Based: Gilberd School (1985), Witham Sports Centre (1985), Wivenhoe Town F.C. (1989), Woods Leisure Centre (1988) , Braiswick, Colchester (1987), Monkwick Leisure Centre (1995)
Career Record: 74-26-0
Colours: Yellow pants/Royal Blue shirts with gold numbers/White helmets
Honours: CGL Crown National runners-up 1989. Budweiser Premier Division champions 1988. Conference champions 1995, 1989, 1988, 1987

Senior Kitted

1995 BAFA Division Three East Midlands Conference 9-1-0*
1994 BAFA Division Three Midlands Conference 7-2-1*
1993 BNGL Premier Division South East Conference 4-6-0
1990 NCMMA Central Conference 6-4-0*
CGL Crown National Division Central Conference 10-0-0*
1988 Budweiser League
Premier Division North London & East Conference 10-0-0*
1987 Budweiser League
Premier Division South East Conference 9-1-0*
1986 Budweiser League Central Division One 8-2-0
1985 AFL Southern Division 4-4-0*

BYAFA Youth Kitted

1991 BYAFA Eastern Conference 1st (lost 22-39 to Farnham Knights in Southern Semi-Final)
1990 BYAFA Eastern Conference 2nd
1989 BYAFA South Eastern Conference 0-5-0



2003ColchesterGladDermotinshirt.jpg (125163 bytes)
Dermot O'Leary playing for the Gladiators in the 20th anniversary game

2003FriendlyColchesterEssex.jpg (42408 bytes)
Colchester (blue) vs Essex


1995OxfordColchester.jpg (22940 bytes)
Oxford Saints v Colchester Gladiators, 1995


1989ColchesterWalsall.jpg (42513 bytes)
1989ColchesterWalsall2.jpg (43226 bytes)
vs. Walsall Titans, 1989

1989ColchesterOxford.jpg (39576 bytes)
vs. Oxford, 1989


Celebrating their Bud Bowl Premier Division victory

1989ColchesterGladiatorsMiltonMyers.jpg (4004 bytes)
Gladiators QB Milton Myers

1988BudPremierColchesterBrighton.jpg (58285 bytes)
Brighton B-52s v Colchester Gladiators, 1988 Budweiser Premier Bowl

Gladiators Coach George Baldwin

Gladiators Steve Tatum covering an Ashton Oilers receiver in 1988


1987ColchesterQBJayIlervHeathrow.jpg (54264 bytes)
Colchester QB Jay Iler vs Heathrow, 1987

Team Notes: Essex team with a superb record. Between 1986 and 1989 lost just three games. QB Milton Myers was their star in that period featuring in a high powered offense that took them to the Budweiser Premier Division title in 1988 with a 47-28 win against Brighton B-52s.  In 1991 they merged with the Chelmsford Cherokee and played as the Essex Gladiators in 91 and 92, playing some games at Melbourne Stadium, Chelmsford and some at Gloucester Park, Basildon. At the end of the 92 season a proposed merger between Essex Gladiators and Kent Mustangs came to nothing and in the fall-out of a less than friendly slanging match the upshot was that a new Colchester Gladiators team appeared, first in the BNGL Premier Division and then, following the amalgamation of the leagues in 1994 the BAFA Division 4 and subsequently Div 3. This team was comprised of a majority of players from the Colchester youth team plus around 12 or so veteran players with the old Gladiator management team until they finally folded. During this time they played at Monkwick leisure centre, Colchester and were sometimes known as the "Sloppy Joe's" Gladiators after their sponsor. George Baldwin's book "Seeing England from the fifty yard line" ISBN 0-930753-20-8 chronicles the Gladiators. Returned in 2003, when they played a friendly against the Essex Blades to mark the club's 20th anniversary - the Gladiators won 50-8 in a game where the highlights were shown on Sky Sports. Plans are being made to return to competitive action again in 2005.

Head Coaches:


1990 RB Mel Moore, QB Joe Niemann


Game notes:

6th August 1995 - Stuart Brereton ran for 302 yards on 36 carriers vs Sabres - BAFA Div.3 quarter-final
16th July 1995 - Stuart Brereton ran for 218 yards on 17 carries vs Norwich Devils
4th June 1995 - Stuart Brereton ran for 208 yards on 29 carries vs Rockingham Rebels
21st May 1995 - Stuart Brereton ran for 326 yards and 2 TDs vs Sabres
30th April 1995 -
Stuart Brererton ran for 239 yards on 29 carries vs Ipswich Cardinals
16th April 1995 - Stuart Brererton ran for 233 yards and 2 TDs on 31 carries vs Oxford Saints
20th May 1990 - Mel Moore ran for 261 yards and 6TDs vs Oxford

13th May 1990 - Mel Moore ran for 213 yards and 5 tds from 32 carries vs Milton Keynes