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Based: Thurstable School, Tiptree
Career record (senior record only): 33-12-1
Colours: Black pants (with red stripe down side)/Black shirts with red numbers
Website: No
Honours: BNGL Premier Division Champions 1993. BNGL First Division Champions 1992. Conference champions 1993, 1992. British Youth Kitted champions 1991, 1990. Youth Kitted Conference champions 1991, 1990. British Youth Two Touch Champions 1988. Youth Two Touch conference champions 1988

Senior Kitted

1995 BAFA Division Two South Eastern Conference 4-6-0
1994 BAFA Division Two South Eastern Conference 5-5-0
1993 BNGL Premier Division South Eastern Conference 8-1-1*
1992 BNGL First Division North Midlands Conference 10-0-0*

1993GraniteCityTiptree.jpg (25977 bytes)
Granite City Oilers v Tiptree Titans, 1993
Photo courtesy of David Day

1993TiptreeQBSimonDobinson.jpg (64942 bytes)
QB Simon Dobinson, 1993

1993TiptreeTEMickeyLane.jpg (35645 bytes)
TE Mickey Lane, 1993


1993 action involving the Tiptree Titans

1994TiptreeDarrenDenniss.jpg (27767 bytes)
Darren Dennis

1994TiptreeTitansroster.jpg (31928 bytes)1994TiptreeTitanscoachingstaff.jpg (10533 bytes)  1993Tiptreereport.jpg (108232 bytes)
1993 Roster from the Final

Youth Kitted

1993 BYAFA – pulled out before season started
1992 BYAFA Southern Division 2-6-0
1991 BYAFA Eastern Division 5th
1990 BYAFA Anglian Conference 1st* Won final 59-0 against Maidstone Pumas
1989 BYAFA South Eastern Conference 6-1-1* Won final 21-6 against Gateshead Senators

Youth Two Touch

1989 JAFL East Anglian Conference 0-10-0
1988 JAFL Eastern Conference 9-0-1* Won final 10-6 against London Acorn Lasers
1987 JAFL Eastern Conference 6-2-0* Lost 9-6 to Swansea in 1st round playoffs

1988TiptreevBournemouth.JPG (6985 bytes)
Tiptree Titans vs. Bournemouth Jnr. Bobcats, 1988 JAFL semi-final
Photo courtesy of M.Elliott

Junior Two Touch

1991 BYAFA regular season record unknown – Reached final with 19-8 win against Cambridge. Lost to Heathrow in final 6-0.
1989 BYAFA Micro League Essex Conference 2-4-0

Team notes: Undoutedly the best minor league team in the country. Formed in 1987 by group of 16 year olds at Thurstable School. They joined the JAFL Two Touch league and Shaun Kersey became the coach. They made the playoffs but lost to Swansea Dragons 7-6. In 1988 they took the title by beating top three ranked teams and London Acorn Lasers 13-6 in final. In 1989 they joined BYAFA and became youth kitted champions beating Gateshead Mets 21-6. In 1990 they won the title again this time getting revenge against only team to beat them that year, the Maidstone Pumas. They won the final by a record score of 59-0. Coach Kersey left the Titans due to military relocation – he actually had to leave the team during playoffs. In 1991 they were invited to play in NDMA division 2 senior league, but the average age of the squad was only 20, so they kept together and trained for the next year (too old to play in junior leagues). In 1992 they joined the senior ranks - BNGL First division. Their new coaches were ex-Colchester Gladiators, Neil O'Hare O Tim Flatt D. In their first game they battered Newark 41-0, and they enjoyed a perfect season going 13-0, and beat Bath Gladiators in final 20-6. In 1993 after promotion to BNGL Premier Division, they won another title beating a good Croydon Kings team 17-6. 3 weeks later were invited to play in a Charity tournament at the opening of the Spectrum Sports Centre in Guildford. They played Hampshire/Wight Rhinos who they beat score 20-0 and in the final they played the Delonghi Knights and won 14-6. Those teams were National League teams and were a division above the Titans. They failed to make the playoffs in 1994 and 1995 before disbanding.

As the junior kitted side were national champions and they had junior two touch and pee wee teams too, they were invited to attend the launch press conference for American Bowl '90 (Raiders vs Saints). They had the honour of receiving coaching from Willie Gault and Bob Golic, while being able to touch one of Al Locasale's Superbowl rings. The photos were featured in both First Down and American Football News (including the cover).