Based: Broadbridge Heath Sports Centre, Horsham, Sussex (also played at Warnham Court School, Warnham)
Career Record: 28-26-4
Colours: Yellow/White/Black
Website: No
Honours: Conference champions 1991

1993 BNGL Premier Division South Central Conference 3-7-0
1992 BNGL Premier Division South Eastern Conference 6-4-0
1991 BNGL First Division South Capital Conference 7-1-0*
1990 BNGL First Division Southern Conference 7-2-1
1989 BNGL Premier Division Southern B Conference 1-6-1
1988 BNGL Channel Conference 3-5-2

Team Notes: Competed in the BNGL for 6 years between 1988 and 1993 making the playoffs in 1991. Had the first father/son playing combo in 1992 when Ron and Ben Salt signed for the team.Folded in 1994 citing a lack of linemen.

In 1993, the cost of playing football in the U.K. was taking it's toll on a lot of players. This, as well as the young men of the team beginning families and having to balance the books at home, resulted in a severe lack of players in all positions. I seem to remember that when I joined I was one of 5 receivers on the team. When they folded I was half of a pair!

When i joined, football teams in general were showing the signs of folding. whether due to lack of interest or the spiralling costs, I'm not sure but they probably did have an impact.Horsham were a struggling team when i joined,from the Crawley Raiders, but
with the folding of, i think, the Selsey Badgers(?) and the South Coast Sharks (Shoreham), our ranks swelled and our player quality and numbers made a big difference.

In our championship season (91) we lost our opening game vs Guernsey, i think. Then followed by 7 straight wins.
In 1990 I recall a draw vs Enfield Bullets, is 2-2 rare!? Hehe.

The feeling amongst the team members was fantastic as well as the enthusiasm and commitment to Britball. Football was played for fun and i think that was the secret of our success, albeit brief.

Highlights for me were the 50-0 victory at the Wight Rhinos (my 65 yd quick slant TD   may have something to with it). The victory vs Guernsey on their patch (138 yds receiving and another 65 yarder in full flow and the fingertip 2 point conversion). Also the playoffs in 91 were we narrowly lost to Folkestone Vikings but it was a major leap for the club.A win vs Crawley in the first competitive match (the rematch was marred by Crawley lining up a few "ringers" as we were told later) but the first game counted more!

The players from Horsham continued as Crawley were in a similar situation with players and we merged with them. Crawley eventually merged with Brighton and then evolved into the Sussex thunder. Hopefully the torch will continue to be passed.

However, until the game is taken seriously by all concerned and the general public, with a sponsored league and TV coverage, it will continue to be considered a quirky and eccentric sport.
Mike Harvey
#84 Horsham Predators
Crawley Sussex"

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1991-1992 Blaze Vesolowki