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Based: Harvey Hadden Stadium
Career Record (senior kitted only): 64-48-2
Colours: Black/Black/Gold
Honours: Conference champions 1992

Senior Kitted

1994 BAFA Division One 2-8-0
1993 NDMA Central Conference 5-3-0*
1992 NDMA Division One Northern Conference 9-1-0*
1991 NDMA First Division Northern Conference 9-1-0*
1990 NDMA Northern Conference 5-5-0
1989 Budweiser League Midlands Conference 4-5-1
1988 Budweiser League National Division Midlands Conference 4-9-1
1987 Budweiser League National Division Western Conference 7-3-0
1986 BAFL National League Central Conference 9-3-0*
1985 AFL Midlands Division 7-5-0*
1984 Merit Table 1-0-0

Youth Kitted

1993 BYAFA Anglian Division 2-5-0
1992 BYAFA Anglian Division 4-2-0* Lost 42-6 to Leeds Cougars in 1st round of playoffs
1991 BYAFA North East Conference 3rd* Lost 50-20 to Blackpool Falcons in quarter-finals
1990 NDMA Youth Kitted League Central Conference 4-3-1* Lost 58-8 to Northants Storm in 1st round of playoffs


1994 - QB Ken Suhl, Lamar Wilks (quit after 2 weeks), Eric Hawkins
1993 - QB Ken Suhl, DL Doug Winkeowitch (broke arm in first game)

1992 - QB Mike Grossner, DB Vic Quirolo
1991 - QB Mike Grossner, DB Vic Quirolo, TE David Carl

1990 QB Mike Grossner, DB Vic Quirolo, DL Tim Shiner
1989 QB Greg Wright, QB Pete Jensen (replaced Greg Wright), WR Joe Galluzzo, DL Rusty Bourne
1988 Bob Bogan, QB Pablo Ortiz, WR Bob Conrad, DL Roy Spencer
1987 RB Cliffton Stroughter, QB Bob Courtney
1986 RB Cliffton Stroughter

Head Coaches

1994 - Ken Suhul/Eric Hawkins
1993 - Steve Moon

1992 - Mike Grossner, Vic Quirolo

1990-1991 John Baird
1989 Les Wilson
1988 Bob Bogan (left after 3 games) [Replaced by another unknown import who also left], Pablo Ortiz
1987 Les Wilson
1986 Clifton Stroughter
1985 Paul Van Hoof
1984 Paul Van Hoof


1993 - AJ Okiwe, Albert Thompson, Steve Shaw, Lee Terrington, Cliff Ranson
1992 - Allan Brown
1991 - Allan Brown, John Parker
1989 - Allan Brown, John Parker
Chris Terrington
1986 Steve Raven

Team notes: Suffered from the continuing battling in the ultra strong Midlands and Central Conferences of the various UK football leagues. Never quite managed to break the Bulls/Panthers stranglehold on the area. Looked to be on the verge of a breakthrough in 1986, but were let down by American personnel. Always a well organised club with plenty of talent who never gave opponents an easy game. One of the best supported clubs in the country. Reached semi-finals in 1992 under the guidance of Grossner and Quirolo, who were replaced at the end of the season by Coach Steve Moon. Bought out by local businessman, Bink Marshall, in 1993 after previous owner David Shaw emigrated to Arizona. No longer able to afford the services of player import/coach Eric Hawkins, he returned to the States during the 1994 season. Import QB Ken Suhl explained, "Eric had to go for financial reasons."

Game notes:

3rd July 1994 - QB Ken Suhl ran for 132 yards and passed for 327 yards vs Thames Valley Chargers
18th July 1992 - Grossner became the alltime leading passer in the NDMA
11th July 1992 - Mike Grossner passed 6,000 career yards passing for the Hoods vs Blackpool Falcons. Allan Brown passed 5,000 career receiving yards in the same game.
24th May 1992 - Hoods had 612 yards of offense against Gateshead
6th July 1991 - Grossner passed for 7TDs vs Leeds Cougars
22nd June 1991 - Quirolo had 3.5 sacks to bring his season total to 15.5 (a league record) vs Gateshead
15th June 1991 - Vic Quirolo had 5 sacks and 16 tackles vs Blackpool
11th May 1991 - Mike Grossner threw for 419 yards vs Leicester Panthers. AJ Okiwe caught 201 yards,

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