European Championship

2013 European Championship Pool B


Denmark 49-29 Italy

Denmark are promoted to European Championships Pool A in 2014

3rd place

Great Britain 24-13 Czech Republic

5th place

Serbia 30-0 Spain

Spain are relegated to European Championships Pool C

Group A

Italy 55-7 Spain Att. 3000

Italy 20-16 Great Britain Att. 3500

Group B

Denmark 38-10 Serbia
Denmark 34-0 Czech Republic

Serbia 9-13 Czech Republic

2012 European Championship Pool C


Serbia 20-19 Switzerland

3rd place

Netherlands 17-15 Russia


Switzerland 20-19 Russia
Serbia 21-14 Netherlands

6th August - Russia 46-0 Belarus

2010 European Championship Pool A, Frankfurt, Germany

Pool matches 
24th July – Austria 20-22 Germany
25th July - France 14-7 Sweden
27th July – Finland 7-30 Austria
27th July - Great Britain 0-50 France
29th July - Sweden 14-2 Great Britain
29th July – Germany 23-4 Finland

5th placed game

31st July - Great Britain 9-32 Finland

Bronze Medal

31st July - Sweden 0-30 Austria


31st July - France 10-26 Germany

Great Britain were relegated to Pool B

2009 European Championship Pool B, Austria

Pool matches 
16th August – Spain 7-42 Italy
18th August – Czech Rep 30-15 Denmark
18th August – Italy 3-34 Austria
20th August – Denmark 34-0 Czech Rep
20th August – Austria 70-0 Spain

Bronze Medal
22nd August – Czech Rep 27-17 Italy


22nd August – Austria 42-0 Denmark

Austria were promoted to Pool A.

2007 European Championship Pool C, Austria

Pool matches 
12th August – Austria 59-3 Serbia
14th August – Netherlands 8-40 Switzerland
14th August – Serbia 14-6 Norway
16th August – Switzerland 7-35 Austria
16th August – Norway 27-0 Netherlands

Bronze Medal
18th August – Switzerland 32-19 Serbia


18th August – Austria 41-8 Norway

Austria were promoted to Pool B, which will take place in 2009.

2005 European Championship Pool A, Malmo, Sweden


28th July - Germany 34-0 Great Britain
28th July - Sweden 24-19 Finland
Bronze Medal
30th July - Finland 34-12 Great Britain


30th July - Sweden 16-7 Germany

2004 European Championship Pool B, Amiens, France

Pool matches 
23rd August - Spain 0-28 France
23rd August - Great Britain 24-21 Russia
25th August - Great Britain 41-0 Spain
25th August - Russia 6-19 France
28th August - Spain 6-31 Russia
28th August - Great Britain 18-17 France
Final positions

1st Great Britain
2nd France
3rd Russia
4th Spain

Great Britain were promoted to Pool A, which took place in 2005 in Sweden.

2003 European Championship Pool C, Copenhagen, Denmark

Pool matches 
27th July – Denmark 3-7 Czech Republic
29th July – Czech Republic 14-28 Italy
29th July – Netherlands 10-28 Russia
31st July – Netherlands 21-63 Italy
31st July – Russia 42-15 Denmark
5th place – Netherlands

3rd place playoff
Czech Republic 45-20 Denmark

Russia 43-35 Italy

Russia were promoted to Pool B, which took place in 2004 in Amiens.

2001 European Championship


Spain w/o Italy
Denmark 0-41 Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark


17th June - Great Britain 27-6 Spain, Leicester, England
France 18-31 Germany
Austria 13-27 Finland, Vienna, Austria
Ukraine 0-48 Sweden, Kiev, Ukraine


Germany w/o Great Britain*
Sweden 3-21 Finland, Stockholm, Sweden


Germany 19-7 Finland, Hanau, Germany 

* The newly elected German influenced EFAF committee announced that not only had Germany been reinstated into the 2001 tournament after appealing their earlier expulsion, but that the GB Lions would have to travel to Germany to face them in the semi-final by 30th June. The Lions could not complete that fixture with less than 2 weeks notice, and GB were expelled from the 2001 European Championships

2000 European Championship

The European Championships were next due to be held in 1999 in Sweden, however the Swedish federation "failed to meet their commitments" and EFAF suspended the championship until 2000. 


4th November 1998 - Great Britain 42-0 France, Milton Keynes, England in 1998


17th July - Finland 34-9 Great Britain, Helsinki, Finland
Germany 45-6 Ukraine, in Germany


Germany 29-30 Finland, Hamburg, Germany

1997 European Championship


23rd February - Spain 14-17 Great Britain, Madrid, Spain

Semi-Finals (all played in Bolzano, Italy)

16th July - Finland 24-6 Great Britain
16th July - Sweden 23-3 Italy

3rd place playoff

19th July - Italy 14-7 Great Britain


19th July - Finland 27-6 Sweden 

1995 European Championship, played in Vienna, Austria


Ukraine w/o Germany
Ukraine w/o Great Britain*


Finland 37-0 Ukraine
Italy 30-6 Austria

3rd place playoff
Austria 18-0 Ukraine


Finland 27-7 Italy

*The GB Lions National team were supposed to play the winners of Germany and Ukraine qualifier, but after Germany pulled out at the last minute, the Lions were given just a few days notice to fulfill the fixture, and if they won then 2 more games in Austria who were hosting the championships all within the space of 8 days. Not surprisingly GB pulled out.

1993 European Championship, played in Telgate, Italy


Finland 10-0 Germany
Italy 9-0 Sweden
3rd place playoff
Germany 21-3 Sweden


Finland 17-7 Italy

Great Britain did not compete at the 1993 European Championships, since BAFA had withdrawn from membership of the European Football League (E.F.L.) in protest against the E.F.L. policy requiring national representatives to be Europeans. Americans Lance Cone, Bill Bowsher and Ron Weisz headed BAFA, BAFRA the referees association and the NDMA the league containing Britains top clubs at the time.

1991 European Championship, Helsinki, Finland

Semi-Final, Finland 52-0 France
Semi-Final, 16th August, Great Britain 49-3 Netherlands
3rd/4th playoff, Netherlands 17-12 France
Final, 18th August, Great Britain 14-3 Finland

1989 European Nations Championship, Hamburg, Germany 

Qualifier, 29th April 1989, Great Britain 35-6 France, Birmingham

Semi-Final, Finland 14-7 Italy
Semi-Final, 21st August, Germany 6-38 Great Britain
3rd/4th playoff, Germany 29-9 Italy
Final, 19th August, Great Britain 26-0 Finland (played in Arensberg due to torrential rain on the same in Hamburg)

1987 European Nations Championship, Helsinki, Finland

The EFAF announced that the 1987 finals would be held in Helsinki, but would be preceded by a series of qualifying matches.
1st Qualifier 1st leg, 2nd November 1986, Great Britain 9-6 Netherlands
1st Qualifier 2nd leg, 16th November 1986, Netherlands 5-24 Great Britain
Great Britain won 33-11 on aggregate

2nd Qualifier 1st leg, 22nd March 1987, France 2-58 Great Britain
2nd Qualifier 2nd leg, 5th April 1987, Great Britain 26-0 France
Great Britain won 84-2 on aggregate
Semi-Final, Germany 44-21 Finland
Semi-Final, 20th August, Italy 16-10 Great Britain
3rd/4th playoff, 22nd August, Finland 38-23 Great Britain
Final, Italy 24-22 Germany

1985 European Nations Championship, Milan, Italy

Semi-Final, Italy 13-11 Germany
Semi-Final, Finland 13-0 France
3rd/4th playoff, Germany 13-0 France
Final, Finland 13-2 Italy

1983 European Nations Championship, Castelgiorgio, Italy

Qualifier, Finland 52-0 France
Bronze medal qualifier, France 72-0 Austria
Semi-Final, Italy 87-0 Austria
Semi-Final, Finland 33-8 Germany
3rd/4th playoff, Germany 27-20 France
Final, Italy 18-6 Finland

Final Classification:

1. Italy
2. Finland
3. Germany
4. France
5. Austria

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