Based: Inchyra Park, Grangemouth, Scotland
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: Orange

Honours: UK Bowl Champions 2002 (Mid Squad), Claymores Bowl III Champions 2002 (Mid Squad), SFFA Central Conference League Champions 2002 ( Cadets), WCO Clyde Bowl 2002 Champions (Cadets), Independence Bowl 2002 Champions (Cadets). Superbowl Flag 2003 Champions (Cadet), Superbowl Flag 2003 shared winners (Juniors),
Claymores NFL Kick-Off Classic 2002 champions (Cadets), Claymores NFL Kick-Off Classic 2002 champions (Juniors), Claymores NFL Kick-Off Carnival 2003 champions (Cadets), 2003 SFFA North/East Conference champions at Cadet/Junior/Youth levels, 2003 SFFA champions (Cadets, Juniors), 2003 SFFA league runners-up (Youths) 2004 Cadet SFFA North/East Conference - Champions. 2004 Cadet SFFA Scottish League - Runners-Up. 2004 Claymores NFL Kick-Off Carnival - Runners-Up (Cadet). 2004 FlameBowl (Cadet) - Runners-Up

Team Notes: Competed in the SCWFFL in 2000/2001 and continue to take part in Junior, Cadet  and Senior flag tournaments. Have won numerous trophies in the last 12 months (see above). Continued to develop their younger talent in 2004 becoming runners-up at Cadet level in the SFFA Scottish League.