Based: Cumbernauld, Scotland
Colours: Grey pants, yellow shirts and grey helmets
Website: No
Honours: BYAFA National runners-up 2004. Conference champions 2002. BYAFA Scottish Runners-up 2003, 2002

2004 BYAFA Northern Conference 4-2-0*
2003 BYAFA Scottish Conference 5-3-0*
2002 BYAFA Scottish Northern Conference 5-1-0*

Team notes: Youth kitted side who were playing in the Scottish developmental section of the BYAFA in 2001. Entered the league in 2002, and reached the Scottish final where they fell 23-20 to the Clyde Valley Hawks. In 2003, again reached the Scottish final after a 5-3 record, and again lost to the Hawks - 36-8. Finished second in the Northern Conference in 2004, and then dumped out Clyde Valley Hawks in the semi-finals to make their first national final.


Head Coaches: