FIFE 49ners

Based: Beveridge Park, Kirkaldy
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: All black with gold numbers (originally played in Red/Black/Red)
Honours: Conference champions 1994

1996 SGA record unknown
1995 SGA Division One 3-5-0
1994 BAFA Division Two 10-0-0*
1993 BNGL National Division Northern Conference 6-4-0*
1992 BNGL National Division Scottish Conference 7-3-0
1991 BNGL National Division Scottish Conference 6-4-0
1990 BNGL National Division Scottish Conference 7-3-0
1989 CGL Duke Premier Division Scottish Conference 6-3-1*
1988 Budweiser League Division One Scottish Conference 5-4-1
1987 Thistle League 7-3-0

1987Fife49ners.jpg (52510 bytes)

1990FifeDavidGlendenning.jpg (28365 bytes)
QB David Glendinning, 1990

1994FifeRBDecGallacher.jpg (40948 bytes)
RB Dec Gallacher, 1994

Team Notes: Originally known as the Fife Falcons until obliged by the BAFL to change their name to avoid clash with Fylde. Made playoffs in 3 seasons (1989, 1993 and 1994) but failed to progress past the first round on each occasion. In 1993 made the playoffs, but were forced to forfeit their quarter-final vs Bedford with only 6 fit players. Joined the SGA in 1995, and disbanded at the end of the 1996 season. Played the Perry Pirates from Ohio in touring matches in the late 80's.


1994 - Todd Shackleford, Gerald Bachalor, Dan Jensen

Game notes:

10th July 1994 - Dec Gallager rushed for 329 yards vs Clydesdale Colts
26th June 1994 - Dec Galagher rushed for 207 yards on 24 carries v Clydesdale Colts
23rd May 1994 - Dec Gallagher ran for 264 yards vs Dundee Whalers
9th May 1994 - Gallagher ran for 238 yards vs Granite City Oilers
20th June 1993 - Dec Gallagher passed 1,000yards for the season with 264 yards vs Clydesdale
13th June 1993 - Dec Gallagher ran for 286 yards on 44 carries v North Yorkshire
9th May 1993 - Dec Gallagher ran for 268 yards vs Don Valley
21st June 1992 - Dec Gallagher ran for 288 yards on 38 carries vs Dundee Whalers
13th May 1990 - Andy Meikle returned the kickoff 86yards to win the first ever overtime game in Britball vs Dundee Whalers