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Based: Swanshurst Leisure Centre, Birmingham
Career Record: 13-26-1
Colours: White pants/black shirts
Honours: None

2004 English Senior Flag League National Conference 1-3-0
2003 British Senior Flag League National Conference 3-4-1
2002 British Senior Flag League National Conference 4-4-0
2001 British Senior Flag League Northern Conference 0-6-0
1997 Youth Flag League Northern Conference 0-6-0
1990 Youth Two Touch League Central Conference 5-3-0*

The Swanshurst (Birmingham) Raiders side in 1987

Team notes: Originally formed in early 1987 as the Birmingham Huskies Cubs by former Huskies kicker Keith Henderson. The Cubs, based at Swanshurst School in Kings Heath, offered players aged 14 to 18 years the chance to play two-touch American Football, and quickly grew in size to 22 players. The championship winning Birmingham Bulls Junior team provided the opposition for the Cubs debut game at the Happy Valley Festival in June 1987. The Cubs played valiantly but lost respectably 26-0. The Birmingham Huskies folded in early 1988 and the Cubs renamed themselves as the Swanshurst Raiders. This name soon changed to the Swanshurst and Sheldon Raiders as the team held two training sessions a week, one at Swanshurst School and one at Sheldon Leisure Centre. Three months later it was agreed, to help people understand where the Raiders were based, to rename the team to the current name Birmingham Raiders. June 1988 saw the Birmingham Raiders victorious against the Birmingham Bulls Juniors in a friendly game winning 16-0. No further games were played during 1988. The Birmingham Raiders two-touch youth squad entered into the Youth Two Touch League (YTTL) for their debut season in 1989. This was to be a learning season for the team, losing all games played during that year, and finishing with a 0-8 losing season. Although every game was lost in 1989, the fighting spirit of the Raiders was born especially so on defence. The Raiders second season was a marked improvement, finishing as runners-up in the JAFL Midlands Conference with a
5-3 winning record. Due to the number of injuries, the Raiders decided that they were not able to field a team for the final league game of the season at Walsall and conceded. These injuries continued to plague the team and resulted in the loss to the Berkshire Knights in the Quarter Finals of the playoffs. Later that year, due to the majority of the players being to old to continue playing youth football and the lack of new players coming into the squad, it was decided to fold the team. Some of the players moved on to play kitted football, but it is probable that most never played again. Early in 1997, Darren Kangurs reformed the Birmingham Raiders to compete in the Youth Flag League of BYAFA with the help of Steve Venables, former players Pete Murphy and Leigh Harrison and former Head Coach Keith Henderson. Many problems including, poor player turnout and lack of coaching experiencing led the team to a dismal return season. Against strong and experienced teams like Doncaster Wildcats and Hull Rockets, the rookie Raiders didn't stand a chance. Although, it was noted by most of the opposing teams that the Raiders continued to fight right until the final whistle, even though the games were long lost. The Raiders ended the year with a 0 - 6 losing record, and unfortunately folded. Played Senior Flag football in 1997/1998, and entered the BSFL in 2001. They played two regular season game (losing both), before pulling out due to a lack of fit players. Played in two 5 on 5 tournaments in 2001. Returned in 2002 before playing their last tournament in 2004.

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