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Based: Terrence MacMillan Stadium (also played at The Willows Sports Ground, Beckton, East London & Herne Hill Stadium)
Career Record: 34-11-0
Colours: Silver/Black/Silver
Website: No
Honours: BNGL National champions 1991. NCMMA champions 1990. Conference champions 1991, 1990, 1986

1991 BNGL National Division South Capital Conference 10-0-0*
1990 NCMMA Southern Conference 9-0-0*
1989 CGL Crown National Division Southern Conference 6-4-0
1988 competed as City of London Capitals
1987 Budweiser League Premier Division South Eastern Conference 4-6-0
1986 Budweiser League Central Division Two 9-1-0

1991LondonCapitalsClydesdaleaction.jpg (17073 bytes)
Violence at the BNGL National Bowl in 1991, London Capitals v Clydesdale Colts

1990LondonCapitalscelebrate.jpg (35791 bytes)
London Capitals celebrate their 1990 NCMMA title

1990LondonCapitalsDeanJones.jpg (33764 bytes)
QB Tony Jones led to the 1990 NCMMA crown

1991CapitalsElliot.jpg (23402 bytes)  1991LondonCapitalsJasonElliot.jpg (24360 bytes)
Jason Elliot

1991LondonCapitalsQBMalcolmGlover.jpg (12952 bytes)
QB Malcolm Glover, 1991

1991CapitalsJuniorCain.jpg (48409 bytes)  1991CapitalsCane.jpg (20421 bytes)
Junior Cain

1986ThamesBarriersvLondonCapitals.jpg (33185 bytes)  1986ThamesBarriersvLondonCapitalsB.jpg (31394 bytes)
Thames Barriers v London Capitals, 1986

1986LondonCapitalsCedricLevy.jpg (23019 bytes)
Cedric Levy, 1986


Team Notes: Founded in 1986 after merger with East London Braves and were Division Two champions in the same year. Further strengthened in 1987 by influx of Stock Exchange Stags players. They joined the CGL in 1989, and then between 1990 and 1991 had great success winning two championships. The NCMMA in 1990 with a 31-8 win against Essex Buccanneers. Signed Jason Elliot as QB for 1991, and then a 52-7 win against Clydesdale Colts in the BNGL National Division final in 1991. Folded at the end of 1991. Started a great youth set-up which continues to this day.

Head Coaches

1991 - Ray Johnson


1990 QB Tony Jones, RB Rudi Elliot
1991 - QB Malcolm Glover, RB Rudi Elliot

Game notes

15th June 1991 - Malcolm Glover passed for 6TDs vs Hampshire