2000 GB Lions

1999 should have been the finals of the European Nations Cup that the GB team had qualified by virtue of their defeat of the French at Milton Keynes the previous year. It was due to be played in Sweden, however the Swedish federation "failed to meet their commitments" and EFAF suspended the championship until 2000. First reports indicated that GB would have to re-qualify but after an appeal EFAF confirmed that this would not be the case. The GB squad played no games in 99. GB were, however, invited to take part in the inaugural World Cup of American Football held in Palermo, Sicily this year after Canada dropped out but they declined the invitation. The tournament was between USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Italy and Finland. France eventually took GB/Canada's place. Japan won the World Cup, beating Mexico 6-0 in overtime.

Finland 34-9 Great Britain

European Nations Championship Semi-Final at Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland - 17th July 2000

This game was a complete disaster. The EFAF governing body twice moved the date of the semi-final with Finland, with the date finally being set on the same date as BSL had arranged a crunch league fixture between London Mets and London O's. The Mets, the home team, were unwilling to change the date of the league game as they had made a number of arrangements for the encounter and as such GB travelled to Finland without half of it's first choice squad. Not surprisingly, the effective Finns made this count as they won comfortably 34-9. Finland went on to the final in Hamburg, where they defeated Germany 30-29.

In December of 2000, Chrysler, the car company, announced a five-figure sponsorship deal with BAFA for the GB National side.

Once again, news of this squad was limited to one brief report in FD. Most of the news surrounding this game was the last minute resignation of head coach Riq Ayub and the fact that no London O's players went to Helsinki with the squad.

Full squad of GB vs. Finland, 2000

QB. Lee Fraser (Gateshead Senators)
RB. Ryan Holness, Paul Duncan (both Birmingham Bulls), Craig Million (Gateshead Senators), Peter Sochart (Scottish Claymores)
WR. Mark Cohen, Ed Winter, Dave Winter Nick Burt (all Birmingham Bulls), Jeremy Simms (London O’s), Graham Reith (Scottish Claymores), John Hartley (Gateshead Senators)
OL. Barry Driver, Andy Moloney, Richard Barrett, Ian Morgan, Neil Jenkins, Mark Hopkins (all Birmingham Bulls)
DL. Adewale Oyemande, Mark Connelly, Matt Barrett (all Birmingham Bulls), Steve McCusker (Scottish Claymores), Kevin Keohane (London Blitz)
LB. Shola Goppy (London O’s), James Dougal (East Kilbride Pirates)
DB. Neil Edwards (London O's), Kenneth Lewis (Birmingham Bulls), David Wilson (Gateshead Senators)
K - Rob Hart (Scottish Claymores)
P. Gary Marshall (Gateshead Senators)

Unknown positions:

Stephen Green, John Lockart, Sean Riley (all Gateshead Senators)
Tom Gregg, Kevin Mills (all Birmingham Bulls)

Full squad list not known

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