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Based: Saughton Astroturf, Edinburgh (also played at The Jack Kane Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland)
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: Blue/Yellow/Blue
Website: No
Honours: Conference champions 1987

1994 BAFA Division Two Scottish Conference 2-7-0
1993 BNGL Premier Division Northern Conference 7-3-0
1988 Budweiser League Premier Division Scottish Conference 4-6-0
1987 Budweiser League Premier Division Borders Conference 7-0-1*
1986 BAFL National League Northern Conference 4-8-0
1985 AFL Northern Division 2-9-0

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Granite City Oilers v Edinburgh Eagles, 1993
Photo courtesy of David Day


Team Notes: Also known as the Edinburgh Blue Eagles (between 1985 and 1986). They merged to become known as the Edinburgh Phoenix (1989 and 1990). Made the playoffs in 1987. The Eagles came back in 1993, but were practically a new team. They re-used the Edinburgh Phoenix kit (see below) and disbanded at the end of 1994.


1994 - Gerald Bachalor, Sheldon Bryant, Paul Orzetti

Game notes:

10th April 1994 - Paul Lowery ran for 204 yards vs Falkirk Cougars