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Based: Various locations in the Stamford/Peterborough area
Career Record: record unknown
Colours: White pants, black mesh shirts (borrowed from Alconbury)
Website: No
Honours: None

Team notes: Un-affiliated kitted side who were a start-up team of local players in 1983. They had an American who'd played at high school as coach although from what they all later learned at Cambridge and Rockingham. The team simply didn't understand what was involved and could not have succeeded. Played one kitted game against Alconbury. Several players went onto join Rockingham Rebels or the Cambridge County Cats. Hereward is a local name , a historic figure from the Viking days .. it can be seen in several local names like the Hereward Centre in Peterborough. Folded in 1986

This article was written by a former player of the team,

With hindsight they were TOO early, and by the time the potential to succeed was there they were already drifting apart. Maximum squad size was between 16 and 20, from recollection the Alconbury game was played with most people playing both ways. They did also have a kitted game scheduled against Scunthorpe Steelers, but it never reached a definite form.

Colours were white/black/white and helmet emblem was a ram's head - taken from a Derby County promotional hand-out of stickers! I'm sure of this because I still have my helmet in the loft, out of curiosity I peeled off the split and tatty Cats sticker on one side and the Rams one is still in place underneath. I resprayed my helmet black ( with a halford's rattlecan in the carpark one training night - happy days! ) when I joined Cambridge.

I also still have the white pants and red mesh shirt which served as training kit through my Cambridge days and beyond, don't have the game shirt though. The comments about borrowing mesh shirts from Alconbury is largely true but some players at least had their own shirts. I had mine numbered #00 because I had worn that number briefly as an exchange student a few years before."

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