Based: Cwmbran Stadium (also played at Crosskeys RC - 1995/6)
Career Record: 47-36-0
Colours: Black and grey
Honours: BAFA Division Three runners-up 1995. Conference champions 1995

1997 BSL Division Two South West Conference 4-6-0
1996 BSL Division Three Midlands Conference 7-3-0*
1995 BAFA Division Three West Midlands Conference 7-1-0*
1994 BAFA Division Three South West Conference 4-6-0
1993 BNGL Premier Division South West Conference 4-6-0
1992 BNGL Premier Division South West Conference 6-4-0
1991 BNGL Premier Division South West Conference 8-2-0*
1990 BNGL First Division South West Conference 4-5-0

Team Notes: Formerly known as the Newport Mustangs. Competed between 1990 and 1997 in the BNGL, BAFA and BSL leagues. Reached the 1995 BAFA Division Three Bowl losing 14-6 to Oxford. Signed sprinter Jason Livingstone in 1993 - carried just 5 times for 89 yards and 1 TD on his debut.

Game notes:

5th June 1996 - Cliffe Webb ran for 172 yards and 4TDs vs West Brom
20th June 1993 - Jason Livingstone ran for 112 yards and a TD vs Severn Vale
22nd April 1990 - Cliff Webb ran for 234yds and 3tds vs Bournemouth Bulldogs