Based: Swinton RFC (also played at Boundry Park – home of Oldham FC)
Career Record: 32-37-1
Colours: White/Blue/Red
Honours: 1987 British runners-up, 1987 conference champions, JAFFA Youth Two Touch champions 1986

Senior Kitted

1990 NDMA Northern Conference 1-9-0
1989 Budweiser League Northern Conference 2-8-0
1988 Budweiser League National Division Northern Conference 1-12-0
1987 Budweiser League National Division Northern Conference 10-0-0*
1986 BAFL National League Pennine Conference 9-3-0*
1985 AFL North Central Division 6-2-1*

Youth Kitted

1990 NDMA Youth Kitted League Northern Conference 1-4-1
1989 NDMA Youth Kitted League 0-6-0
1988 BYAFA 3-3-0

Youth Two Touch

1986 JAFFA Eastern Conference record unknown – won championship 20-18 against L8 Raiders

Team Notes: Started as a breakaway team from the crosstown Spartans in 1984 and had heavy rivalry with them. Following the sacking of Harry Lyons quit as Head Coach in early 1987, but they emerged as a major force, when they challenged the London Ravens for the Budweiser Bowl and looked to have the nucleus of a good team.

1987AllstarscoachLyonsquits.jpg (63273 bytes)
1987 pre-season article

Coached by NCAA Div II coach Bobby Williams in 1988. Lost ground in 1988 due to a mid-season loss of US players and coaches. 1989 brought genuine expectation of success inside the club and growing fear of it's sizable and skilled roster by rival teams. The team gained an exciting rushing prospect in Merseyside Centurions Andy Iwedeibo.

1989 Man Allstars Andy Iwedeibo signs.jpg (64896 bytes)

After another season of internal wranglings followed. Chairman Dave Leach said, "Bad? It was not the results we were confidently expecting (following a 2-8 season) with this squad. We thought we could go all the way. It's partly due to key injuries (QB Danny Ford in particular) and partly due to a clash of ego's greater than playing abilities and too much partying." Tried to re-establish themselves with new American personnel in 1989, but only managed two wins. Folded during the 1990 season.

1990 ManchesterAllstars fold.jpg (90509 bytes)

Head Coaches:

1990 - Tim Tobin


1987 Rick Bolen
1989 - QB Daniel Ford

1990 - QB Paul Wright, WR Greg Barden