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Based: Chapel Gate, Bournemouth, Dorset (also played at Turlin Moor, Poole)
Career Record: 23-12-0
Colours: Dark blue/red (also played in Light blue/white for first two seasons)
Honours: BNGL National champions 1993. Conference champions 1993, 1992

1994 BAFA Division Two South West Conference 1-9-0
1993 BNGL National League Southern Conference 9-1-0*
1992 BNGL Premier League South West Conference 9-1-0*

Team Notes: An amalgamation of players from the defunct teams in the Bournemouth/Poole area (including the Bournemouth Bobcats who folded in 1991, Bournemouth Bulldogs and Meyrick Marauders). One of the top NDMA QB's, Albert Higgs,  joined the team in 1993, after playing 1992 in Spain. Luke Sanders stayed QB, with Higgs playing RB. Other Bobcats joined the Bucs in 1993 - Athur Beasant, Lawrence Dinham, Billy Ko, Nick Richards, Andy Holder, Chalkie Elliott, Steve Mills. They won the BNGL National League Bowl in 1993 with a 42-34 win against Bedford. In 1994, Higgs and Anthony Johnson (their other import) decided not to return, and WR Steve Mills retired. Luke Sanders moved to London and played for the Hayes Generals, so the QB duties were shared by Billy Ko and John Underwood. Were forced to concede their last two games of 1994 due to lack of players. Became known as the Wessex Buccaneers in 1995.


1993 Celebrating the BNGL title

1993 Chalky Elliott (left) and Albert Higgs

1992 RB Lawrence Dinham

Head Coaches:

1993-4 - Ken Demattia


1993 - Albert Higgs, Anthony Johnson
1994 - None

Game notes

25th July 1993 - Higgs passed for 270 yards and 5TDs vs Farnham Knights
18th July 1993 - Offense registered 521 yards with Higgs passing for 345 yards 

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