Based: Luton Arndale Centre & Popes Meadow
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: Black pants, dark blue shirts, blue helmets
Honours: None

1997 BYAFA Southern Conference 3-2-1* Lost semi-final 40-0 to Farnham Knights
1996 BYAFA Eastern Conference 0-2-0
1993-5 did not compete
1992 BYAFA Anglian Conference 0-5-0
1991 BYAFA South East Conference 4th
1990 BYAFA Capital Conference 4th

Team Notes: Youth kitted side from Luton who played in two spells - 1990-1992 and 1996-1997. Folded at the beginning of the 1998 season due to a lack of players and sponsorship.

1997 YKL Luton Huskers v Kent Pumas.jpg (38625 bytes)
Huskers on offense against the Kent Pumas in a 1997 match
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