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Based: Old Bedians Rugby Club, Millgate Lane Didsbury
(also played at Broughton Park FC, The Hough End Centre, Mauldeth Road West, Manchester)
White pants, red shirts with white numbers and white and blue hoops on arms, blue helmets (away kit white pants, blue shirts with white numbers and white and red hoops on arms, blue helmets
Honours: None

Career Record

2004 did not compete

2003 BSL Division Two Northern Conference 1-8-1

Team history:

Formed by Lee Morton, who was playing for the Yorkshire Rams in 2002 and wanted to set up a team in Manchester. Finished their first season in the BSL with a 1-8-1 record.

After pulling out of the 2004 season for various reasons, and watching many key players move to other teams, the Titans re-grouped over the summer of 2004 with the view to playing a full schedule of games in the 2005 season. Current committee members Chris Harwood (Titans GM) Tony McCulloch (Treasurer) and Head Coach Olando Holman, all of whom have been involved in Britball for many years, were instrumental in bringing the Titans back from the brink. The team moved home grounds to Old Bedians Rugby Club in Didsbury and entered the BAFL's Central Division of Division 2.   In what was realistically a first season for the team, the Titans finished with a solid 5-5 record and were second to the eventual Division 2 Champion Coventry Jets in the Central Division.  Earning a Quarter Final trip to play the West Coast Trojans.   With a squad comprised mostly of rookies, the Titans proved no match for the Trojans and were defeated 56-0. The 2006 season looks promising as a player recruitment drive has had considerable success and interest in the team has risen after appearances in the city centre and a recent exhibition game against the USA All-Stars

2005ManchesterQBKeogh.jpg (19619 bytes)
QB Jim Keogh

2005ManchesterTitansaction.jpg (26548 bytes)
L to R standing = Dave Lunt, Neil Cash, Mike Hood (56). 3-point stances L to R = James Tresman (51) Carl Rugen (98)

2005ManchesterTitansRBDexterChambers.jpg (15819 bytes)
RB Dexter Chambers

2005ManchesterTitansDBs.jpg (47401 bytes)
DBs = Foreground Adam Boanas, Background Allan Murdoch

2005ManchesterTitansrun.jpg (46291 bytes)
On the Run = Dave Herd (30) leading Gary Nugent

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Head Coach list:

Head Coach- Olando Holman                     
Linebackers Coach- Chris Harwood                     
O-Line- Tony McCulloch                     
D-Line- Neil Cash                     
RBs- Dave Herd                     
Secondary- Phil Chapman

Player list: