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29 March - Stirling Clansmen take the first title of the year with a 20-15 win over Birmingham Lions today in the BUC Final.

28 Mar - The whole of the old site is now back online. Special mention for our huge archive of Britball teams from yesterday. Take a look and let us know of any changes!

12 Mar - All historical league standings and historical results added to the site

11 Mar 14 - Huge number of historical match reports added to the site

26 Feb 14 - Britball Records added to the site

25 Feb 14 - Top 250 games of all time added to the site

24 Feb 14 - all Britbowl final match reports added to the site.

22 Feb-14 update - A large number of articles have been linked back in from the HISTORY INDEX link. More to follow.

21 Feb-14 update - Complete history of the game in the UK has now been added. Please visit our Facebook page where photos of the past continue to be added.

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