Based: Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton (also played at Cannock Festival Stadium)
Career Record (senior kitted): 40-28-0
Colours: Orange/White/Gold (also wore Orange/Yellow/White)
Website: No
Honours: CGL Crown National Division champions. Conference champions 1990, 1989, 1988

Senior Kitted

1990 NCMMA Northern Conference 7-0-0*
1989 CGL Crown National Division Northern Conference 9-1-0*
1988 Budweiser League Premier Division North Midlands Conference 8-2-0*
1987 Budweiser League Division One Central Conference 5-5-0
1986 BAFL National League Central Conference 2-10-0
1985 AFL Midlands Division 3-9-0
1984 Merit Table 3-0-0

Youth Two Touch

1990 JGL Midlands Conference 4-4-0* Lost 20-0 to Newmarket Mustangs in quarter-finals
1989 JAFL West Midlands Conference 1-7-0

1990WalsallTerryClark.jpg (2619 bytes)
Owner Terry Clark

1990WalsallDaveChambers.jpg (14394 bytes)
LB Dave Chambers

1990WalsallVonSheppard.jpg (13673 bytes)  1990ShepperdVon.jpg (32806 bytes)
RB Von Shepherd (formerly of the University of Nebraska)

1990WalsallTitansCraigOtto.jpg (28239 bytes)
Craig Otto

1989ColchesterWalsall.jpg (42513 bytes) 1989ColchesterWalsall2.jpg (43226 bytes)
Colchester Gladiators vs. Walsall Titans, 1989

Team notes: Club dated back to the first season of 1984, when they won all three games they played. Struggled for a couple of years, but then won three consecutive conference championships. Completed their resurgence with a stunning 60-47 victory over the Portsmouth Warriors in the Crown National final of 1989. GM Neil Stanley walked out on the club early in the 1990 season, and star RB Von Sheppard transferred mid season to Scunthorpe Steelers. Won every game in the 1990 NCMMA season, but did not compete in the playoffs after being eliminated for not paying their league registration fee. Merged with the Coventry Bears at the end of 1990 to form the Coventry Jaguars.

Head Coaches:

1990 Pete Antimarino


Craig Otto (1990), Chip Ferguson, Von Sheppard (Oklahoma)


Dave Chambers (1990)

Game notes:

24th June 1990 - Wesley Blake caught 311 yards receiving vs Milton Keynes

22nd April 1990 - Von Shephard ran for 292yds on 22 carries with 6tds vs Manchester Heroes