Based: Prince of Wales Stadium (also played at Whaddon Road, Cheltenham FC & Agg Gardner Park)
Career Record (Senior Kitted only): 31-20-2
Colours: Black/Red/Black
Website: No
Honours: CGL Baron First Division champions 1989. Conference champions 1989. Youth Kitted conference champions 1990

Senior Kitted

1991 BNGL National Division South West Conference 2-7-1
1990 BNGL National Division South West Conference 5-5-1
1989 CGL Baron First Division Central Conference 8-0-0*
1988 UKAFL 5-4-0
1987 UKAFL Southern A Conference 8-4-0

BYAFA Youth Kitted

1990 BYAFA South Western Conference 1st*
1989 BYAFA South Western Conference 4-3-0

The Jnr Bobcats in a home match at King's Park against Cheltenham Chieftains (red shirts) in 1989
Photo courtesy of M.Elliott

JAFL Youth Two Touch

1988 JAFL Western Conference 4-3-1

Team Notes: Established in March 1986, and was kitted by 1987. Led all UKAFL teams in passing in 1987. Won the CGL Baron First Division Bowl in 1989 with a 12-11 victory against Severn Valley Warlords after going unbeaten all season. Possessed decent Youth set-up who finished with winning records in each of their 3 seasons. Always a well-run club, managed/coached & quarterbacked by Gene Avery.

Other players from match reports: Ian Sankey, Gary Pugh, Steve Marriott, Ian Jones.