London Ravens Archived News

18th April 2006 - Hosting the Ravens site

I have been hosting the Ravens site within the current framework of the site over the last couple of years, but shortly I will be moving the entire site onto a new php database. I am looking for someone to take over the hosting and running of the Ravens site. There is no domain name, but I can easily mail you a hard copy of the site on a CD so it can easily be put back up again. Mail me by clicking here if you are genuinely interested

17th April 2006 - Want to get involved in coaching?

If any of the old Ravens would like to help progress the current game and coach down at the University of kent in Canterbury, we are looking for a RB coach, WR coach and special teams coach. If interested please contact either myself on or or Jon Newman (head coach) on The season starts in septemeber and runs thou to march/april time. Tony Torretti 58

31st March 2006 - Video sought

Paul Mellis is trying to get a copy of the Amsterdam tournament played in about 1989/1990 and any other game film from the 1989 and 1990 seasons. If anyone has a copy please mail

27th January 2006 - Reunion in progress?

Some Ravens veterans are currently going through a reunion process. Contact Billy Ashford for more info at

9th November 2005 - Music video?

"I was just watching a music video this morning and they had a British American football team in it and it jogged my memory that the Ravens were in a Rap video in the early nineties with Monie Love. Has anyone got a copy of this as I was one of the players there on the day and would love to see it.

Many thanks

Tony Torretti"

31st October 2005 - Astrid trying to contact Mark Wynnick

"Hi my name is Astrid.  I met you and Mark Wynnick while you were playing here in San Francisco.  I kept in touch with Mark for awhile after you left but lost contact with him.  I ran across some letters and pictures the other day and was wondering  how he was doing.  I ended up looking on line the other day and it was the same day you left an e-mail on the website.  I thought it was such a coincident that it was the same day that I was researching that you left the e-mail, so I had to write.  Do you know how I can get in touch with Mark?   I would love to know how he is doing.  If you know how to get a hold of him, my e-mail is"

10th October 2005
- Hi my name is Andy Hurst-Smith . I played with the Ravens in the 1985 86 seasons as No 75 . I played right tackle next to my very good friend Kevin Ashford who with his brother Billy I still stay in contact with today .I went with a few other players from the Ravens with the Brighton B52 to San Francisco to play against the city college . Amongst the guys who went were Calvin Holder ,Joe St Louis,Mark Wynick and Nigel Hoyte .Those years were some of my most memorable ,I never had so many friends before , all great guys and good to be around . I have an old photograph of myself and Kevin with Victor and Joe and an old program of Swindon Steelers in the Budweiser Bowl semi finals and my old playing shirt .I also played in the first Great Britain team in 1886 with 31 other players from the Ravens . Best regards to all ex Ravens  Andy Hurst-Smith  # 75

15th September 2005 -
Rob Dickman is trying to get hold of a London Ravens replica jersey. If anyone has one and wants to sell it then let us know at
28th August 2005 - Michael Isles is trying to reach the exDB of the Ravens Frank Foncea. If anyone knows Frank's whereabouts them mail
2nd June 2005 - More photos added to the gallery sections.

10th May 2005
- Mail received from Paul Mellis.  I would love to hear from any old Ravens players ( who played for the greatest British football team of all time ) to catch up or those who have any old Ravens video footage. Updated e-mail address is

9th April 2005 - Mail received from Michael Lopez. Can anyone help?

"Back in 1992 (it could be + or - 1 year) I remember trying out for the London Ravens American Football club in Hyde Park. At the end of the session we all got together and a photo of the entire group, 100+, was taken. I would dearly love to know if you have it of if I can see it..." If you have it mail us at

23rd January 2004
- The Ravens first playbook! Thanks to Adam Less for this. Absolutely amazing! You'll need Acrobat to view it mind. C

21st January 2004 - Adam Less who helped out at the first Ravens training session at Hyde Park contacts us, and gives his account of how it all started. Click here to read itlick here to see it