Based: Grove Sports Centre, Balderton (also played at Newark Rugby Club)
Career Record (senior kitted): 17-33-0
Colours: Gold and white (also played in Yellow/Yellow & Green/White)
Website: No
Honours: Youth Two Touch Conference champions 1990

Senior Kitted

1991 BNGL Premier Division North Eastern Conference 0-8-0
1990 BNGL First Division East Midlands Conference 7-3-0
1989 BNGL First Division Southern A Conference 5-4-0
1988 UKAFL 0-5-0
1987 UKAFL Central B Conference 4-4-0
1986 AAFC Eastern Conference 1-9-0

Youth Two Touch

1991 JGL Northern Conference 1-4-1
1990 JGL Midlands Conference 7-1-0* 1-1 Lost 7-6 at Waldron Warriors in semi-finals
1989 JAFL East Midlands Conference 6-2-0* Beat Cambridge Coyotes 6-0, then lost to Rotherham Braves in quarter-finals.
1988 JAFL North East Conference 0-8-0

Junior Flag

1995 BYAFA Northern Conference 1-5-0

Team Notes: First played in AAFC in 1986, and progressed to their best year in 1990, when they narrowly missed the playoffs in the BNGL First Division. Folded after a tough year in BNGL Premier Division in 1991. Actually started the 1992 season but folded at the end of June due to player shortages. Joined forces with Lincoln to complete the season.

Youth team formed from the Bingham Bandits in 1988. Quote from one of their ex-Youth team players, "They had the smallest black shirts ever which must have contributed to the 0-8 season in 88.  By 89 (when I joined - as did six or so from Grantham who boosted the squad) we set the league on fire - but mainly through our bright orange shirts which we picked cos everyone else seemed to have black,red, white etc.  We actually voted for Tampa Bay orange, but they didnt have that.  Two years later everyone had gone for orange so at least we did something right."