Based: St Albans Arena, Westminster Lodge, Holywell Hill
Career record: 19-6-1
Colours: Blue/Blue/Gold (also wore Orange, blue & white)
Website: No
Honours: Capital League runners-up 1987. Conference champions 1988, 1987

1989 CGL Baron First Division Southern Conference 4-2-0*
1988 BNGL County Conference 6-0-0*
1987 Capital League County Conference 8-1-1*

Team notes: Played in Capital League in 1987, where they reached the final – losing 22-20 to the LA Panthers. Entered the BNGL in 1988, where they won another conference championship. Disbanded at the end of their 1989 CGL campaign in which BJ Wallace and Tom Wears starred in the backfield. Club president was Mick Luckhurst.