Based: 1991 - Cardiff Civil Service Club, Cardiff High School Old Boys Stadium (also played at Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff)
Career Record: 44-26-0
Colours: Black/Gold/Black
Website: No
Honours: Conference champions 1991, 1990, 1988, 1987

1993 NDMA Southern Conference 0-8-0
1992 NDMA Division Two Southern Conference 3-5-0
1991 NDMA Division Two Southern Conference 8-2-0*
1990 BNGL South Western Conference 10-0-0*
1989 CGL Duke Premier Division Western Conference 4-5-0
1988 BNGL Severn Conference 9-1-0*
1987 UKAFL Southern A Conference 8-1-0*


1993 - Kevin Gauci, Gary Layton
1992 - Kevin Gauci, Kelton Nicholas, Mark Lindon
1991 - Gary Layton, Tom Vlasic (Canada)

Head Coaches

1991 - Gary Layton & Tom Vlasic
1992 Gene Avery
1993 - Kevin Gauci and Phil Musa

BYAFA Kitted League

1993 BYAFA Western Division 1-5-0
1992 BYAFA Western Division 0-2-0
1991 BYAFA South Western Division 3rd

Team Notes: Much travelled Welsh side who at a senior level played for 4 separate organisations. Reached the 1991 NDMA Division Two Bowl losing 50-28 to the Coventry Jaguars. Also had a Youth Kitted side from 1991 to 1993 that failed to make an impact. Had largest squad in the BNGL and had an ex-USFL head coach. Struggled to recruit players for their 1993 campaign, being suspended in June after failing to play West London and eventually were forced to quit.

1993CardiffKevinGauci.jpg (36987 bytes)
QB Kevin Gauci

1990CardiffGaryLayton.jpg (14396 bytes)  1991CardiffLayton.jpg (33702 bytes)
QB Gary Layton

1992CardiffMarkLindon.jpg (28039 bytes)
Import Mark Lindon