Based: Lucan Community College, Phoenix Park (also played at Civil Service GAA, Islandbridge, Dublin)
Career Record: 6-14-0
Gold pants, Maroon jerseys with gold numbers; gold helmets
Website: http://www.dublindragons.com/
Honours: None

2004 IAFL 3-5-0
2003 IAFL Division One 1-5-0
2002 IAFL 2-4-0
2001 IAFL 1-5-0

Team Notes: The Dublin Dragons were formed 3rd Jan 2000 in a pub on the southside of Dublin city by John Durrad & Alan Burke, who have experience of 12 yrs or more. From an already existing 7 man flag team called the Dublin Gladiators.

Dublin Rebels (black) vs. Dublin Dragons (maroon) game that the Rebels won 18-0.

The team back then consisted of 11 players with only five having previous experience playing full kitted football with clubs such as the Dublin Celts, Dublin Tornadoes, Dublin Lightning, Greystones Rebels (now the Dublin Rebels) and Dublin Tigers.

Of which all five have won 1 or more Shamrock Bowl titles.The club as it became, trained in Marlay park on the south side of the city through the first year with no sign of a league or a friendly game to be found, but then we picked up some new & experienced players over that year. These were of different Nationalities American, German, English, Mexican, South African & French as well as Irish. They are now the core players of this growing team.

By the beginning of 2001 new & existing clubs began to appear, the likelyhood of a league became a reality. An AGM was held at John's home consisting of members of the 4 teams and a winter league was established. The club decided to move to a more central location in the Phoenix Park (See MAP) for easy access for new players.

Being a new club with many new players we had a rough season, losing our first five games before winning our final game. But we were competitive throughout thanks to our hard-hitting defense. Our offense had a tough time gelling, but we started to find our feet in the latter half of the season.
Exert from www.dublindragons.com

In 2002, the Dragons finished with a 2-4-0 record, and in 2003 they finished 1-5-0. Still looking to break into the elite after a 3-5-0 season in 2004.