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Based: Tameside Leisure Park, Hyde & Salford RLFC (also played at Hyde United FC, Ewan Fields, Hyde)
British champions 1989, 1990. Eurobowl IV champions 1990. Conference champions 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990

Career Record

Senior Kitted

1992 NDMA Division One Northern Conference 7-3-0*
1991 NDMA First Division Northern Conference 2-8-0
1990 NDMA Northern Conference 9-1-0*
1989 Budweiser League Northern Conference 9-1-0*
1988 Budweiser League National Division Northern Conference 14-0-0*
1987 Budweiser League National Division Northern Conference 2-8-0
1986 BAFL National League Pennine Conference 10-0-2*
1985 AFL Northern Division 10-2-0*
1984 Merit Table 4-7-0

Youth Kitted

1994 BYAFA Northern Division 0-3-0
1993 BYAFA Northern Division 3-4-0
1992 BYAFA Northern Conference 3-5-0* Lost 54-0 to Birmingham Bulls in first round of playoffs
1991 did not compete
1990 did not compete
1989 NDMA Youth Kitted League 2-4-0

Team history:

The second oldest team in Britain. Began as the Northwich Spartans in 1983 and came to Manchester a year later. One of the most dominant teams in the North with several conference championships. Slipped up in 1987, but had the wherewithal to turn the situation around immediately. In 1988 won more games than any other team in one season (15), but fell in the semi-finals of the playoffs. In 1989 (coached by Terry Smith - who also coached GB at the time), they won the 1989 Budweiser title where they defeated Birmingham Bulls 21-14. The Spartans were an excellent team. Under former Atlanta Falcon starter Roy Harris, the defense produced youngsters the calibre of LB's Martin Owen and Howard Cooper and linemen Rick Hughes, Keith Marsh and Warren Billingham. In front of QB Hazen Choates was an offensive line with few peers. As a result entered the Eurobowl championship in 1990, where they defeated the Dublin Celts in the first round, and then triumphed 34-22 in the final against Legnano Frogs of Italy. Won the British championship for a second time in 1990 with a 27-25 win against Northants Storm. Had a mass player defection in 1991 (Mike Taylor and Les Jackson to New York Knights, Paul Bailey to Birmingham Bulls, Dave Samuels to Olympians, Allan Brown and John Parker to Nottingham Hoods, Tiggy Bell to Leeds Cougars) and they also adopted an All British policy which saw Hazen Choates and Roy Harris missing. Signed a sponsorship with Granada worth over 10,000 in 1991.

Entered the NDMA in 1993, but quit in May to concentrate on the Football League of Europe. Reformed as the GB Spartans and took part in the Football League of Europe instead.

Head Coaches

1988-1990 - Terry Smith
1991 - Nigel Dias
1992 - Terry Smith
1993 - Terry Smith


1989-1990 - Hazen Choates, Roy Harris
1991 - Terry Smith
1992 - Lorenzo Walker, Mark Nelson, Terry Smith


1990 - LB John Parker
1990 - Les Jackson, Dave Samuels
1990 - Paul Bailey
1990 - Allan Brown
1991 - Mike Astle

Game notes

18th July 1992 - Walker ran for 320 yards vs Gateshead Senators
11th July 1992 - Lorenzo Walker ran for 198 yards on 27 carriers vs Leeds Cougars
21st June 1992 - Lorenzo Walker ran for 238 yards and 3 TDs vs Nottingham Hoods
15th June 1991 - Terry Robinson ran for 216 yards on 27 carries vs Gateshead



1993SpartansDias.jpg (40967 bytes)  1994NigelDiasMunich.jpg (28776 bytes)
Nigel Dias

1993Spartanspullout.jpg (79641 bytes)
Article in First Down about Spartans pulling out of NDMA


1992ManchesterSpartansAstle.jpg (19920 bytes)
QB Mike Astle

1992SpartansNottinghamBrown.jpg (31566 bytes)
Nottingham's Allan Brown v Spartans

1992OlympiansScarlett Spartans.jpg (28722 bytes)
Spartans chase down Olympians Tony Scarlett

1992BirminghamSpartans.jpg (63028 bytes)
Trevor Carthy v Manchester Spartans

1992ManchesterLorenzoWalker.jpg (40802 bytes)  1992SpartansWalker.jpg (43738 bytes)
Import Lorenzo Walker

1992SpartansLeicesterSweetman.jpg (21767 bytes)
Spartans D stops Leicester's Warren Sweetman


1991Spartanssponsor.jpg (61983 bytes)
New sponsorship, 1991

1991TerrySmithlastgame.jpg (13628 bytes)  1991TerrySmithTDlastgame.jpg (29349 bytes)  1991TerrySmithTDlastgame2.jpg (24148 bytes)
Terry Smith playing in his last game, 1991

1991SpartansMikeAstle.jpg (24302 bytes)
QB Mike Astle


1990NorthantsSpartansVanAllen.jpg (53043 bytes)
Spartans Roy Harris sacks Northants Van Allen in Coke Bowl 1990

1990Choatescolour.jpg (4228 bytes)  1990SpartansChoates.jpg (3545 bytes) 
QB Hazen Choates

1991CokeBowlMikeJobson.jpg (14828 bytes)  1991CokeBowlSpartanswin.jpg (47358 bytes)
Celebrating their Coke Bowl win in 1990

1990Spartansfinalratings.jpg (57628 bytes)

1990SpartansChoatesGlasgow.jpg (35473 bytes)
Hazen Choates escapes a Glasgow Lions player in the Coke Bowl semi-final

1990SpartansSmithspeech.jpg (36413 bytes)
Terry Smith talks to his players

19900707LeicesterSpartans.jpg (43132 bytes)
vs. Leicester Panthers, 1990

1990RavensSpartans.jpg (27402 bytes)
London Ravens v Manchester Spartans, 1990

1990LeedsChrisThomasManSpartans.jpg (70359 bytes)
Leeds Cougars RB Chris Thomas v Manchester Spartans, 1990

1990ManSpartansAllanBrownAmsterdam.jpg (58095 bytes)

WR Allan Brown goes for a catch vs Amsterdam Crusaders in 1990 Eurobowl

1990ManSpartansAmsterdamsack.jpg (21995 bytes)
Manchester Spartans celebrate game winning sack vs Amsterdam, 1990 Eurobowl qualifier

1990SpartansCrusaderspile.jpg (57344 bytes)
Spartans pile on the pressure against Amsterdam in 1990

1990ManchesterBrownNottingham.jpg (34608 bytes)
Allan Brown v Nottingham

1990SpartanspressureKrammeBulls.jpg (33886 bytes)
Manchester Spartans pressure Dave Kramme

1990SpartansBaileyrun.jpg (23819 bytes)  1990ManchesterSpartansBaileyOlympians.jpg (46689 bytes)
Paul Bailey

1990ManchesterSpartansGeorgeBarratt.jpg (29671 bytes)
RB George Barratt

1990ManSpartansBailey.jpg (14194 bytes)
Paul Bailey

1990SpartansSmith.jpg (48757 bytes)  1990TerrySmithcolour.jpg (3768 bytes)  1990Smithcolour.jpg (4512 bytes)   1989SpartansSmithcatch.jpg (26477 bytes)
Terry Smith scoring for the Spartans, 1990

1990SpartansBell.jpg (18397 bytes)
Tiggy Bell played for the Spartans after moving from Leeds Cougars, 1990

1990ManchesterLesJackson.jpg (19460 bytes)
Les Jackson

1990ManchesterDundas.jpg (4622 bytes)
Center Cameron Dundas


1989ManSpartanscelebrate.jpg (67506 bytes)

1989ManSpartansBirminghamBulls.jpg (46256 bytes)  1989BudBowl3action.jpg (17936 bytes)
vs. Birmingham Bulls, Bud Bowl III, 1989

1989SpartansRavens1.jpg (56859 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens10.jpg (49837 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens11.jpg (53881 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens2.jpg (43672 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens3.jpg (49909 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens4.jpg (51607 bytes) 1989SpartansRavens5.jpg (57215 bytes)1989SpartansRavens6.jpg (39614 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens7.jpg (44617 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens8.jpg (53601 bytes)  1989SpartansRavens9.jpg (44035 bytes)
Manchester Spartans v London Ravens, 1989

1989AllstarsSpartansBoundaryPark.jpg (51328 bytes)  1989AllstarsSpartansBoundaryPark2.jpg (46533 bytes)  1989AllstarsSpartansBoundaryPark3.jpg (49156 bytes)  1989AllstarsSpartansBoundaryPark4.jpg (40831 bytes)  1989AllstarsSpartansBoundaryPark5.jpg (46785 bytes)  1989AllstarsSpartansEwanFields.jpg (45460 bytes)
Manchester Allstars v Manchester Spartans, 1989 @ Boundary Park, Oldham

Paul Bailey, 1989

1989TerrySmithhelmet.jpg (12406 bytes)
Terry Smith, 1989

1989SpartansAndyIgwediebo.jpg (42972 bytes)
Andy Igwediebo


Manchester Spartans v Glasgow Lions, 1988


1987AllstarsSpartans.jpg (66469 bytes)
Manchester Allstars (white) v. Manchester Spartans 1987

Spartans WR Tom Wrigley goes for a catch, 1987


Spartans TJ Johnson in action in 1986

1986ManchesterSpartansQBTJJohnson.jpg (8868 bytes)
QB TJ Johnson

vs. Tyneside, 1986


1985ManAllstarsNickGoughSpartans.jpg (41419 bytes)
Manchester Allstars Nick Gough running vs Manchester Spartans