2004 BYAFA Kitted news

24th December 2004 - Scotland down England

Scotland defeated England in the 6th Under-19 International between the sides. The game was played in Stirling, and the Scots cruised to a 27-0 win.

14th November - Friendly

Bath Cardinals 0-46 Team USA Allstars

5th November
 - GB Lions Youth lost 40-13 at Crystal Palace against the German Youth champions, the Dusseldorf Panthers. Ian Jacquet and Sam Fogg scored the Lions TD's on passes from QB Mead.

5th November 2004 - Bath Cardinals to take on Team USA

Bath Cardinal’s final game of the 2004 American Football season takes place at Chippenham Rugby Club on Sunday 14th November. The kick off is scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

Following the dramatic rise of the Cardinals over the last two years, where they have only lost two competitive games, and securing the National Championship this year, TEAM USA has laid down a challenge that the Cards readily accepted.

The squad will be made up from twenty-five of the Cardinals, including all their GB Lions and Team England players, plus a further twenty-five drawn form the best players in the country under the banner of BATH UK. The players ages range from 16 -19. This squad will form the basis of the team for the return fixture in the US in 2005. The squad has now been selected and game plans are currently being installed.

The game its self will be very well advertised and is already attracting a lot of interest and sponsorship, as this is a first time Chippenham Rugby Club has hosted an American Football Game. Lakenheath American Base will provide a Guard of Honour and there should be American personnel from both Lakenheath and Fairford Bases attending. The local press will provide good coverage ant there is a possibility that ITV Sports could be in a ttendance The club hopes that the wider football community will support the event, as it should raise the profile of the youth game, not only in Bath and the South West but also throughout the country and be beneficial to us all.

Chippenham Rugby club has excellent facilities; the playing surface boast floodlights (should the game go into overtime). There will be a bar, toilets, ample car parking, large screen TV, hot food and much more. Entry is free so come along and have a great day. 

September, Dusseldorf - EuroFlag Full results and MVP's.

League Games: 

U15 Great Britain 35 v 13 Finland 
U13 Germany 26 v 7 Spain
U15 France 20 v 21 Germany
U13 France 21 v 31 Great Britain
U15 France 39 v 0 Switzerland
U15 Spain 22 v 23 Holland
U13 Switzerland 6 v 45 Germany
U15 Germany 32 v 7 Switzerland
U15 Holland 13 v 7 Austria
U13 Holland 18 v 26 France
U15 Italy 38 v 12 Great Britain
U15 Austria 41 v 24 Spain
U13 Spain 38 v 12 Switzerland
U13 Great Britain 34 v 6 Holland
U15 Finland 6 v 34 Italy

Placement Games: 

U15 Semi-final A - Italy 40 v 46 France 
U15 Semi-final B - Germany 14 v 33 Holland 
U13 Place 5 - Switzerland 6 v 31 Holland 
U15 Play Downs - Austria 45 v 6 Finland 
U15 Play Downs - Great Britain 31 v 39 Spain 
U13 Bronze - Spain 21 v 14 France 
U15 Place 5 - Austria 41 v 24 Spain 
U15 Place 7 - Great Britain 35 v 13 Finland 
U15 Bronze - Italy 36 v 27 Germany 

U13 Germany 31 v 12 Great Britain 
U15 France 14 v 32 Holland 


U13 Offensive Player - Martin Fong, Germany

U13 Defensive Player - Martyn Patterson, Great Britain

U15 Offensive Player - Roger Gili, Spain

U15 Defensive Player - Bui Kirin, France

Final standings:

1. Netherlands 
2. France 
3. Italy 
4. Germany 
5. Spain 
6. Austria 
7. Great Britain 
8. Finland 
9. Switzerland 

1. Germany 
2. Great Britain 
3. Spain 
4. France 
5. Netherlands 
6. Switzerland

9th September - Bath Cardinals won BYAFA Bowl XVI with a 18-14 win over the North Lanarkshire Rams. Lancashire Wolverines won the Plate 34-6 against the Kent Brewers.

25th July 2004 

Northern Division 
North Lanarkshire Rams 32 v 28 Glasgow Tigers
Game Report 

18th July 2004 

Northern Division 
Harrogate Hawks 0 v 32 MK Pathfinders
Game Report 
Clyde Valley Hawks 8 v 0 Lancashire Wolverines
Game Report

Southern Division 
Bristl Aztecs 27 v 0 London Blitz 
Game Report 

11th July 2004 

Northern Division 
Glasgow Tigers 14 v 22 Clyde Valley Hawks
Game Report

4th July 2004 

Northern Division 
Harrogate Hawks 0 v 32 Glasgow Tigers 
Game Report

Southern Division 
Bath Cardinals 5 v 19 Bristol Aztecs 
Game Report

27th June 2004 

Northern Division 
North Lanarkshire Rams 14 v 12 Clyde Valley Hawks
Game Report
Harrogate Hawkes 0 v 32 Lancashire Wolverines (Game awarded) 

Southern Division 
Bristol Aztecs 8 v 11 Bath Cardinals 
Game Report
Kent Brewers 0 v 32 London Blitz (Game Awarded) 

13th June 2004 

Northern Division 
Glasgow Tigers 26 v 20 North Lanarkshire Rams
Game Report

6th June 2004 

Northern Division 
Clyde Valley Hawks 22 v 0 Glasgow Tigers
Game Report

Lancashire Wolverines 32 v 0 Harrogate Hawks 
Game Report

Southern Division 
Kent Brewers 0 v 30 Bath Cardinals
Game Report

23rd May 2004 

Northern Division 
North Lanarkshire Rams 43 v 22 Harrogate Hawks
Game Report

Southern Division 
Kent Brewers 34 v 54 Brisol Aztecs
Game Report

16th May 2004 

Northern Division 
Milton Keynes Pathfinders 38 v 60 Harrogate Hawks
Game Report

Scottish Division
Clyde Valley Hawks 40 v 12 North Lanarkshire Rams 
Game Report

9th May 2004 

Southern Division 
London Blitz 14 v 22 Bath Cardinals 
Game Report

Bristol Aztecs 36 v 18 Kent Brewers 
Game Report

25th April 2004 

Southern Division 
London Blitz 50 v 18 Kent Brewers 
Game Report

Northern Division 
Lancashire Woverines 32 v 0 MK Pathfinders 
Game Report

18th April 2004 

Southern Division 
London Blitz 14 v Bristol Aztecs 15 
Game Report 

26th April 2004 - BAFA pull out of EJC 2004

The following statement has been issued by the National Governing Body following the withdrawal from the European Junior Championships due to take place in August.

"BAFA has withdrawn the GB Lions Youth Team from the EFAF European Junior Championship including the qualifier against Italy due to be played in May. This decision has not been taken lightly and only after long and careful consideration.

Each of the appropriate BAFA Federations were consulted and asked for the views and opinions.The National Programme Director and Lions Youth Coaches also voiced their concerns regarding the format of the tournament. The concerns centered around the four games to be played in the space of eight days if the Lions had qualified for the final round to be played in Moscow this August.

It was felt that there was not sufficient time in between the games to allow for injuries to heal and to recovery from the games themselves. This problem would only be made more accute as the tournament progressed. BAFA had made EFAF aware of these concerns a few months ago but the answers to the points raised was not sufficient to address the concerns. Final details of the Moscow Tournament were given at the recent EFAF General Assembly in Paris. This showed no changes that would allow the GB Team to safely participate in the competition so it was felt that the only thing to do would be to withdraw from the qualifier to enable the Italians to make arrangements for the Moscow tournament.

BAFA is liable to face an EFAF fine for the withdrawl but a BAFA Board spokesman said that the safety of the players was paramount and taking current Child Protection issues into account, we could not ask Coaches to put themselves into a position where they would not be able to guarantee the continued safety of players in their care."

24th April 2004 - BYAFA membership increases

BYAFA's 2004 Season looks as if it will be the best for many a long year. Already at this early point in the season we have over four hundred members on the kitted side alone and with a total of some thirteen sides registered for the kitted season. Sadly the twice National Champions are not with us this season as they undergo a rebuild but we welcome the return of the London Blitz, Bristol Aztecs and Kent Brewers into the fold along with MK Pathfinders for their first competitive season. Both the numbers of team and registered players is a record for BYAFA in recent years and we must keep the momentum going.

The major disappointments are the failure of the London O's, Norwich Devils and Dundee Storm to register once again and BYAFA needs to work closely with these organisations through 2004 to ensure they are in a position to compete next season. With teams in existence at Sussex Thunder, Yorkshire Rams, East Midland Saxons (according to their web site) and Teeside, BYAFA could be fielding as many as twenty teams by 2005. However there is no room for complacency as the lack of team development in the Midlands and emergence of new sides in Scotland is a cause of concern.

Registration for Junior Kitted is nearing completion with what looks like another upsurge in the five on five format. The season will be held much along the lines of flag, with special tournaments, tournament championship and MVP trophies up for grabs. There are plans to look at the six on six format too, with a videoed demonstration game taking place. This will help BYAFA determine how the game should develop in the future, with the long term aim of moving the junior level up to nine v nine. From www.byafa.org

19th January 2004 - Milton Keynes Pathfinders looking good

The MK Pathfinders have started the New Year in fine form and are confident that 2004 is going to be the year in which they take the American football world by storm 

The team, which was formed in September 2003, has continued to draw players from around a vast area including Amersham, Bedford, Aylesbury and Milton Keynes. The current squad stands at 15+ and is growing weekly. If the team reaches 18 registered players then the Pathfinders can join the BYAFA league a year ahead of the teams five year plan. 

Director of Football, Brian Day says, “It has been amazing. We haven’t gone out and recruited players but they still come. I have received emails and phone calls daily from youngsters wanting to try the game. My team of coaches are working hard to ensure that these players are learning all they need to know and without the dedication of these five men this team would not be in the position they are today and they deserve all the praise possible. The players themselves are working hard and showing great promise and dedication. The team also has had great support from the club secretary Lee Lawson and team official Helen Edwards. Our biggest problem is we are running out of kit for new recruits. With kit costing up to £300 per player, we desperately need someone to step forward and put faith in the team.” 

One firm that has shown their faith in the Pathfinders is James Robinson Estate Agency who have agreed a sponsorship deal to kit the players and coaches out with a travelling outfit. “It is a big boost for someone of James Robinson’s standing to back the club. He has shown great faith in the club and we are delighted that he has backed us. We share a common belief in the youth of this city and hopefully we can repay him by having a successful season” The club would also like to thank Avant Garde who are providing the outfits. 

In a move to ensure that there is continuity of playing, the Pathfinders are linking up with senior team, Chiltern Cheetahs. The Cheetahs who are based in Amersham are currently in training for their own league season in the BSL Division 2. The Pathfinders will be holding a joint training session with the Cheetahs next Sunday (25th January). 

“There are no teams in Beds or Bucks. Together we are going to put the name of Buckinghamshire back on top in the world of American Football where it belongs. The Cheetahs have shown good support for us and we appreciate all there efforts.” 

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