Based: Lanark Race Course, Scotland
Colours: White pants, white shirts with gold numbers and black trim, gold helmets
Honours: BYAFA British Champions 2003. BYAFA Scottish Champions 2003, 2002. BYAFA Conference champions 2004.

2004 BYAFA Northern Conference 5-1-0*
2003 BYAFA Scotland Conference 8-0-0*
2002 BYAFA Scotland Southern Conference 5-0-0*

2001 BYAFA Youth Kitted Scottish Conference 1-5-0

Team Notes: Competed in the Scottish Conference of the BYAFA Youth Kitted League in 2001 and finished with a 1-5-0 record. Improved immeasurably in 2002, winning the Scottish title with a perfect record and the final 23-20 against the North Lanarkshire Rams. Repeated the trick in 2003, when they completed a perfect season. They defeated North Lanarkshire Rams 36-8 in the Scottish Final, and then the Lancashire Wolverine Colts 46-6 in the British Championship. Won the BYAFA Northern Conference in 2004, but fell to North Lanarkshire Rams in the semi-finals. Formed a close tie up with the BSL East Kilbride Pirates in the 2004 off-season.


Head Coaches: