Friendly results against foreign opposition

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Team USA 52-0 Farnham Knights, 6th December, Mesquite, Nevada


Colchester Gladiators 0-28 USA Allstars, 6th April, Wivenhoe Town FC (Att. 400)
Milan Rhinos 0-49 Coventry Jets, 17th February, Milan


Coventry Jets 35-8 Ireland
Claremont Stags 56-0 GB Bulldogs
Wittier Poets 7-7 GB Bulldogs 
GB Bulldogs 33-14 Team Canada, 19th August, Moorways Stadium, Derby
Team USA 15-3 PA Knights, 1st April, Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas

GB Bulldogs 20-63 Team USA Gladiators, 30th August
GB Bulldogs 23-12 Team Canada, 19th August
Ireland 0-53 Adrian College Bulldogs, 8th May, Greystones RFC, Co.Wicklow.
GB Lions 6-21 Center College, 5th May, Crystal Palace
Dublin Dragons 6-20 Essex Blades, 10th April, Lucan, Ireland. Report


GB Bulldogs 10-26 Team USA Gladiators, 16th October. 

Menlo College Oaks 48-7 GB Bulldogs, 18th September. Report
Menlo College Varsity Team 53-15 GB Bulldogs, 14th September ReportGB Bulldogs 69-6 IAFL Allstars, 4th September, Moorways Stadium, Derby
Edinburgh Wolves 0-51 Team Canada, 25th August, Edinburgh
GB Bulldogs 14-34 Team Canada, 21st August, Dewsbury
Dublin Rebels 20-0 Charleroi Cougars, 26th June, Charleroi, Belgium
Chevaliers d'Orleans 26-8 Dublin Rebels, 25th June, Charleroi, Belgium
IAFL Allstars 2-52 John Carroll Blue Streaks (USA), 30th May, Dublin
Leuven Lions 0-34 Birmingham Lions, 11th April, Leuven, Belgium
Merseyside Nighthawks 10-58 Oregon State Allstars, 27th March, Liverpool
Chester Romans 2-18 Oregon State Allstars, 24th March, Chester
PA Knights 22-20 NFA Monarchs, 7th March, Guildford


Dublin Rebels 12-0 Charleroi Cougars, 29th June, Charleroi, Belgium, Final
Celtes de Mitry 8-12 Carrickfergus Knights, 29th June, Charleroi, Belgium, 3rd/4th
Dublin Rebels 8-6 Celtes de Mitry, 28th June, Charleroi, Belgium
Charleroi Cougars 8-6 Carrickfergus Knights, 28th June, Charleroi, Belgium


Carthage College (USA) 34-9 GB Bulldogs, 10th September
Lakelake College (USA) 27-16 GB Bulldogs, 7th September
Chester Romans 0-48 Team Canada, 29th August
Carrickfergus Knights 6-34 Team Canada, 25th August, St.Vincent's, Dublin
Charleroi Cougars 0-22 Dublin Rebels, 4th July, Charleroi Trophy Final
Forbach Taupes (France) 8-26 Dublin Rebels, 3rd July, Charleroi Trophy semi-final


Paris Flash Youth 6-22 Wessex Stallions, 3rd December, Paris
Dusseldorf Panthers Youth 56-0 London Capitals, 29th September, Dusseldorf
UK BYAFA Allstars 0-38 USA Allstars Under-19s, 24th March (abandoned at half-time)
London Capitals 0-18 USA Allstars Under-19s, 21st March


Gateshead Senators 3-0 Hilversum Hurricanes, 29th October
GB Bulldogs 10-7 Team England, October
Denmark 14-21 GB Bulldogs, September
GB Bulldogs 39-13 Allstars (Combined Yorkshire Rams, ex-BCAFL players and coaches side)
Chester Romans 13-24 Team Canada
Essex Spartans 8-17 Christian Outreach International (USA), 19th July
East Kilbride Pirates 38-19 Team Canada


Dusseldorf Panthers Youth 24-6 London Capitals, 28th October
Essex Spartans 10-12 Christian Outreach International (USA), 18th July
London Capitals 14-38 USA Allstars, 1st April


Carrickfergus Knights 0-44 East Kilbride Pirates, 8th November
Winchester Rifles 28-8 Antwerp Diamonds, November
Gateshead Senators ?-? Hilversum Hurricanes, 28th October
Feldkirch Dinos ?-? Winchester Rifles, 17th September
German Universities 6-13 GB Bulldogs, 16th August
Marantha Baptist (USA) bt. Dublin Tigers
Paderborn Dolphins ?-? GB Bulldogs, 13th August
Netherland Allstars 27-26 GB Bulldogs, 9th August
Gateshead Senators 6-27 US Touring Team, 26th July
GB Bulldogs 6-0 Canada Ontario Allstars, 19th July
Chester Romans 6-43 Canada Ontario Allstars, 16th July
SGA Select 30-28 Canada Ontario Allstars, 14th July
Spartiates Amiens 13-14 Essex Chiefs, 21st June
Hilversum Hurricanes 8-9 Gateshead Senators, 22nd April
BCAFL Southern University Allstars 6-26 USA Allstars, March
West Bromich Vipers 18-0 USA Allstars, March
London Capitals 0-12 USA Allstars, 25th March


London Capitals Youth 0-14 Dusseldorf Panthers, 19th October
Hoorn Unicorns 8-30 Gateshead Senators (played in Amsterdam tournament, won by Senators), 13th April
Hiversum Hurricanes 14-16 Gateshead Senators (played in Amsterdam tournament, won by Senators), 13th April
Lancashire Wolverines ?-? Oregon High School Allstars, 27th March
BCAFL Allstars 6-14 Oregon High School Allstars, 26th March
Redditch Arrows ?-? Oregon High School Allstars, 25th March


Mount St.Josephs High School 57-14 GB Crusaders, June
West Bromich Vipers ?-? Minnesota Crusaders, 27th May
GB Bulldogs 35-27 Cambridge Cats, 14th April

Chiltern Cheetahs 60-0 Hameln Dragons (Chiltern's 10th anniversary celebration game) - game abandoned 3rd quarter, 31st March
Ireland 36-30 Northants Storm, 31st March
Sheffield Cyclones 0-30 Oregon High School Allstars, 30th March
Lancashire Wolverines 7-49 Oregon High School Allstars, 29th March
Manchester Falcons 6-40 Oregon High School Allstars, 28th March


Ireland 45-0 BAFA Div.3 North West Allstars, 26th November
Frankfurt Knights 28-30 Birmingham Bulls, 13th August. 
Team Canada 27-7 Combined Ireland/Caimens 72 (Le Mans, France), August
Team Canada 24-27 Ireland, August
Leicester Panthers 14-10 GB Bulldogs, 29th July
GB Bulldogs 21-6 Gateshead Senators, 16th July
Team USA 47-12 Ireland, 2nd July
Tampa Bay Guardians (Tampa Police Dept) 42-2 London Mets (at University of Southern Florida), 25th March
St Helens Cardinals ?-? Oregon High School Allstars 'South', 24th March
GB Collegiate Allstars 15-6 Oregon High School Allstars 'North', 24th March
Manchester Falcons 0-28 Oregon High School Allstars 'Central', 23rd March
Chester Romans ?-? Oregon High School Allstars 'South', 22nd March
Lancashire Wolverines ?-? Oregon High School Allstars 'North', 22nd March
Clydesdale Colts 8-6 Oregon High School Allstars 'Central', 21st March


Carrickfergus Knights 16-12 Glasgow Tigers
GB Bulldogs 26-10 Oxford Saints, August
Edinburgh Eagles 15-12 Hull University Alumni (Quebec), July
Carrickfergus/Belfast lost to Hull University Alumni (Quebec), July
Dublin Tornadoes 18-17 Hull University Alumni (Quebec), Islandbridge, Dublin, July
GB Bulldogs 28-6 Derbyshire Braves, 24th July
Cologne Crocodiles 15-14 London Olympians, April
St Helens Cardinals 6-6 Oregon High School Allstars 'East', 25th March
GB Collegiate Allstars 14-8 Oregon High School Allstars 'West, 25th March
Lancashire Wolverines 13-6 Oregon High School Allstars 'South', 24th March
Leeds Cougars 21-24 Oregon High School Allstars 'North', 24th March
Chester Romans 0-14 Oregon High School Allstars 'East', 23rd March
Trafford Falcons 0-28 Oregon High School Allstars 'West', 23rd March
Scottish Allstars 6-24 Oregon High School Allstars 'South', 22nd March
Glasgow Lions 32-12 Oregon High School Allstars 'North', 22nd March
London Mets 0-22 Tampa Bay Guardians (at Crystal Palace)


Lancashire Wolverines ?-? Oakville Longhorns (Ontario, Canada), September
Dublin Tornadoes 7-0 US Coastguard Team, Tallaght, Dublin, 12th June
Rouen Iroquois ?-? Croydon Kings, March
Glasgow University 0-20 (approx) Oregon High School Allstars, ?
St Helens Cardinals 0-41 Oregon High School Allstars D Team, March
Manchester Spartans 2-30 Oregon High School Allstars A Team, 26th March
Trafford Falcons 22-40 Oregon High School Allstars C Team, 26th March
Chester Romans 0-40 Oregon High School Allstars B Team, 25th March
Lancashire Wolverines 19-14 Oregon High School Allstars C Team, 24th March
Northern Collegiate Allstars 0-14 Oregon High School Allstars D Team, 24th March
Merseyside Nighthawks 6-8 Oregon High School Allstars B Team, 23rd March
Leeds Cougars 6-22 Oregon High School Allstars A Team, 23rd March
Fife 49ners 21-31 Perry Panthers (Ohio)


Belfast Spartans 0-13 Cardiff Mets

Belfast Spartans 0-20 Stoke Spitfires, Belfast

North Yorkshire Hawks ?-? Bielesfeld Bulldogs (Germany)

Brighton B-52s 8-48 Queens University (Canada)

Crawley Raiders ?-? Recklinghausen Chargers, 4th July

Merseyside Nighthawks 0-41 Washington State Allstars, 12th April

St Helens Cardinals 0-54 Oregon High School Allstars

Manchester Spartans 28-32 Oregon High School Allstars, 26th March

Milwaukee Allstars 26-11 GB Crusaders

Hamburg Bluedevils 42-25 GB Spartans

Brighton B-52s 8-48 Queens University Fighting Gaels (Canada)

Blackpool Falcons 0-42 Oregon Allstars

GB Bulldogs (not BCAFL) 24-12 Copenhagen Towers


Northants Stormbringers 48-6 United Irish Allstars - played under floodlights at the Dog & Duck,

Wellingborough, 16th November

Rockingham Rebels 48-0 Russelhelm Razorbacks

GB Crusaders 38-9 Lakenheath Lancers, 21st September

Bournemouth Bobcats 30-12 Team Soviet Union (attendance 300), 14th April

Brighton B-52s 18-12 Team Soviet Union, April

Leicester Panthers 22-0 Team Soviet Union, April

Blackpool Falcons 14-7 Oregon High School Allstars

Manchester Spartans 6-0 Oregon High School Allstars

St.Helens Cardinals ?-? Oregon High School Allstars, 22nd March

Brussels Raiders 12-7 West London Aces, 16th March


Brent Bandits 50-0 Australia, 7th November
BNGL Northern Allstars 53-0 Australia, 3rd November
London Olympians 14-21 Mississauga Raiders (Ontario, Canada), 22nd August
Brighton B-52s 30-28 Mississauga Raiders (Ontario, Canada), 18th August
Brighton B-52s 12-22 Team USA , 11th August
BYAFA Select 0-42 Oklahoma Allstars, July
Glasgow Lions v. Central College, Iowa (score unknown), 6th June
Leicester Panthers v. Central College, Iowa (score unknown), 3rd June
Coventry Bears 34-27 Upper Hayford Air Force
Milton Keynes Pioneers 56-0 Belfast Spartans (at Milton Keynes RUFC)
London Mets 0-46 NYPD, 29th April (Att. 3000)
Brighton B-52s 26-6 Fellbach Sioux (Germany), 3rd April
St. Helens Cardinals 0-16 Oregon High School All-stars, March
Fylde Falcons 27-32 Oregon High School All-stars, March
Manchester Spartans 32-22 Oregon High School All-stars, March


GB Iceni 6-27 Cologne Crocodiles (first International for the GB Womens team), 8th October
Milton Keynes Pioneers 27-6 Russelheim Crusaders (at Rugby)
Amsterdam Crusaders 51-30 London Ravens
Manchester Heroes 39-18 Oregon High School All-stars
Fylde Falcons 0-32 Oregon High School All-stars
Cambridge Crunchers 6-36 Oregon High School All-stars (at Shelford Rugby Club, Cambridge),22nd March
Dublin Celts 13-18 Manchester Heroes, Dublin
Bournemouth Bobcat 28-0 Rouen Iroquois
Dublin Celts 0-7 Bristol Packers, Dublin
Peel City Crusaders (Isle of Man) 0-28 Kent Rams Juniors


Australia 3-21 British Bulldogs (World Tour)
Cal Tech 21-6 British Bulldogs (World Tour)
Perry Pirates (Ohio) 40-14 Fife 49ners - in Glenrothes
North-East England Select 0-58 New England US All-stars
Scotland Invitation All-stars 0-59 New England US All-stars
Cambridge County Cats 45-20 Heidelberg Black Knights (at Fitzwilliam College Recreation Ground, Cambridge), 4th April
Medway Mustangs 6-74 Oregon High School All-stars, 4th April
Fylde Falcons 44-13 Oregon High School All-stars
Manchester Allstars 21-14 Paris All-stars
BGFL Allstars 33-28 Australia
Brent Bandits 12-6 Australia
Thames Valley Chargers 14-0 Australia
South Coast Allstars 6-3 Australia Kookaburras, 20th October


F14 Tomcats 42-14 Belfast Spartans
New England Raiders (USA) 51-0 Dublin Celts, Middleboro, USA, December
Dublin Celts 0-36 Boston Townies, November
Craigavon Cowboys 0-60 Boston Townies, November
Dublin Tornadoes 0-12 Boston Townies, Limerick, November
Belfast Giants 0-27 Ayr Burners
Newmarket Hornets 19-18 Craigavon Cowboys
Graz Giants 36-12 Dublin Celts (EuroBowl II qualifier)
Perry Pirates (Ohio) 34-8 Fife 49ners
Hamden Hall Hornets (Connecticut) 15-0 Northampton Stormbringers Juniors
North of England AllStars 34-20 Australia (at Moorways Stadium, Derby), 17th October
Bournemouth Bobcats 34-8 Australia (at King's Park Stadium, Bournemouth), 11th October
Brighton B-52s 22-6 Australia, 10th October
Northampton Stormbringers 23-12 Russelhelm Crusaders, 6th September
West Bromich Fireballs 46-20 Neuhulm Barracudas (Germany), 12th April
Wirral Wolves 0-13 Oregon High School All-stars
Mansfield Express 0-71 St. Louis Crusaders (Hawaii) at City Ground, Notts Forest FC, 17th May
Thames Valley/Windsor Monarchs 14-6 Amsterdam Rams
London Olympians 9-7 Amsterdam Crusaders (Heineken International tournament - Final)
London Olympians 7-0 Berlin Eagles (Heineken International tournament - Semi-Final)
BGFL Allstar Team ?-? Vancouver Meralomas (now CFL defunct team) at Cardiff Arms Park
London Olympians 16-0 Amsterdam Rams (Heineken International tournament - 1st round)


San Francisco City College Rams 76-6 Brighton B-52s (at Candlestick Park, San Francisco), December
Irish League Allstars 0-36 Boston Marlboro Shamrocks (at Kilmacud Crockes Field, Stillorgans, Dublin - Attenandance 2,000+)
Manchester Allstars , 30th May (also reported as being 6-79 scoreline)
Leeds Cougars 0-65 Chicago Allstars (at Coventry City FC - Attendance 3,000), 26th May
Coventry Bears 17-18 Oslo Trolls, 11th May
Glasgow Lions 0-7 Munkka Colts (at Helenvale - first overseas team to play in Scotland), 4th May
Surrey Thunderbolts 3-28 Amsterdam Crusaders, Esher Road, 13th May
Milton Keynes Bucks 12-27 Paris Blue Angels, 13th April
Surrey Thunderbolts 13-8 Paris Red Devils (at Rushmore Arena, Aldershot. Att 13,500), 20th April
Leicester Panthers 18-14 Hannau Hawks, Saffron Lane Stadium,  30th March
Manchester Allstars 43-0 Eindhoven Alleycats, Belle Vue, Manchester, 30th March
Dublin Celts 16-14 Newcastle Senators, 30th March (in Dublin)
Hannau Hawks 20-27 Birmingham Bulls
Dublin Celts 14-0 Wirral Wolves (at Blackrock RUFC) (Attendance 2,000), 16th March
Glasgow Diamonds 6-31 Brooklyn Cobras
Streatham Olympians 6-2 Brooklyn Cobras


Manchester Allstars 28-7 Paris Jets, December, Calais
Brighton B-52s 0-76 San Francisco City Rams, December, Withdean Stadium (att.13,500)
Bristol Bombers 0-32 Dublin Celts, 27th October, Whitchurch Sports Centre (att. 500)
Paris Spartacus 36-0 Walthamstow Warriors
Northampton Stormbringers 13-7 Russelhelm Crusaders, August
Isle of Man 12-114 Wirral Wolves, Douglas


Windsor Monarchs 13-32 Paris Castors
Den Haag Raiders 16-0 Ilford Blackhawks, 17th September, The Hague
Munster Mammoths 21-0 Ilford Blackhawks, 16th September, The Hague
London Ravens 51-0 Paris Spartacus, Slough Greyhound Stadium
Dusseldorf Panthers 69-0 Poole Sharks, 15th April


Alconbury Spartans 13-7 Zweibrucken Warriors, 6th August, Cambridge (att. 2500)

London Ravens 6-6 Paris Castors

British Teams vs US Military Teams

Lakenheath Lancers 28-0 London Capitals Jnrs, September 2001
Lakenheath Lancers ?-? London Capitals Jnrs, 11th September 1999
London Capitals Jnrs 14-20 Lakenheath Lancers, July 1997
Lakenheath Lancers 22-0 London Capitals, 1st October 1995
Bedfordshire Huskers (BYAFA) 8-12 Alconbury Dragons, September 1994
Norwich Devils Jnrs (BYAFA) 6-12 Lakenheath Lancers, September 1994
London Capitals Jnrs (BYAFA) 22-13 Lakenheath Lancers, September 1994
Oxford Saints ?-? Upper Heyford Skykings at Oxford Speedway Stadium, August 1993
Chicksands Fighting Chicks 27-8 Milton Keynes Pioneers, 7th August 1993
Heathrow Jets Jnrs 19-8 Alconbury Dragons, 1992
Milton Keynes Pioneers 0-51 USAF Lakenheath, 1992
Milton Keynes Pioneers 26-28 Upper Heyford Skykings, 1992
Southend Sabres Jnrs bt. Lakenheath Lancers, 1991
Upper Heyford Skykings 7-12 Coventry Jaguars (at Heyford), August 1991
Upper Heyford Skykings 6-9 Coventry Jaguars, 27th July 1991
Chicksands Fighting Chicks 18-0 Bedford Bombardiers, 6th July 1991
Upper Heyford Skykings 52-8 Southern Region Allstars, 12th August 1990
Chicksands Fighting Chicks 36-6 Bedford Bombardiers, 7th July 1990
Fairford Falcons 21-0 Swindon Steelers, 30th July 1989
Milton Keynes Pioneers 0-6 RAF Chicksands Fighting Chicks (at Manor Fields, Bletchley), 1988
Cambridge County Cats 6-70 USAF Alconbury Spartans (at RAF Alconbury), 8th August 1987
USAF Alconbury 35-14 Rockingham Rebels, 26th July 1987
Chicksands Fighting Chicks 18-0 Dunstable Cowboys, 22nd July 1987
USAF Upper Heyford 58-8 Oxford Bulldogs, 12th July 1987
Manchester Allstars 28-14 Dunoon Wolverines (played at Boundary Park, Oldham), September 1986
London Ravens 14-12 Mildenhall Marauders, 9th August 1986
USAF Upper Heyford 28-21 London Ravens, 26th July 1986
Scunthorpe Steelers 0-7 USAF Chicksands, 20th July 1986
USAF Chicksands 10-0 Birmingham Bulls, 6th July 1986
Streatham Olympians 6-0 USAF Bentwaters, 11th May 1986
Manchester Allstars 8-14 Hunley Wolverines (at Altringham FC), 1st December 1985
Dunoon (Hunley) Wolverines 33-3 Manchester Allstars (at Dunoon naval base), September 1985
USAF Alconbury Spartans vs. USAF Zweibrucken Warriors (at Cambridge University Rugby Club, Grange Road, Cambridge) - score unknown, 9th August 1983
RAF Chicksands 38-0 London Ravens (at RAF Chicksands), 9th August 1983
RAF Chicksands 0-8 London Ravens (Stamford Bridge, Chelsea FC), 9th July 1983
0-65 Chicago Allstars (at Belle Vue, Manchester - Attendance 2,000+)

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