Based: Ruardean Hill Rugby Club and Valley Road Rugby Ground
Career record: record unknown
Colours: Red pants and white shirts
Website: No
Honours: None

Team notes: The Raiders lasted 2 seasons, from 87-88. They played 14 or 15 games in their 2 yr existence, and the friendly local rivalry (2 wins, 1 tie, one loss) with the Cheltenham Chieftains saw quite a few of their team join ranks with them in the kitted ranks in '89.  Highlights were winning their first ever competitive fixture at the Frome Katanas, and a solid beating of the Ross Wildcats in '88.  We played (and lost heavily) to both the Elm Park Eagles and Chelmsford Cherokee, but with a 33-2 scoreline against the latter, they were generally pretty happy with what they achieved for a school formed team of about 15 friends. Some of the players went on to win a College Bowl with Cambridge, play for the Southern BNGL All star team and get selected to the GB Crusaders.