Based: Hertford Rugby Club (also played at Furzefield Sports Centre, 1996)
Career Record: 20-26-1
Colours: Black pants, purple shirts, black helmets
Honours: None

2000 BSL Division Two Southern Conference 2-5-1
1999 BSL Division Two Southern Conference 7-1-0*
1998 BSL Division Two South Eastern Conference 5-5-0
1997 BSL Division Two Midlands Conference 6-4-0
1996 BSL Division Three South Eastern Conference 0-10-0

Team Notes: Competed in the BSL between 1996 and 2000 making the playoffs once (in 1999). Folded just as the 2001 season was about to start. Club spokesmen said, "We started preseason optimistic  that with the number of veteran players coupled with several rookies would see us through 2001. However, we quickly realised that in the London area the players would rather go to a Division One club, than take a trip up the A10 to Hertford. At training we lost RB Jon Regan with a broken leg and that took us below the league minimum for players."