Wide Receivers

Allan Brown

At his peak Allan Brown was described as an unbelievable athlete who would have been playing in the NFL if he had been born in the U.S. When Britball was at it’s zenith he was widely recognized as one of the best receivers around including the US imports who were widely playing in the British game at the time. 

Six successive outstanding seasons from 1987 to 1992 left him at the time as the top receiver ever to have played in the UK (his records subsequently broken by Mark Cohen). He still ranks second on the alltime lists for yards, catches and TDs with over over 5,000 yards receiving, 300+ catches and 70+ TDs.

In his career he recorded two staggering seasons – in 1988 he caught 83 passes for 1426 yards and 18 TDs, and in 1991 in caught 18 TDs and 1005 yards.

Mark Cohen

The leading WR in Britball history in all categories. He started his career at Sutton Coldfield Royals in 1988 as an 18 year old, and continues to extend his records with the Coventry Jets (as of 2008). He left the Royals, and moved onto play for the Redditch Arrows in 1990. After a decent season with the Arrows, he joined the Birmingham Bulls in 1991. After a lack of gametime, he moved to Coventry in 1992 and after a great season there returned to the Bulls where he made the WR slot his own. After a stellar 1994 season (74 catches and over 1,000 yards) he was selected to play for the London Monarchs in the 1995 season, and also took the Bulls to the 1995 national title.

He has the GB record for most GB caps (12) in a national career spanning since 1995, and also scored the winning TD in the 1997 European Championship qualifier in Madrid against Spain. 

After a number of years with the Bulls, in 2005, he joined the Coventry Jets and caught passes totaling 1,246 yards placing him 8th on the alltime list for receiving yards in 1 season. That same season he also broke the record for most receiving TD’s in one season with 33 on the way to clinching the Division Two title. In 2006 he caught 11 for 228 yards (6th on the alltime list for yards in 1 game) against the Birmingham Bulls, and caught 11 for 154 yards and a TD in the Jets Division 1A Bowl game win over the Bristol Aztecs. 

In 2007, he led the Jets to the national final against the London Blitz and despite retirement rumours returned in 2008 to post 33 catches for 805 yards and 13 TDs as well as the national title for the Jets.

Scott Couper

Selected for the Scottish Claymores in 1995, and played through to the conclusion of the 2004 season (when the Claymores organization was shut down by the NFL) he had played in a league record 87 games and caught a national player record 107 passes for 1,157 yards and a Claymores-record 12 touchdowns. Also selected to play for Chicago Bears against Pittsburgh Steelers in American Bowl in Dublin on July 31 1997, thus becoming the first Scotsman to play in the NFL.

Set numerous records in eight seasons with the Glasgow Lions starting off as a 16 year old at the Lions Youth team. At the Lions notched up 410 career points (67 touchdowns, four two-point conversions), 295 career first downs, 5,428 career receiving yards averaging 16.3 yards per catch ... 

Career receiving yards and touchdown records place him second on all-time British amateur charts (British American Football Association) for receiving, behind fellow Hall of Famer, Mark Cohen. In 1991 played one season with Strathclyde University Hawks in the British Collegiate American Football League where he later returned to coach receivers.

Jon Williams

Jon Williams started his career with the Farnham Knights Youth team, and went to the States to play for Bethany College, Kansas and St.Josephs, Wisconsin. He was a key part of their 2000 Division Two winning side, and in that year caught 556 yards and 8 TDs, as well as scoring 3 TDs in the final. He retired after 2000, but returned in 2002 and retired after that campaign.

Leroy Innes

Another receiver with exceptional longevity in the game. Leroy started his career when Britball was in it’s infancy in the mid 1980s and was still playing for GB Lions in 1997.

A very smart wide receiver with great hands, he played at the very highest level throughout his career winning numerous national titles and Eurobowl titles with the London Olympians along the way. He also won a European Championship with the GB Lions in 1991, and represented the Liosn from 1991 to 1997

His final career stats are unknown, but his known stats rank him 5th on the alltime list for most categories and he would certainly move up to 4th.

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