Based: Brownlow, Craigavon (also played at the Goodyear Social Club, Craigavon)
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: Colours: Silver pants, blue shirts, silver helmets)
Honours: Shamrock Bowl VII, II, I champions. Shamrock Bowl VI, IV, III runners-up. Irish League champions 1987, 1986

2003 IAFL Division Two 2-2-0
1992 Shamrock Bowl VII Craigavon defeated Antrim Bulldogs
1991 Shamrock Bowl VI Dublin Celts defeated Craigavon
1990 Shamrock Bowl V Craigavon defeated Antrim Bulldogs
1989 CGL Duke Premier Division Irish Conference 3-5-0
1989 Shamrock Bowl IV Dublin Celts defeated Craigavon
1988 IAFL National Conference 3-2-0* Shamrock Bowl III Dublin Celts defeated Craigavon
1987 IAFL Tara Conference 8-2-0*
1987 Shamrock Bowl II Craigavon defeated Dublin Celts
1986 Shamrock Bowl I Craigavon defeated Belfast Blitzers

Team Notes: Unfortunately BritballNow does not hold the Irish League final standings over the course of it's history, although it does the winners and runners-up from the Shamrock Bowls over the years. Craigavon reached the first 7 Shamrock Bowl's winning four of them. It is unknown when they stopped playing. Played the first ever floodlit game on Irish soil against American semi-pros New England Raiders. Many players joined the Lurgan Area Raiders when the Cowboys folded, but they reformed in 2003, and played in the IAFL that season finishing with a 2-2-0 record.