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Based: Ashby Road Recreation Ground, Staines
Career Record: unknown
Colours: Blue/Blue/White
Website: No
Honours: None

Team Notes: One of the greatest names in Britball. Entered Budweiser League in 1988, but failed to start season. The Staines Removers did play some competitive games. The squad was made up of Windsor players who had gone off to other teams after they folded, and was made  up of experienced players who were doing it for fun. Most of the time players played both ways and the squad size was anything from 20 to 13 players on any game day. A Staines Removers Legend - They played against the Basingstoke Cavaliers with a squad of about 14, two players were injured, they were down to 12. They still managed to get a penalty for 12 men on the field! When the refs had stopped laughing, they told them to check the side line and make sure at least one player in kit was standing there!