Based: Finsbury Park, London
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: White pants, black jerseys, white helmets
Honours: British Youth Kitted champions 1999, 1995 British Youth Kitted runners-up 1991. Conference champions 1999, 1998, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1991. Junior two touch champions 1993

Youth Kitted

2002 BYAFA English Southern Conference 4-1-0
2001 BYAFA Southern East Conference 0-6-0
2000 BYAFA Southern Conference 1-2-0
1999 BYAFA Southern Conference 5-1-0* 2-0 won final 32-0 Wolver
1998 BYAFA Eastern Conference 6-0-0* 1-1
1997 BYAFA Southern Conference 1-5-0*
1996 BYAFA Southern Conference 4-0-0* 1-1
1995 BYAFA Southern Conference 6-0-0* 3-0 won final 38-28 Birming
1994 BYAFA Anglian Conference 8-0-0* 0-1
1993 BYAFA Southern Conference 3-4-0
1992 BYAFA Capital Conference 4-2-0* 2-1
1991 BYAFA South Eastern Conference 1st* 3-1
1990 BYAFA Capital Conference 2nd

Junior Two Touch

1993 BYAFA 2-2* Won Bowl 8-6 against Tiger Bay

Team Notes: Founded in 1990, and have won national titles in 1995 and 1999. Have compiled a great record over the years. Three Capitals have been able to attend American Universities with financial aid. They play American Football and receive a first class education. One Capital, Tario Mundawarara, now also wears a Championship ring for Div I football. One Capital, Jason Byworth, embarked upon a professional career in football, becoming the youngest player, at 19, in the London Monarchs history. He has also played for the Scotland Claymores. Tom Britton leads as QB for SUNY Morrisville. Bobby Henderson is continuing his education at Averett University in Virginia, where he plays linebacker.

Game notes:

5th September 1999 - RB Joe Mbu ran for a club record 237 yards on just 12 carries vs Farnham Knights in a 28-22 win