Based: British Gas Ground, Clough Road, Hull (now closed down)
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: Black pants, luminous green shirts with white numbers and blue trim and black helmets
Honours: None

1999 BYAFA Youth Flag Northern Conference 1-5-0
1998 BYAFA Youth Flag Northern Conference 0-9-0
1997 JGL Youth Flag Northern Conference 4-2-0*
1996 JGL Youth Flag Northern Conference record unknown

1996HullRocketstraining.jpg (31488 bytes)
Hull Rockets training in March 1996
Photo courtesy of C.Whiteley

Team Notes: Youth flag side from Humberside who competed between 1996 and 1999. The Hull Rockets were originally formed as the Humberside Rockets in January 1996 as a flag football team for kids aged 14 - 18 years .Founded by Chris Whiteley the team started training with a squad of 7 players for the first month. Using adverts in the local press and posting flyers throughout the city more and more players became available .In March 1996 the team registered into the Junior Gridiron League (now known as NFFA) ready to play in the 96 season .The Rockets were placed in the Northern Conference which included the Northwestern Redskins (Warrington) ,Doncaster Wildcats and the Wirral Cardinals (Liverpool) . Head Coach Chris Whiteley,in his first ever coaching position ,created his team from 100% of rookies and used every resource he could to get the most from the players.The Rockets game plan was plain and simple ...put the ball in the air!Chris said,"I've seen video's of some of the teams in this league and to my knowledge none of these teams throw more than 15 passes in a game .We have the talent to be able to break that trend and hopefully win a few games". The 1997 Season saw the Rockets finish with a 4 - 2 record and be 2nd in the Northern Conference. The Rockets also boasted the UK's highest ever scoreline by beating the Birmingham Raiders 138 - 6 . The Rockets made there first ever playoff appearance against the Peterborough Centurions but lost 17 - 12. This proved to be the end of an era ,as the Rockets lost 80% of the squad due to new age restrictions. 1998 didn't prove to be great as the Rockets failed to win a single game during the Season and also score a single point. The Team was hit by financial difficulties because of the Rockets Senior Team and also the talent on the field was very low. The '99 Rockets played a great season even though finishing 2 -4. An improvement in the Rockets defense turned the team from cellar dwellers to a team that could compete even with the top teams in the league. Still hit by financial problems and a few injuries the Rockets kept all games respectable.