2nd December 1990

National Passball Bowl Game

Thames Valley Thunderbolts 48-15 Ealing Eagles

Two teams from the southern conference won through to the Passball final of 1990, and with Thunderbolts winning both league encounters they were installed as red hot favourites.  However, the smaller Ealing Eagles had other ideas and put up a good fight. Thunderbolts were first on the
scoreboard when Ez Charles carried the ball into the endzone from 15 yards out. Eagles replied on the next drive with Matthew Narsi pulling in a 12 yard pass from QB Monty Lewin to tie the scores at the end of the first quarter.

Bob Dean opened the scoring in the second quarter, carrying the ball and two Ealing Eagles into the endzone from 6 yards out, and on the next play Andy Tilbury ran an interception back from 21 yards. With starting QB Tony White injured, Thunderbolts Head Coach Mark Carter sent in Gordon Wylie who
completed a 3 pointer to Les (WLAF bound) Jackson. Eagles then closed the gap when Mick Lyons linked with Monty Lewin for a 10 yard TD and Narsi added the 3 pointer. Gordon Wylie then went to the air, and in an explosive three minutes hit Gary Wakefield and Ez Charles to make the half-time score

The extra power of the Thunderbolts told in the second half, and they added to their lead through Gordon Wylie's 5 yard keeper in the third, and Ez Charles' 22 yard reception in the fourth, to make the final tally 48-15.

The sporting nature of Passball was evident after the game with the Eagles joining in the Thunderbolts celebration dance routine, and Eagles had further cause to celebrate when QB Monty Lewin was named MVP.