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Based: Butts Stadium, The Butts, Coventry (also played at Murcia Sporting Club, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry and Coventry Welsh Rugby Football Ground at Burbages Lane, Exhall, Coventry in 1986)
Career Record: 17-22-2
Colours: Silver/White/Orange (
The helmets remained white but had a bear's face logo (v.similar to the Chicago Bears design), the shirts were white with black and gold trim on the sleeves and black numbers., the leggings were black with white and gold piping.Midway through the season, a black away shirt was added that had gold numbers.)
Honours: Conference champions 1986

Senior Kitted

1990 NCMMA Central Conference 2-8-0
1989 CGL Crown National Division Central Conference 2-8-0
1988 Budweiser League Premier Division East Midlands Conference 5-3-2
1987 played under the name of the CMK Bucks
1986 BAFL National League Central Conference 8-2-0*


1987CoventryBearsRBGarretDickensvLuton.jpg (42755 bytes)
Coventry Bears RB Garret Dickens v Luton Flyers, 1987

1986CoventryQBPhillipsLutonFlyers.jpg (55486 bytes)
QB Radcliffe Phillips

1986LutonQBCoventryMartinHadlum.jpg (65108 bytes)  1986LutonCoventry.jpg (63452 bytes)
Coventry QB Martin Hadlum vs Luton Flyers

1986CoventryBearsHadlumLoco.jpg (35391 bytes)
QB Hadlum v Locomotive Derby

1986CoventryBearsLBKevinHarrisLoco.jpg (33409 bytes)
LB Kevin Harris

1986CoventryBearsRadcliffePhillipsLocoDerby.jpg (49272 bytes)  1986CoventryBearsRadcliffePhillipsLocoDerby2.jpg (76131 bytes)
Radcliffe Phillips v Locomotive Derby

National Passball League

1989 NPL Central Conference 2-6-0

Youth Two Touch

1987 JAFL Midlands Conference 7-1-0* (lost 10-6 at Elm Park Eagles in first round of the playoffs)

Team Notes: In 1986 the Warwickshire Bears changed it's name to the Coventry Bears.   Coincidentally the headcoach changed at the same time.   Joe McCheseny was dismissed and Radcliffe Philips was invited to take over as caretaker.  I think Radcliffe was still acting in a management role for the league at the time, but he had stepped down from any involvement with the Milton Keynes Bucks.   Things went pear shaped when the merger with Milton Keynes Bucks happened.  The actual merger came about because of several factors, the upheaval of Budweiser league and the subsequent need as Radcliffe Phillips  believed to rescue the name of the Bucks. Merged with the Walsall Titans at the end of 1990 to form the Coventry Jaguars. Formed a youth side in 1987.

Game notes:

1st July 1990 - Nick Bell ran for 201 yards vs Milton Keynes