Allstar Team

BritballNow Alltime British Allstar squad

This 45man squad (including 11 starters on offense and defense) was selected through online polls throughout 2006 (with over 1,000 votes) and also through a panel of experts who have been involved in the game for many years.

Starters in bold
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Quarterbacks - Jason Elliot, Stuart Franklin, Tom Britton
Runningbacks - 
Victor Muhammed, Trevor Carthy, Warren Sweetman, Paul Bailey, Lloyd ONeill
Wide Receivers - Allan Brown, Mark Cohen, Scott Couper, Jon Williams, Leroy Innes, 
Tight Ends - 
Gerry Andersen, Darren Cooper
Offensive Line - 
Mark Hopkins, Tony MacKenzie, Barry Driver, Nick Crowe, Gary Mills, Cameron Dundas, Jo Richardson, Les Tuitt
Kicker - 
Mark Webb


Defensive Line - Tom Tovo, Dave Samuels, Nigel Hoyte, Steve Leatham, Les Jackson, Paul Evans, Jude Ugwebulam
Linebackers - 
Dave Chambers, Bob Dean, Jason Brisbane, Colin Nash, Karl Goodwin, Paul Newey, John Parker, John Aska
Defensive Backs - 
Nigel Dias, Mike Taylor, Rowelle Blenman, Paul Roberts, Scott Rowe, Mark Williams

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