Based: Chester RUFC, Hare Lane, Chester (also played at Queensway International Stadium, Wrexham - 1995/6)
Career Record: 68-105-6
Colours: Red/Black/White since 1999
Honours: BSL Division Two champions 1999. Conference champions 1996, 1994

Senior Kitted

2004 BSL Division One A Northern Conference 1-9-0
2003 BSL Division One Northern Conference 0-8-0
2002 BSL Division One Northern Conference 3-6-1
2001 BSL Division One Northern Conference 2-5-0
2000 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 2-6-0
1999 British Senior League Division Two Northern Conference 4-3-1*
1998 British Senior League Division Two North Western Conference 4-6-0
1997 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 3-7-0
1996 British Senior League Division Three Northern Conference 8-1-1*
1995 BAFA Division Two North/Midlands Conference 0-10-0
1994 BAFA Division Three Northern Conference 7-2-1*
1993 BNGL Premier Division Midlands Conference 6-4-0
BNGL Premier Division West Midlands Conference 5-5-0
1991 BNGL National Division Northern Conference 1-9-0
1990 BNGL National Division Midlands Conference 4-6-0
1989 BNGL Premier Division Northern B Conference 7-2-1*
1988 Budweiser League First Division Northern Conference 4-6-0
1987 Budweiser League First Division Northern Conference 2-7-1

BYAFA Youth Kitted

1991 BYAFA Northern Conference 3rd
1990 BYAFA North Western Conference 2nd
1989 BYAFA Central Conference 3-4-0

1987ChesterRomans.jpg (34424 bytes)

Team Notes: One of the oldest clubs in the UK. Founded in the week of Super Bowl XX; kitted by the summer of 1986; playing by September.
Coached by Harry Lions in 1988, formerly of the Manchester Allstars. Changed their name to The Romans for the 1995 and 1996 seasons and relocated to Wales where they played in Wrexham. Won BSL Division Two Bowl in 1999 despite only squeezing into the play-offs with a 4-3-1 record. Changed their name to the Cheshire Romans for the 2001 season, and then back to Chester Romans in 2002. Had a disappointing year in 2003, where they failed to win a game. Relegated to Division One A in 2004, they again struggled and suffered a second straight relegation following a 1-9-0 season. Built a youth kitted side in 2004.

Game notes

2nd June 1996 - Woolgar ran for 197 yards and 3 TDs vs Manchester. Passed 1,000 yards for the season in just 6 games
26th May 1996 - Steve Waite passed for a club record 175 yards vs Merseyside
28th April 1996 - Gavin Woolgar ran for over 200 yards vs South Yorks Jaguars
23rd May 1994 - Woolger ran for 297 yards and 3TDs vs Yorkshire Rams
18th July 1993 - Woolger ran for 5 TDs and 325 yards vs Stourbridge

1993ChesterWoolgar.jpg (15079 bytes)  1994ChesterGavinWoolgar.jpg (30072 bytes)
RB Gavin Woolger

4th July 1993 - Woolger passed 1,000 rushing yards for the second straight season
7th June 1992 - Gavin Woolger ran for 250 yards and 3TDs vs Charnwood Beacons