Based: Oakfield School, Frome, Somerset
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: Red and white jerseys, black pants, red socks
Website: No
Honours: None

Team Notes: Un-affiliated youth two touch side from Somerset. Played the Avalon Knights in a friendly in 1988. Other results unknown. The following is a report of the Katanas by Luke Regler who played for them, "Frome Katanas played from Oakfield school. Struggled with a full crew and was managed mainly through the Covilles, with son Russell playing corner back. Largely coached by Stuart from the Taunton Wyverns. Several of the team moved into this team after a year of so and played in the Western League against teams such as Bournemouth, St Austell, Bath, Bristol.The Frome Katanas played against Glastonbury, Gloucester, Bath, Bristol and I am sure other clubs but I do not remember which other teams. Players included Nick, Lee, David James, Russell Coville, Simon Staddon, Me, James Stradling, Chris Killops, Gary Neal, Justin McGiffin, Matthew Griffin, Vaun Walker with cheerleader support from Jeanette Angel amongst others.
Attached is a photo of kick off  against a team unknown nor is the date.