Based: Poole Stadium, Poole, Dorset and also Ringwood
Career Record: 3-0-0
Colours: B
lack with a white and orange stripe for the jersey and pants for the Broncos colours.
Website: No
Honours: None

1984 Merit Table 2-0-0
1985 Friendlies 1-0-0

Team Notes: Formerly known as the Poole Sharks, and after entering the AFL in 1985 changed their name to the Wessex Wildcats. This is a quote from a former player,
Since our Poole Sharks helmets were white we put black and orange stripes across the top with the letters DB on the side. We did not have alot of money so we did what we could. We built our own goal posts and lighting for night training at a playing field. I think we played our games at the same field which I think was somewhere in Ringwood but it is so long ago I cant remember for sure. All I remember is that the field was very muddy."

Played and beat the Southampton Wolverines 30-0 on the 4th March 1985 away.