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Based: The Recreation Ground, Bath or Lansdown South Playing Fields, Bath, England
Career Record: 47-56-4

Colours: Gold/Burgundy/White, burgundy socks
Honours: BNGL Division One runners-up 1992. Conference champions 1993, 1992

1997 BSL Division Two South Western Conference 0-10-0
1996 BSL Division Three South Western Conference 3-6-1
1995 did not play
1994 BAFA Division Two South Western Conference 2-7-1
1993 BNGL Premier Division South Western Conference 9-1-0*
1992 BNGL Division One South Western Conference 10-0-0*
1991 BNGL Premier Division South Western Conference 3-7-0
1990 BNGL Premier Division South Western Conference 6-4-0
1989 BNGL Premier Division Southern C Conference 1-9-0
1988 BNGL Severn Conference 4-5-1
1987 UKAFL Southern A Conference 6-5-1


QB Eddie Goggins, 1994

Team notes: Founded from a Junior rugby club in 1983; had links with Bath, Maine, USA; cheerleaders the Roman Angels. Played for 11 years, and in 1992 reached the BNGL Division One Bowl game losing 20-6 to Tiptree Titans in the final. Founded and owned by Tim Harris. Folded in 1995 due to the standard reason - no youth policy, players getting old, no recruitment. Around that time the head coach of the Gladiators, Pat Snooks was also coaching Bath University (Killer Bees). He is still HC at Bath. The team reformed for one more season using a mix of Uni and Glad personnel. It was soon discovered that holidays for the Uni guys meant that they returned home, all our the country. They needed Bath based players, and a youth policy. The general commitment from the now depleted squad of Bath Glads was not there, so the club folded. There was, like there is with local sides, great rivalry between clubs, this was not different between Bath and Bristol. Several players were going to join another club, but not Bristol!! Taunton Wyverns had folded, so some players crossed the Severn Bridge and played for the Cardiff sides and also Swansea. Others including Pat, went to the newly formed Winchester Rifles. Bath played in the final of the only three Bowl games, called the 'Bass Bowl'. This was a trophy put up by Bass the brewers for SW teams. The leader of their cheerleaders was called Lisa. They took cheerleading very seriously. They opened the 'World Junior Games' held in bath, (date unknown - possibly 1994) and went on to be British champions and competed in Europe.

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