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Based: Mountbatten Stadium, Portsmouth (2000 to present), Lordshill, Southampton (1995-1999)
Career record (senior kitted): 60-43-0
Colours: Yellow shirts, black pants, yellow helmets
Honours: BSL Division One A champions 2004. BSL Division Two champions 1998. Conference champions 1998. Youth Kitted National Champions 2002, 2001. Youth Kitted Conference champions 2004, 2002, 2001, 1993

Senior Kitted

2004 BSL Division One A Southern Conference 7-3-0*
2003 BSL Division Two South Western Conference 7-3-0*
2002 BSL Division One Southern Conference 3-7-0
2001 BSL Division One Southern Conference 7-1-0*
2000 BSL Division One Southern Conference 2-6-0
1999 BSL Division One Central Conference 7-2-1*
1998 BSL Division Two South West Conference 7-1-0*
1997 BSL Division Two South East Conference 6-4-0*
1996 BSL Division Three South West Conference 5-5-0
1995 BAFA Division Three Southern Conference 3-7-0

Southern Sundevils v. London O's
Courtesy of N.Payne

Youth Kitted

2002 BYAFA English Southern Conference 5-0-0* Won BYAFA English Championship 18-12 against Lancashire Wolverines
2001 BYAFA Southern West Conference 6-0-0* Won BYAFA National Championship 62-0 against Handforth Hammerheads
2000 BYAFA Southern Conference 3-1-0* Won 3rd/4th place playoff 42-26 against Norwich Devils
1999 BYAFA Southern Conference 0-6-0
1998 BYAFA Western Conference 3-3-0* Lost 36-0 to Farnham Knights in quarter-finals
1996 BYAFA Southern Division 0-2-0* Lost 42-0 to London Capitals in quarter-finals
1994 BYAFA Western Division 1-6-1
1993 BYAFA Western Division 5-1-0* Lost 42-0 to Heathrow Jets in quarter-finals

Anthony Stitt runs against the PA Knights in July 2001
Photo: BritballNow

Team notes: Started off as the Eastleigh Royals, then Devils. Had influxes of players from disbanded teams in Bournemouth, Winchester and Portsmouth. Won the 1998 BSL Division Two bowl with a 22-16 win against Lancashire Wolverines. Now competing in Division One. Noteable players:Cliff Boddington - QB - Played professionaly in Austria for Oscar Dinos, has also played for Great Britain, captained team to Division 2 Championship win. Mark Penfound - LB - Division 2 Championship MVP, has also played for Great Britain. Dave Fredericks - WR - Carreer team leader in receptions. Kirk O'Field - OL - Played for Irish National Team. Rob Hart - K - Played for London Monarchs and Scotish Claymores.

2002NFLRobHartTampaatMiami.jpg (95116 bytes)
Rob Hart in an NFL pre-season game playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Miami Dolphins
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Russ Hewitt - DE - Played for Irish National Team. Paul Brady - WR - Played for Irish National Team. The Sundevils have always been a very under-rated club.  Since Jim Roberson joined in 1997 the club has only failed to make the play-offs twice and has lead it's respective division in scoring in 1998 and 1999.  Won the 1998 Division 2 championship. Finished runners-up to the O's in the Div 1 Southern Conference in 2001, and reached the semi-finals in the playoffs. After a disappointing 2002 season in Division One, they elected to be demoted to rebuild in Division Two. In 2003, they made the playoffs with a 7-3-0 record. Youth Kitted side won the BYAFA National championship in 2001 (with a 62-0 win against the Handforth Hammerheads) and 2002 (18-12 against Lancashire Wolverines).

In 2004, the Sundevils were the first team back in training and that paid off as they clinched the Southern Conference title in Division One A, and then crushed Staffordshire 48-3 in the semi-finals, and then Bristol Aztecs 32-0 in the final.

2004BSLSundevils1aChamps.jpeg (18396 bytes)  2004BSLSundevilsCorieSavageMVP.gif (41962 bytes)
MVP Corie Savage in Southern's 2004 Bowl game. Photos Nigel Payne

Sundevils on their way to a score in their win versus Bristol Aztecs
Photo courtesy of BritballNow


2001BYAFAFinalSouthernSundevilsHandforth.jpg (23614 bytes)
Action from the 2002 BYAFA English Championship game between Southern Sundevils Jnrs and the Lancashire Wolverine Colts

Game notes

10th June 2001 - Stitt totalled 272 yards in a club record performance vs London Mets
27th May 2001 - Anthony Stitt had 227 yards of total offense and scored 3 TDs vs Essex Spartans
10th August 1997 - Cliff Boddington threw for 359 yards vs Kent Exiles