20-0  PA Surrey Stingers 

Photos of Tarannau Aberystwyth against the Bristol Bullets
Courtesy of Tarannau Aberystwyth

8th February 2004 - BCAFL Week 10 results

Southampton Stags 76-0 Reading Knights
Cardiff Cobras 8-0 Plymouth Blitz
Bristol Bullets 19-6 Bath Killer Bees
UKC Falcons 6-15 UEA Pirates
Essex Blades 0-36 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
PA Surrey Stingers 6-0 Oxford Cavaliers
Loughborough Aces 16-6 Nottingham Outlaws
Derby Braves 6-31 Staffordshire Stallions
Leicester Lightning 0-30 Sheffield Hallam Warriors
UT Cougars 50-26 Sheffield Sabres
Lancaster Bombers 6-20 Newcastle Raiders
Caledonian Roughriders 0-74 Glasgow Tigers

Hertfordshire Hurricanes continue their winning streak overcoming the Essex Blades, the playoff picture is still not completely clear however and several teams still have the opportunity to get in. 

Hertfordshire Hurricanes 36 - 0 Essex Blades 

The Shark Energy Drink sponsored Hurricanes picked up from where they left off with the offence marching downfield. Rookie RB Chris Howard followed the blocking of the Canes powerful offensive line before breaking a 15yd run to score. It took both teams time to adjust to the weather conditions with strong winds persistent all day, this plus good coverage from the Blades secondary forced QB Jr Price into scrambling with the ball and Safety Mike Thompson also managed to get a pick early on. The Canes defence was solid all day and recovered a fumble on Essex’s first play from scrimmage. Aston Ellington then powered his way in from 2 yards out to round off the first quarter scoring. After a strong stand by the defence thanks to the play of Lloyd Buxton and David Hartley, the Canes offence got back to work. Tom Scott capped a long drive for the Canes with a 3 yard TD catch. With Essex pinned inside their own 20 yard line, on the Canes ensuing drive, Dan Johnson scored from 5 yards out to complete the scoring for the first half. On their first drive of the second half, the Canes offence moved the ball downfield before Jon Gerring scored with a 4 yard TD catch. Greg Skelton finished the scoring for the Canes in the 4th quarter with a 4 yard TD run. 

Plymouth Blitz 0 - 8 Cardiff Cobras 

Plymouth deferred the kick off, and the day started with their defense coming out strong and creating a fumble turnover on the first play. The Cobras chance came late in the second quarter when after gaining good field position they were able to drive within touching distance of the endzone, but a fumble into the endzone resulted in a touchback and the half ended scoreless. The second half was more exciting with a third quarter pick by Cobra’s Andy Stockley which was returned for the TD. A successful 2PAT bumped the score up to 8. Plymouth were unable to bounce back and the fourth quarter saw another interception by CB Craig Wilkinson putting Cardiff in Plymouth territory. But the defense held strong and forced Cardiff to punt. The Blitz fumbled the ball on the ensuing drive, bringing Cardiff back onto the field for a final drive. Some good defence on the side of the Blitz once again kept the Cobras out and the final whistle blew. 

Reading Knights 0 - 76 Southampton Stags 

This afternoon saw Reading travel to Southampton to play in the return leg of this season. With a greatly reduced squad, Reading fought bravely for the whole match with many of their players playing both ways. Reading were unfortunately unable to capitalise on their efforts and were overpowered by a strong Southampton defence. The Southampton came back to some of the strength that they showed in earlier games this season, and put on a good show, with Jeremy Gee and Alistair Mackie scoring 3 and 2 touchdowns respectively. Southampton also showed some strength in the special teams department, with two great returns from Ben Webb. The final score of 76 – 0 showed the domination by Southampton, but nothing can be taken away from Reading who put in an outstanding effort, and undoubtedly will have taken some valuable lessons away from the match. 

Oxford Cavaliers 0 - 6 PA Surrey Stingers 

Oxford Kicked off to Surrey to start a match that both sides desperately wanted to win. It was Surrey who struck with RB David Tobin finding his way through the Oxford defence to score a 62 yard TD. Oxford were not going to let this mistake happen again and blocked the PAT. With a slight change in their defensive formation, Oxford managed to hold Surrey for short gains the rest of the match, with a couple of forced fumbles, an interception from LB Robert Padgett and backfield tackles and sacks to keep the pressure on Surrey. However, Surrey’s defence was doing exactly the same thing to the Oxford offence. Oxford did manage some good drives up field with RB’s Chris Gage, Kyuchon Song and James Tildsley running well and a couple of completions to TE Matthew Adams. Surrey’s defence held though and the match turned into a stalemate. 

UEA Pirates 15 - 6 UKC Falcons 

High winds charachterised the weather when the Pirates met the Falcons. The falcons had the first possession but were bogged down in their own half and a bad punt gave the Pirates first and goal when their offence took the field. Rich Barnard promptly responded with a 7 yard run off right guard, the PAT was added by Kevin Blacoe. The Falcons Dave Brown however returned the ensuing kickoff 80 yards to the Pirates 5 where QB Gareth Wright hit TE Paul Cornforth for the score. The PAT was blocked however so the Pirates still led 7-6. The score didnt change till the Pirates kickoff return squad returned the favour and gave their team first and goal. Barnard again punched it in for the score and a 13-0 lead. The final points came as Blacoe tackled Cornforth in the endzone for a safety. The Falcons drove dowlfield late in the 4th after a great catch by WR Brown on a 35 yard bomb from Wright but they were ultimately turned over on downs to close the game. 

Bath Killer Bees 6 - 19 Bristol Bullets 

In the return game these rivals picked up where they left off. Again neither offense produced much to start but Bath were beginning to win the field position battle. After Bath were forced to punt the luck of the bounce plus good punt chasing led to Bristol starting from their own 3yd line.Bath’s D then stepped up and forced a fumble to give Bath the ball inside the Bristol 5. Two plays later they swept the ball over the line through RB Henry Murray. Bristol blocked the PAT. The rest of the half remained scoreless with both defences dominating. The Bulets came out fired up in the second and rookie RB Olumide Thompson finally broke the Bath lines and carried the ball 27 yards, only to fumble on the 1, however Bristol’s Brendan Cunnane was there to scoop the ball and dive over to tie the game, Chris Taylor kicked the PAT. The Bullets revival continued when rookie Naguib Yusufu ran the ball home from 80 yards out. Bristol were able to hold Bath and the DT pairing of Lee Richards and Brian Israel amassed and impressive 15 tackle haul. The game was killed off in the 4th as the Bristol offense, which finished the game with 331 yards on the ground, took the ball over the line from 40 yards, the carry from another rookie Anthony Amissah. 

Nottingham Outlaws 6 - 16 Loughborough Aces 

The game opened with a tight first quarter, with both teams coming close to getting into the endzone, but no score. Although high winds prevailed Loughborough were still able to complete passes. In the second a long pass to WR Andy Studer from QB Dan Storey help set up RB Craig Flower's 1 yard rushing TD, with Studer adding the extra point. Nottingham’s drives were proving fruitless as the half ended. Early in the second half Studer’s 25 yard FG was good, followed later by a 7 yard pass completion for Loughborough’s second TD bringing his points tally to 10. Late in the game Nottingham’s Offence woke up and started to move the ball convincingly, with Paddy Daly scoring a TD with a 28 yard pass completion from Westwood.The game ended with the Aces bending but not breaking as Nottingham sought more points. 

Glasgow Tigers 74 - 0 Caledonian Roughriders 

The Glasgow derby began with the Tigers taking an early lead. QB Matt McCusker found WR Ian Bertram twice from deep range and with both 2PATs converted the Tigers made the first quarter lead 16-0. The roughriders defense reasserted themselves in the second quarter but QB McCusker was on fine form and hit two more passes for TDs to TE Ian Hay and WR Matt Mcree respectively. The Caley defense broke up both attempts at the 2PAT to leave the game 28-0 at the half. The third quarter would prove to be the most important as the Tigers stamped their authority on the game just as the Roughriders were starting to cause the Tigers defense some problems. RB Andy hall ran in a TD from close range before QB Matt McCusker hit his fifth and sixth TD passes to TE David Grant and WR Ian Bertram for a hat-trick of TD receptions. The Tigers converted the 2PAT’s on each occasion. The fourth quarter saw the Tigers end the game with three more scores. RB Peter Neill ran in from close range before QB Rob Campbell ran in from 30 yards behind some good Tigers blocking. Both TD’s were converted for the 2PAT when DB Stuart Proudlock intercepted and returned the ball 10 yards for the final score. 

Sheffield Sabres 26 - 50 UT Cougars 

The Strong Winds that were sweeping the country did nothing to dampen the high scoring match between the Sabres and Cougars. The Sabres opened the scoring first when QB Paul Musker ran in from 20 yards out behind some strong O-Line blocking. The Cougars responded immediately when they drove the length of the field for QB Pete Rogers to sneak in from 1 yard out. The Cougars soon took the lead when Cheyne McDonald swept into the corner of the end zone from 20 yards out. McDonald added to the Cougars early in the 2nd quarter when he caught an 87 yard bomb from Rogers, the 2PAT was run in by FB Rich Marshall. Forcing the Sabres to punt McDonald broke through the coverage only to have the ball stripped by C Ben Griffiths at the goalline, however it was ruled that the ball had already crossed the Line, the 2PAT was run in by Rogers. McDonald was on the score sheet again when this time he hauled in a 64 yard TD. Needing a response the Sabres went to the air and Musker found an opening QR Ryan Spokas took the pass in for the TD, RB Rob Levy added the 2PAT. The Cougars defence stepped in the third quarter and LB Dave Fillingham picked off a Musker pass and returned it 15 yards for the score. WR Ben McQueeny caught the 2PAT from Rogers. Musker and Spokas hooked up twice for 2 quick TDs. However the last word would go to the Cougars when Cheyne McDonald ran in from 10 yards out, to seal a 5 TD day and a good win for the Cougars. 

Sheffield Hallam Warriors 30 - 0 Leicester Lightning 

Expansion team the Warriors managed their second win of the season with a score in each quarter. Charlie Bradley opened the scoring on a 55 yard punt return and QB Ric Hennessy dived over for the 2PAT. The second quarter saw more pressure from the Warriors defence with Dan Brydon collecting his second sack of the game. Just before the half a sustained drive from the Warriors, with the help of powerful running from FB Tom Shearn saw Hennessy keeping the ball for a 16 yard TD runand he again dived over for the 2 points. Leicester came out a better team in the second half with Bryan Mann making some good tackles to stall the Warrior offense. The Warriors did finally manage to move the ball, Hennessy connecting with Sean Rodgers for a 33 yard TD pass before going in for his third 2PAT of the day. The forth quarter saw Leicester gain good field position from excellent punts. Their offence took advantage of this to move to the Warriors 8 yard line, threatening to score but it was then rookie Matt Lambert intercepted a pass and returned it 82 yards for the TD. 

Staffordshire Stallions 31 - 6 Derby Braves 

The Staffordshire Stallions claimed top spot in the Northern Western conference after overcoming a stubborn Derby side. Both Derby and Staffs managed to cause plenty of turnovers. It took some time before anyone was able to make the most of this, but finally Staffs were the first to make something happen with a rushing TD in the first quarter, RB Jason Prince going in from 20 yards. Jermaine Allen went in for the 2PAT. The second quarter saw two more scores, with both Prince and Allen going in for six after powerful running, whilst Prince added the 2PATs on both occasions. The second half momentum changed and staffs only managed to score one TD through a Chris Richards reception from QB Ant Charles, with the PAT added. An outstanding 95 yard run from Derby's rookie RB Michael Sobanjo put six on the board but it was to little to late, with Derby losing 31 – 6. 

Newcastle Raiders 20 - 6 Lancaster Bombers 

In a tight, hotly contested game both teams went at it from the opening kick off. Newcastle opened the scoring with visiting QB Tom Bouch connecting with WR Rich Green, the PAT being blocked. The Raiders then extended their lead to 8-0 with a safety following an errant punt snap out of the endzone. The Bombers reaped dividends in the 3rd quarter with QB Tom Zydel linking up with Jason Larsson for big gains. A forced fumble by Alex Roberts recovered by Larsson allowed rookie RB Duvalle Merchant into the endzone to make it 8-6. A good Bombers drive was stalled by penalties and allowed the Raiders posession where, despite good hits from MLB Boy de Waart and Roberts Tom Bouch hit pay dirt from 2 yards out following a good drive. The scoring finished late in the 4th when the Raiders Tom Evans blocked a Bombers punt and Tim Hornby recovered and rumbled home. BCAFL standings and details of Week 11 fixtures can be found on www.bcafl.org

1st February 2004 BCAFL Week 9 results

Leeds Celtics 6-0 Lancaster Bombers
Derby Braves 0-31 Newcastle Raiders
Southampton Stags 33-6 Oxford Cavaliers
Reading Knights 0-16 Tarannau Aberystwyth
Birmingham Lions 26-13 Warwick Wolves
Brighton Tsunami 0-6 Plymouth Blitz

  Photos from the Southampton Stags v Oxford Cavaliers game, Sunday

Cold and wet but passing record still falls On SuperBowl Sunday the bad weather experienced across the country lead to several games being called off from the BCAFL Week 9 fixtures. Six out of the twelve games did go ahead but those that suffered were: Glasgow @ Caledonian; Loughborough @ UT; Leicester @ Essex; UEA @ Hertfordshire; and Cardiff @ Bristol. Staffordshire @ UCH had been previously rearranged for Week 12. However the cold weather could not stop Birmingham Lions QB Stuart Ennis from breaking the single season TD passing record. Against Bath last week the record was tied at 23 but with 3 further TD passes in the victory over Warwick it was exceeded with still one game left in the regular season. 

Warwick Wolves 13 - 26 Birmingham Lions 

In a tense division-decider, the Birmingham Lions ran out 26-13 winners over the Warwick Wolves. The Lions take the South Central Division title and move to 7-0 and now seek home-field advantage through the playoffs. The game kicked off with Birmingham receiving and began with both Wolves and Lions being solid in defence. On Offense Warwick's running game was working well and the Lions passing options were stretching Warwick’s D allowing Birmingham’s RB Jay Alexander to pick up yards on the ground. QB Ennis threw a 17yd TD pass to rookie TE Ben Parkes in the first quarter and Dave Winter tacked on the PAT. Early in the second Warwick's Robin Carter ran in a 2yd TD before Ennis hit Parkes again for a 10yd TD to finish off the scoring for the half. The third quarter saw only RB Alexander get on the scorecard with an 18yd run. As the final quarter opened Ennis threw a 25yd TD pass to WR Lee Rubin with Winter again adding the PAT. Carter ran in another TD for Warwick and Adam O’Reilly converted to give a final score of 26 – 13 in Birmingham’s favour. 

Lancaster Bombers 0 - 6 Leeds Celtics 

The Bombers rolled into Leeds for this War of the Roses Clash needing a win to try and stay in play-off contention. The game was a defensive battle with both offenses struggling, and the Celtics giving away a lot of penalty yards throughout the game. The Defenses held strong throughout regulation time and neither offense could convert field position into points. In a tense 4th quarter the Bombers had an opportunity to win the game via a FG but a penalty moved them back and Chris Maynes 40 yard effort fell agonisingly short to usher in OT. Gary Armstrong took an excellent 55yd reception to the 3 yardline. The Celtics moved to the 1 yardline though ed morgan on a lead play, and then QB Alex Fisher took it over on the sneak for the winning score. 

Oxford Cavaliers 6 - 33 Southampton Stags 

Before the game even started it was receiving attention from local media. Former Saint Mark Dennis delivered the coin toss and then the daysparticipants got ready to commence battle. Oxford started off well in the first quarter stalling the Stags first drive and on their first drive RB Chris Gage ran in a 6yd TD to open the scoring. The Oxford defence held firm and shut out Southampton’s efforts in the first quarter. Southampton opened their scoring in the second quarter with a 48yd punt return by Ben Webb, who also kicked the PAT. In the second half the Stags used the run and pass to edge their way downthe field, with Jeremy Gee scoring on a 2yd pass reception with Webb adding the PAT. Oxford resisted the Stags attack and launched drives of their own, taking to the air for some good completions but were unable to get any where with the run or the scoreboard. It was a duo of rookie RBs that were to prove the deciding factor for Southampton in the fourth quarter. Matt Waghorn took it in for 6 from 6 yards out and Sam Ohemeng took his large frame and the ball 60 yards for his first ever TD, in his first game. Ohemeng also added a 7yd TD run for a very successful debut, with Webb again adding the PAT. 

Newcastle Raiders 31 - 0 Derby Braves 

Newcastle began well, holding Derby’s strong running game from the off. The revamped Dline worked well to keep the pressure upon the Derby QB Luke Smith. However the Newcastle LBs were clearly rusty after the break, with Tom Evans and Jon Rooney both missing early chances for picks. The Newcastle offense finally showed some of its potential putting up some good numbers on the ground and through the air. Stu Robson working diligently all game at FB, allowed TB Rob Lochrie to have a career day, rushing for 137yds and a TD, Robson also crossed the line for a TD. Newcastle's other scores came from TD passes from QB Tom Bouch to Rich Green and Tom Henniker-Major of 25 and 35 yards respectively, and a 70yd interception return by Charlie Heathcote in the fourth quarter. Despite some good work by the Derby O in the second half, notably a 50yd run by running back Michael Sobanjo, they couldn't get on to the scoreboard. 

Tarannau Aberystwyth 16 - 0 Reading Knights 

On a dull and cold afternoon in Reading the Knights and Tarannau Aberystwyth met for the first time this season. The opening quarter was a close fought affair, tough defense and offenses finding their feet lead to the punting units being called upon The seond saw Aber get on the scoreboard following an interception returned to the Knights 5 yardline, after a couple of stops Aber's Conley Browne broke through from 2 yards and a 2PAT was added. The Knights were being pushed back by Aber D and the pressure paid off as their QB was sacked for a safety by Anthony Mulira. The resulting restart after the safety was returned to the Knights 4 yardline and Tom Owen added the final score on a 4yd run.

Plymouth Blitz 6 - 0 Brighton Tsunami 

The game started with both offences struggling to move the ball. An exchange of punts, varying in quality kept the field position battle very much even. The Blitz, armed with great field position began a drive to the Brighton Endzone, however Brighton’s Defence held firm. With the ball on the Brighton 2 yardline, Tsunami's Dline stopped the Blitz from advancing and Linebacker Eber Kington sacked the Plymouth Quarterback on Fourth down to win the ball back for the Tsunami. Unfortunately, on the next Tsunami Drive the ball was fumbled and the Blitz got the ball back on the Brighton 20 yardline with less than a minute to go in the half. The Tsunami couldn’t stop the Blitz this time and Fred Walker took a great catch in the endzone to give the Blitz the lead. The extra point was no good and the Blitz led 6-0 at the half.The second half was much the same as the first with both defences playing well and stopping the offensives from moving the ball. Punts were exchanged and The battle for field position ensued. Brighton had a chance to score in the fourth quarter but were again stopped on Fourth down by Plymouth defence.The game ended with a huge drive from Plymouth, but they were unable to finish of the drive. Hopefully next weeks schedule will not be as adversly affected. Details of games and standings can be found on ww.bcafl.org

25th January 2004 - BCAFL Week 8 results

Brighton Tsunami 21-0 Reading Knights
Plymouth Blitz 0-10 Bristol Bullets
Bath Killer Bees 6-21 Birmingham Lions
Glasgow Tigers 14-19 Lancaster Bombers
Caledonian Roughriders 6-40 UT Cougars

BCAFL teams got their season started again after Christmas with 10 teams competing on the last Sunday in January. The unbeaten Birmingham Lions continued their winning streak overcoming Bath 21 - 6. The hunt for playoff places continues else where with few teams eliminated from contention wins by each of the teams this week could prove valuable over the closing weeks of the regular season. 

Bristol Bullets 10 - 0 Plymouth Blitz 

The game started slowly and neither offense posed any real threat. The Bullets D made the most of the opportunity caused by their pressure and on 4th down a wayward snap by Plymouth long snapper Dan McMillan led to the punter being downed in the endzone by Chris Lewis after pressure from Brian Isreal and Ric Hampton. The field was heavy and as the rain began to fall conditions worsened slowing the pace of the game down. A fine kicking performance from rookie Bullets punter Chris Taylor and great coverage by head hunter Tunde Adepoju pinned the Blitz inside their 2 yardline. A Bristol defensive stand forced another safety, when veteran DT Lee Richards burst through the line and blocked the Plymouth punt, forcing the ball out of the back of the endzone once again. The Bullets were up 4-0 as the heavens opened. Both defenses did some sterling work, including an interception from Bristol CB Tom Slater, kept the scores as they were until the fourth quarter. With the game on the line, the Bullets got the ball inside their own half with around 6 minutes on the clock. Fast developing rookie QB Kirk Dunn, substituting for the injured James Carter, led the offense on the game clinching drive with a great pass to rookie WR Anthony Amissah, which set up a diving score from Adepoju in the corner of the endzone. 

Reading Knights 0 - 21 Brighton Tsunami 

The game started with a defensive battle. Both offences failed to move the ball any real distance and an exchange for field position ensued. After a good punt and some solid defence from Brighton, Reading were forced to punt from their own end zone, where CB Rob Ingram Blocked the kick to score the Brighton safety. The first half ended as it had started with both offences failing to get the running game going.The second half was a different affair. Both offences began to move the ball, However Brighton had the greater success. After a forty yard pass from QB Jon Cahill, WR Mike Goffe was hauled down inches from the goal line. RB Alex Smith carried the ball over to give the Tsunami the score. The extra point was no good. The fourth Quarter saw a revitalised Brighton team and a continually tiring Reading. Solid pressure form the Brighton Defensive line led to an interception by CB James West who ran it back 25 yards for the touchdown. The extra Point was good.Late on, RB Eber Kington ran in from 8 yds to add to the score. The failed extra point left the final score 21 – 0. 

Lancaster Bombers 19 - 24 Glasgow Tigers 

A Lancaster side looking to avenge the sides overtime defeat in their last Tigers encounter got off to a lively start. They quickly racked up two TDs through Marc Siaka on runs of 9 and 40 yards, with Chris Mayne adding a PAT. Unfortunately Siaka was forced to leave the game in the fourth quarter through injury. The Tigers regrouped and looked stronger in the second quarter but Lancaster struck again on a 1yd QB keeper by Tom Zydel to finish the half 19-0 up. From the start of the second half the Tigers looked more aggressive and determined and set about repairing the damage caused in the first half. Within the third period they scored three unanswered TDs from McCree, Grant and Bertram with a mixture of accurate passing and hard running. With the Tigers one point down going into the fourth the game was on a knife edge. Lancaster found good field position close to the Tigers line but an outstanding stop by the defense saw the Bombers held on the line on two drives. The Tigers saw their hopes fading when they gained possession with 3 minutes remaining but some good running and a long pass to Ian Bertram put them 11yds out with under a minute on the clock. The winning score came from a pass into the endzone for McCree’s second TD of the day. Lancaster had one final drive to try and get a score but a solid Tigers D made sure no ground was gained and the win was assured. UT Cougars 40 - 6 Caledonian Roughriders Teeside totally shut down the Caledonian offense in the first half, battering into the defense. After halftime regrouping and alterations to strategy the Roughriders managed a TD, scored by Iain Dick in the 3rd quarter. However, there was not enough continued drive for a comeback. It was a good hard hitting game for both sides, both suffering injuries, but on the whole, a clean game. 

Birmingham Lions 21 - 6 Bath Killer Bees 

Bath started the game on offense having received the opening kick-off. Their first drive resulted in a punt, which was recovered after deflecting off a Birmingham player on their 10yrd line. QB Ben Salisbury was able to run in from on the ensuing play for the opening score. Birmingham managed to reply within the quarter with a 23yd pass to WR Dave Winter from QB Stuart Ennis. Both sides missed their opening PATs. The 2nd quarter brought with it no scores. Birmingham’s 2nd score came from a 20yd screen pass to RB Jay Alexander, who also scored the 2PAT on a dive. Birmingham wrapped up their scoring for the day with Ennis running in from 10yds out at the close of the 3rd quarter and Dave Winter added the PAT. The Lions defense were able to hold the Killer Bees at bay to prevent a comeback and complete the win.

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