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Based: Played at Bath University Sports Ground, Bath, Avon (also played at Lansdown South Playing Fields, Bath & Stoverton Pit Rugby Club)
Career Record: full record unknown
Colours: W
hite with white number outlined in red and blue, helmets black, playing pants yellow and white stripe, yellow socks. 
Honours: None

1998 Youth Kitted League Western Division 3-3-0

Team notes: Youth Kitted side from Bath. Formed from the Bath & Chippenham Gladiators (previously the Gloucester Gladiators). They were going to be call Bath Spartans YAFC. They had formed for only one year playing four games of flag, winning all. They had numbers but no kit as the Gladiators and Bath Killer Bees Uni side were sharing resources at this time. Gloucestershire Gladiators HC, Terry Stevens contacted Bob Turner as he had kit, but no players. So they joined forces and practices were held in Bath at Lansdown playing fields. They played their game here as well. They won a bowl game and had great fun, unfortunately Terry became involved in basket ball and the team folded. Because of Bob Turner's involvement with youth at this time several of their players were selected to play for the GB Crusaders tour of 1997 to Wisconsin. Turner was also selected as O line coach. He was housed by hall of fame coach, Greg Dufeck. Greg and Bob still remain friends today! Greg was a long time coach of Pulaski Rams High School, Wisconsin and he donated some kit and shirts, so on Turner's return the Rams were formed in Bath. They folded due to the lack of funds, recruitment and lack of help

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