Based: The Thorns Community College, Stockwell Avenue, Quarry Bank, West Midlands
Career record: 27-30-1
Colours: Orange/Orange/Royal Blue
Website: No
Honours: Conference champions 1991

1992 BNGL Premier Division West Midlands Conference 5-5-0
1991 BNGL First Division West Midlands Conference 6-3-0*
1990 BNGL First Division West Midlands Conference 5-4-1
1989 CGL Baron First Division Central Conference 2-6-0
1988 UKAFL 3-6-0
1987 UKAFL Central A Conference 4-5-0

Team notes: Established in May 1986 and kitted in December 1986. Had a 48 man roster at their peak. Reached the BNGL First Division semi-finals in 1991, in their only playoff year.